How Yulu Is Making Your Ride Safe In Coronavirus Pandemic

Yulu Safe Ride In Coronavirus Pandemic

In recent times there has been an upsurge in the number of bike-sharing startups in the country. Be it environmental consciousness or ease of travel, bike sharing is one of the most popular modes of transportation in traffic-jammed cities.

How Yulu Is Making Your Ride Safe In Coronavirus Pandemic

Yulu is one such startup, launched in 2018 it is already monopolising the market and driving out competitors. Even in the Coronavirus pandemic it has some innovative solutions to help make a Yulu ride safer and easier.

Sanitation of all bikes

According to their website, each Yulu bike is being sanitised by the company’s field staff. This will ensure that no infection is transmitted from user to user. This sanitation of bikes also instills a sense of responsibility in the company as users can physically see the efforts it is putting in.

Ensuring the Safety Of Staff

Every member of the company’s field staff sanitises his or her hands before and after touching each bike. This will ensure the safety of both the staff and the users. Each field staff also wears gloves and masks while handling the bikes.

Yulu Mobile

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Encouraging hand washing of users

In order to maintain the safety of all, Yulu encourages users to wash their hands before and after riding their bikes. This will ensure that the sanitation procedures do not have any loopholes.

Wearing a mask while riding

The company in compliance with Governmental orders has made the wearing of masks compulsory for all Yulu riders. This will ensure that no aerosols are dispersed from a potentially infected rider.

These were but a few steps about how a relatively new bike-sharing startup is leading the industry in safety and sanitation.

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