Free Fire Advance Server: {Latest Details, Pros & Cons}

Free Fire Advance Server

The famous mobile battle royale game Free Fire was created by the Singapore-based business Garena. In this game, players compete against one another to be the last individual or squad standing on a virtual battlefield. Players may use the game’s wide variety of characters, talents, and weaponry to their advantage in combat.

Free Fire Advance Server: {Latest Details, Pros & Cons}

Before the official release of the new features and improvements, the Free Fire game is in a testing phase called Free Fire Advance Server. Before its release to the general public, new game features, modes, and enhancements can be tested by players as part of an exclusive program.

Players may test out and give feedback on planned features thanks to Free Fire Advance Server’s early access. Before releasing the updated version to the public, this input enables developers to enhance the game and make the required improvements.

Players must register and download the Advance Server version of the game to play on the Free Fire Advance Server. Players who register can use the new features and provide developers feedback. It’s vital to remember that the advancement gained on the Advance Server will not transfer to the game’s official release.

Free Fire Advance Server Opening & Closing Timeline For Game Installation

Players must register to access the free fire advance server. The activation code is only given to registered users. The following information allows the players to monitor the registration procedure for the OB39 Advanced server.

Server Opening TimeServer Closing Time
March 10March 16

The server will open every two-month rotation only for 6-7 days and also we need to register ourselves again after two months. Try many locations to learn about that server. You must be aware of the upcoming server change every month and also keep in mind that the game’s administrators publish all the latest information about the game on their official website first. iOS users must wait longer to obtain the most recent app version. If you want to sign up for this new cutting-edge server then you’re allowed only after the implementation of certain applicable conditions.

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How To Download The Free Fire Advance Server OB39 Online For Free

  • Step 1: To install a free fire advance server you need to visit the Free Fire Advance Server official website. The site is meant to be opened in between the timeline mentioned above. If the timeline has crossed then the server will not work and you have to wait till the next time server opens up.
  • Step 2: After you open the advanced server website then you need to log in with Facebook or Google account. Gamers can choose the sign-in option they chose when they first registered for the game. While you register you need to keep in mind that if you have your Free fire account on Facebook then do the registration using Facebook and if the free fire account is linked with google then use your Gmail id to register.
  • Step 3: Thereafter, players will be sent to a form where they must enter their active email address and click on the ‘Join Now’ option. After you complete the process an activation key will be generated and shown on the screen. This activation key will be used to launch the game.

Available Rewards In Free Fire Advance  Server

Diamonds and other in-game goodies are all yours as soon as you download the Free Fire Advance Server. By installing and utilizing the server listed under ‘Free Fire Advance Server Rewards’, you may earn up to 3000 diamonds and EXP cards. If you encounter a glitch while playing the game, you should use your login information to access the Garena Free Fire Advance Server Awards.

Players have the chance to win interesting prizes with every Free Fire Advance Server Update. They fix flaws and defects in the most recent version after the server’s debut and then report them to the Free Fire developers. Those who take part and report the flaws to Free Fire Developers receive the following incentives in return for their efforts, which are depending on their contributions:

  • Main Contributor (Only for 1 Person): 3000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (Only for 2 People): 2000 Diamonds
  • Main Contributor (Only for 3 People): 1000 Diamonds

Common Feature Fresh Updates

Clash Squad

  • Heroic Stars on in-Game Scoreboard
  • Spawn Points Adjustment
  • 6V6 Mode in Custom Rooms

Battle Royal

  • In the Battle Royale, an Airdrop Vending Machine is now accessible
  • The Revival Points are now visible to players on the map while they are being taken. The regeneration system is taking on a bigger role.
  • 10% more damage was added to play zones and increased play zone damage growth by 3%.

Training Grounds

  • Combat Zone: To make enemies more visible in the fighting zone, some things will be removed.

Character and Pets

  • Changes in the skill, movement, Damage, Cooldown, etc. were altered.

Weapons and Balance

  • Strength, Damage, Fire Rate, etc. altered.

Gameplay and System

  • Introducing the replay function of this patch for its initial test run on some selected devices.
  • Redesigning the guild menu and including new guild crates that you can share with your squad.

Optimization and Bug Fix

  • When discarding them, players can divide their goods.
  • The Clash Squad leaderboard in-game has been updated to include player rank star count.
  • Chat bubbles have been included in the team creation option.
  • Improved how Decoy Grenade appears on the mini-map.

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Next Advance Server Expected Date

Registration for the Free Fire Advance Server (OB39 upgrade) was open from March 10 until March 16, 2023. The OB39 advanced server upgrade releases one day before the current Clash Squad season ends, according to updates from Garena. On March 10, 2023, the OB39 update was expected to be made available. Now the New advance server is expected to open on 23 December, 16:00(GMT+8).

Pros & Cons Of Free Fire Advance Server

Gives you an enormous advantage over other players by enabling early access to some of the more recent and unproven Garena featuresNot open to the general public
It rewards you for playing by giving you in-game moneyDemands that you provide feedback or risk having your account deleted
Simple InstallationNo mechanism to obtain an invitation; it appears to be completely arbitrary


With a tonne of brand-new features that are guaranteed to surprise even the most seasoned gamers, Free Fire Advance Server allows you to take advantage of the same battle royale experience you’re used to. But, your progress made on the Advance server won’t carry over to the Free Fire ordinary edition. Your account on the Advance server, in other words, is completely separate from your account on the ordinary server. Keep the playing materials to a minimum while yet having fun. Don’t get immersed in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q) How does FF’s “free diamonds” system work?

Ans: You can get free diamonds through Google Opinion Reward Option. You can wait for Super Airdrops and you can get them via the BOOYAH application.

Q) Can I play Free Fire Advance without the invitation code?

Ans: Without the invitation code, you can download the FF Advance Server but won’t be able to log in to the server.

Q) When will the cutting-edge Free Fire Advance Server be accessible?

Ans: On March 10, 2023, the OB39 update was expected to be made available. Now the New advanced server is expected to open on 23 December, 16:00(GMT+8).

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