Google Assistant Will Be Available On 1 Billion Devices

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year 2019, Google’s physical presence at the show is three times bigger and accompanies an equally not impossible to flee campaign. Before Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa start ducking it out on the show floor, Google wants to let the world know just how many devices by the end of the month which is the total install base of devices that allow the user to issue voice commands to the Google Assistant. But most significantly, the corporation currently has some serious bragging rights to copy its CES domination: Google Assistant is currently on one billion devices, consistent with the corporate.

Google Assistant Will Be Available On 1 Billion Devices

Google Has Ten Times Voice Command Devices Than Amazon

Report from The Verge, Google also has really recent numbers for Alexa. Amazon just announced there are 100 million Alexa-enabled devices have been sold. So if we are treating all devices as equal, Google has ten times as many voice command devices in the world than Amazon. That range, which has Smartphone, Google Home speakers, and other gadgets equipped with the assistant, is up from 500 million devices last May.

On paper, one billion devices appear like a large win for the search large, which has been athletics to catch up to Amazon’s Alexa over the last 2 years.

Google Two Year Old Assistant Gain Spectacular Momentum

However, it is vital to notice that a not-insignificant chunk of these one billion devices includes humanoid Smartphone that goes together with Google Assistant pre-installed. But all the same, Google’s two-year-old assistant would seem to own some spectacular momentum on its face. Its daily and monthly active user base has big fourfold since now last year, consistent with Google. And Google has been quickly diversifying the number of gadgets that area unit compatible with its assistant, notwithstanding it’s nevertheless to interrupt out its non-Smartphone numbers. And we’re probably to ascertain a bunch of recent Google-enabled product at CES this year.

So between that and Hey Google all over again being plastered all around the metropolis, you would be forgiven for questioning if this the year Google may declare victory over Alexa. But it takes quite a splashy campaign to dominate associate business with the walk the CES show floor this year, and the likelihood is that you will see nearly as several Alexa-compatible appliances as you may Google Assistant. It may sound little compared to one billion, however, a hundred million devices is additionally a big deed, especially when you consider that those are primarily non-Smartphone gadgets.

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Hey Google All Over Again

It is to induce fixed within the race between the 2 firms, vanity metrics aren’t necessarily as important as companies would have you believe, says Carolina Milanesi, a shopper technical school analyst at artistic methods.

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Carolina Milanesi also says, I don’t think it matters as much as it did in the beginning when it was more trying to prove a point that this was not just a fad,I suppose heaps of individuals still check up on what number skills Alexa has versus Google Assistant and that I suppose that is a small amount of a shortsighted method of trying at it.What is going to matter additional going forward, she says, is that company is in a position to expand outside of North America. At least on that front, Google is the clear winner, with support for 30 languages in 80 countries, while Alexa currently supports just 5 languages.

Google Assistant: A Million Things Made Easier (Video Source: Google)

Really, though, the big contributors to Googles billion Assistance devices are Android phones. You may freely download the Google Assistance app on iOS, which helps, but on Android, the Assistant comes built into the main Google app. This app is part of the Google Play Android app bundle, so it is included in the box in pretty much every Android phone sold outside of China.

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Google Assistant Works With 10000 Smart Home Devices

Google also provided a set of numbers where it is considerably lagging Alexa: The number of various smart home devices it supports. Google says the Google Assistant works with 10000 smart home devices from over 1600 popular brands,meaning there are 10000 different devices that can be controlled by Google Assistant devices. Amazon still has almost three times the smart home support of Google, as it recently announced 28000 Alexa-compatible smart home devices from 4500 different manufacturers. Amazon has done well with its 2 years head start in the market.

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