Google Has Updated Its Street View Trekker

Google has updated its Street View Trekker

Google has given its Street View Trekker Camera to travelers, photographers, and other organizations on loan for doing photography. The company has taken feedback from many of its partners and provided many suggestions. The company has launched a new camera, which is light in weight and sleeker than its predecessor.

Google Has Updated Its Street View Trekker

Google Street View Camera Got Updated

The camera also has high aperture and high-resolution sensors in order to capture sharp images. The design of the camera is the same as the older ones. There is a stick on which the camera is installed. The camera has a battery back where users can put new battery after the old one is fully used. The height of the camera is also adjustable.

Users can wear the camera as a backpack or can put them on the roof of their car and tie it. It helps the travelers to explore those areas that are difficult to explore and travel. The camera can also be used to draw maps of various places.

Google street view updated camera
Google street view updated camera (Image Source: Google Street

Google provides it camera on loan to various organizations, like tourism board, universities, agencies, national parks, ski slopes, forts, and other historical places, etc.  Users can apply for either street view trekker backpack or street view app compatible 360 camera, which can only be given if it is available. People have used the camera for the places for which the people are passionate about. These adventures can also be published on Google Maps in 360-degree view.

Google Street View ready cameras (Above Video Source: Google Map)

Research On Chimpanzees In Tanzania

People have done research on Chimpanzees in Tanzania and also on historical buildings and these were published on Google Maps. The camera has also been taken to the Arctic and explored the polar region. The trekker comes with a set of 15 cameras, which can capture various locations in all directions. All the 15 cameras have a 5-megapixel sensor, which can record the image with a regular interval of 2.5 seconds. The images captured are stored in a drive and later the software creates a panoramic view.

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Camera Quality For Google Street View

The battery of the camera can continuously work for 8 hours. The weight of its predecessor is 18 kg while the new model is compact comparatively. The individual or the organization applying for the camera on loan must have specific qualifications. The company provides a form, which the person has to fill in order to get the camera.

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People can plan tours for such locations that still cannot be found on Google Maps through street view. Before applying for the camera, the applicant must know that Google has no interest in all the countries so the choice of the trip should be as per Google. Google has listed 55 countries to which the camera can be taken and Google is also expanding its list. Next step is that the person loaning for the camera has to answer some question like permission required for the trek, goals of trekking and capturing images. Google can also sponsor the trek on request.

Trek the world with Google Maps (Video Source: Google Map)

The size of the camera has been sleeked and weight is also reduced so people can carry it easily so they should not be disappointed by seeing the size. There are four categories of the camera.

Street View mobile ready: It is a camera that can publish pictures from a mobile app. Desktop workflow is not required in this case.

Street View auto ready: The camera is good for those who are traveling through a vehicle. The camera clicks the picture with the highest accuracy.

Street View vr ready: The camera generates geometry, along with the generation of connected 360 camera pictures.

Street View workflow ready: It is a publishing tool that can upload pictures to Street View accounts.

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