Hathway Broadband Reviews (Detailed)

Hathway Broadband Reviews

Today, life without an internet connection is unfathomable. We need high speed and uninterrupted internet services. There are various broadband services available. In this article, we will be looking at Hathway Broadband Services and provide Hathway Broadband Reviews.

Hathway Broadband Reviews (Detailed)

Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited is one of the various Cable Broadband services available in India. It provides cable television services along with broadband services via the wholly-owned subsidiary-Hathway Digital Private Limited. It is a Multisystem operator.

Let’s take a look at the various factors that one should know about before opting for this broadband service in Hathway Broadband Reviews.

Hathway Broadband Reviews: Positive Aspects

Cheap Plans

Hathway offers a variety of plans that are cheap with many benefits for its users in the home city of Bangalore. These plans are comparatively lower in prices and are expansive, thus offering a lot of choices to the users.


It also promises a speed of 40-80 Mbps to its users. An internet service with good speed is a must in today’s world. As more and more companies are now operating from home, it is essential to have the internet with a high speed. Therefore, in the case of speed, Hathway Broadband Services is a good choice.

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Hathway Broadband Reviews: Negative Aspects

Infeasibility of Transferring Network Connection

Many users have faced problems when transferring the network while shifting to another city. Users were falsely assured when enquiring about the availability of the network in another city, hence the users paying in advance. But upon relocating to another city, the broadband service was not available in the city. Even after relocating, many users were harassed to pay for connections they were no longer using. Therefore, if you are shifting to another city in the near future, it is best to research the existing cities they cater to.

Deceptive Offers

Some users have faced the problem of deceptive offers that claimed to give amazing benefits upon advance payments. After the payment, the users did not receive the benefits. Upon reaching out to customer care, they declined such offers. They even refused to get back to the users. They did not help the customers and did not refund the money.

Connectivity Problem

Upon installation, for the first month, the service and internet connection is unparalleled. There is no connectivity problem. Thereafter, the problem starts occurring. The internet gets disconnected or there is simply no internet connection. When the users reach out to customer care, they do not take any responsibility. They give false assurances to their users about taking care of the problem. There is a connection problem every one month out of three months. Some users face complete blackouts for an indefinite time period.

Slow Customer Care Service

The customer care service of Hathway Broadband is unreliable and unresponsive. Many users have faced difficulties when they reached out to the customer support teams. The customer service team did not respond for weeks. Therefore, users of this service provider are often frustrated. Sometimes, the calls are passed on to superior after superior and finally, there is no positive outcome. If the user is informed that the support of a technical expert will be extended within the next 24 hours, be rest assured that no one is going to get in touch with the user.

Fake Reasons by Customer Care

When users reach out to customer care regarding their problems, they are often given fake reasons and solutions. The users are told that the problem has occurred due to some wrongdoing of the customer. The Customer support team does not take responsibility for the problems the users face.

Slow Operation

A new installation takes up to 3-5 days. Add to that, their unresponsive customer support, and you get a slow operating broadband service.

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Conclusion for Hathway Broadband Reviews

Though Hathway Broadband provider provides high-speed internet and a variety of plans to the users, there are quite a few disadvantages that the users face. At a time when kids are studying from home and everyone is working from home, it is very important to have reliable and good internet service. The internet service you choose should have responsive and responsible customer service.
Hence, when you look for a new internet service provider, keep in mind the basic requirements: high speed, reliable customer care team, high-speed operation, and a variety of plans to choose from.

To Hathway or not is completely your choice. We hope that the Hathway Broadband Reviews helped. Happy Choosing.

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