How FoodyBuddy Changing Food Network In Bangalore


New types of businesses are being started in India with new ideas and FoodyBuddy is one of them. The food tech industry is prospering as people need food three to four times a day. This platform will help the chefs to cook their food and sell it in their neighborhood. Looking at the innovative idea, Prime Ventures Partners has also invested in the company.

How FoodyBuddy Changing Food Network In Bangalore

FoodyBuddy Future Roadmap

The company has decided to use the fund to expand the business to areas, which include Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and Pune. The company has the target of onboarding one lakh home chefs by the end of 2019. Currently, the organization has 1,000 active chefs who cover 20,000 households.

Opportunity To Sellers

FoodyBuddy has also an idea of becoming an e-marketplace for the same purpose. Rachna Rao, one of the founders of the organization, has said that the organization has given the opportunity to the sellers to cook whatever they want and sell them through the organization. She has also said that the food serving will start at 8:00 pm so the buyers have to start ordering before 4:00 pm. In this way, the quantity of food to be cooked is decided and this reduces the wastage of food.

Anup Gopinath Cofounder View

Another cofounder Anup Gopinath has said that food has to be sold in the neighborhood only so there is no supply chain and no delivery issues. The family members, who are cooking the food, have to deliver it. The idea was taken from rural areas where the people cooked the food and shared it with their neighbors. So the founders of the company also decided to do the same thing in the city. So she started the company in 2015 with the help of her husband Akil Sethuraman and her colleague Anup Gopinath. In 2016, they started market research in order to get feedback from people about the idea.

Foodybuddy Startup
 FoodyBuddy Changing Food Network

FoodyBuddy Headquarter

The company first started to sell the food in South Bangaluru and 100 apartment communities joined the organization who sold around 250,000 meals per day. As the sellers belong to the category of small-scale so no license is required but they have to be registered before being onboarded in the company.

FoodyBuddy Funding

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FoodyBuddy Competitors

Now the home cooked food services have emerged in India and its growing percentage has reached 11%. The main competitors of FoodyBuddy are Swiggy and Zomato so the path for the organization will not be easy. Many other such organizations like Yumist, Twigly, MonkeyBox, and Dazo have been closed due to this tough competition.

The main idea of FoodyBuddy is to make the people happy with the delicious food and the chefs also can serve their delicacies to their clients in the neighborhood. The people who are registered have the flexibility to decide the quantity of food to be sold and at what time. They also have the option of what to sell. The sellers can also manage orders and customers and need not to attend any phone call or messages.  The sellers can create their amazing profile because of their dishes and become popular on social media.


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