Made in India Laptop Brands | List of Popular Indian Laptop brands

Made in India Laptop Brands

It’s the era of digitalization and people bare getting involved with technology at a very high extent these days. As most of the people have opted or are asked to ‘Work From Home‘ so that’s the reason the demand for laptops and personal computers has increased a lot these days as it eases the burden of work professionals.

Made in India Laptop Brands | List of Popular Indian Laptop brands

Although in India it’s seen that most of the people buy brands from foreign companies as they’re much high advanced but comparatively there are many other Indian brands too which can be used for the purpose of working or studying.

In this article, I’ll talk about 10 amazing laptops which are made in India and are very much prominent in usage.

1) Micromax Informatics

‘Micromax Informatics’ is one of the leading brands in the digital industry of India. Apart from manufacturing various smartphones, television sets, and other electronic gadgets further they stepped into the business of producing laptops in the digital industry.

It was started in the year 2008 in Gurugram, Haryana by Dewas, Mohit Sharma, and Rohit Patel for the purpose of manufacturing Indian gadgets for a wide range of audiences under an affordable budget.

Some of the best laptops launched by ‘Micromax Informatics’ are ‘Canvas Laptop II‘ and ‘Neo Laptop LPQ61407W‘. These two laptops are very much in demand as they’re embedded with sleek designs and versatile features which makes them the best and affordable laptops.

Micromax Laptop Price: Amazon

Micromax Laptop
Micromax Laptop

2) LAVA International

‘LAVA International’ company that manufactured electronical or mobile gadgets at the initial stage of development.

It was eventually started in the year 2009 by Hari Om Rai who believed that Indian people should also have access to afford a versatile range of products. So he started off with this company and the whole manufacturing of different gadgets is itself done in India.

Till date, the best laptop introduced by ‘Lava International’ is ‘Lava Twinpad‘ which can be used both as a tablet and a laptop.

Lava Laptop Price: Lava Website

Lava Laptop
Lava Laptop

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3) Smartron India

Well, it’s very much evident that the foreign companies are flourishing their business worldwide so in order to create a good impact on the global economy, Smartron was Incorporated in the year 2014 at Hyderabad.

It was founded by ‘Mukesh Lingareddy’ who believed that laptops should be manufactured under an affordable range with versatile features so that it can also be purchased by normal people living in the society.

Till date the two best launched introduced by ‘Smartron’ are and flex which possess buttons along with USB ports within the screen display area. They cost around approximately 40,000.

Smartron Laptop Price: Amazon, Flipkart

Smartron Laptop
Smartron Laptop

4) Ultimus (By FUTOPIA)

Ultimus has been launched by FUTOPIA which is a renowned lifestyle tech brand in India. Their core aim was to design pocket-friendly laptops which deliver strong performance and are efficient in multitasking. In addition, the battery capacity of Ultimus laptops is also mind-blowing and they sustain up to 8 hours.

Though the 5 Star factor is their amazing numeric keyboard through which you can type numbers within a fraction of seconds. In terms of technical connectivity specifications, they’re implemented with RJ45 LAN port, 5 Ghz dual-band WiFi, and 2 stereo speakers (dual mic) which add to the impressive factors of this laptop. The video & audio quality delivered by stereo speakers is next-level as it’s 100% clear and offers deep audio immersion. Not to miss is the size options offered by them. The Ultimus starter laptops are available in 15.6 FHD and 14.1 FHD variations and have Windows 11 Home already installed in the system. Overall, if you’re looking for an Indian laptop that is well-versed in multitasking and has rapid SSD storage, Ultimus laptops are worth the purchase.

Ultimus (By FUTOPIA) Price: Amazon

Ultimus (By FUTOPIA)
Ultimus (By FUTOPIA)

5) Reliance (JioBook) Laptops

The JioBook Laptops launched by Reliance Industries are modern, lightweight & stylish. It has got sleek coverage and can be used by anyone ranging from school kids to adults. The first generation JioBook was launched by them last year which was priced at Rs 15,799 and now they’re back again with the second generation JioBook to rule the laptop industry.

The latest JioBook 11 is priced at Rs 16,499 and weighs just 990 grams which means you can easily carry this laptop anywhere while traveling or to the office. It’s embedded with JioOS which is another extraordinary feature of this laptop. In terms of connectivity, you get HDMI, dual-band WiFi feature, USB-A, and a crystal clear audio jack all of which are made with top-notch materials. This 4G LTE-powered 11.6-inch JioBook is worth the purchase if you’re looking for a cost-effective laptop with the necessary features. From accessing the infinity keyboard to availing multiple Jio app services like JioCloud games, JioBIAN, and Jio TV there’s so much you can do with this laptop. Get the best for yourself fast.

Reliance (JioBook) Laptops: Amazon

Reliance (JioBook) Laptops
Reliance (JioBook) Laptops

6) AGB Laptops

‘AGB Laptops’ is one of those renowned and popular Indian brands which manufacture seamless and affordable  laptops for its customers.

At the initial stage of the establishment, they were manufacturing ‘Personal Computers’ for their customers but eventually after gaining a good response from customers they started manufacturing laptops too. The laptops developed by them mostly belonged to the gaming categories and we’re embedded with high profile grade components.

Till date, some of the best products launched by them are AGB Orion RA-3110 and AGB Orion Zq-0812. These two laptops are very much versatile and convenient in usage.

AGB Laptops Price: Amazon, Flipkart

AGB Laptop
AGB Laptop

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7) iBall

iBall needs no introduction when it comes to smartphones, laptops, and other electronic accessories. The products made by them have been loved by the maximum Indian population because of two reasons, i.e., one they’re available under a budget, and second, they come along with the best multitasking features

The price range of their laptops starts from Rs 8,990 and goes up to Rs 68,500 so as a customer you have the liberty to choose any laptop under this budget. Most of the iBall laptops have pre-installed Windows 10 or Windows 10 Home which has a simple user interface (UI) and is loved by the users. Although iBall laptops are cheap and are available in touchscreen variants, they can only be used for light tasks and not for gaming or heavy programming purposes. Some of the popular iBall laptops are iBall Compbook Netizen (Rs 14,000), iBall Compbook Marvel 6 Laptop (Rs 11,450) & iBall Flip X5 Compbook Laptop (Rs 16,000) respectively.

iBall Price: Amazon

iBall Laptop
iBall Laptop

8) RDP Laptops

‘RDP Laptops’ is one such famous Indian brand which works on manufacturing laptops which can be used by all range of audiences. ‘Vikram Redlapalli’ is known as the founder of this renowned brand which was developed in the year 2012 in India.

At the initial stage, they focused on producing a wide range of laptops, personal computers, thin tablets, etc in India but as their business flourished a bit they expanded their business to Africa and the Middle East too.

‘RDR Laptops’ has a wide range of laptops but two of its best-launched products are ‘ThinBook2’ ‘ThinkBook1310‘ and ‘ThinBook2 K12’ which have sleek designing and are quite affordable. Along with this they also offer a year warranty to their customers.

RDP Laptops Price: RDP Website

RDP Laptop
RDP Laptop

9) Coconics Laptop

‘Coconics’ believes in ‘Make in India’ aspect and manufactures laptops which are solely developed in India. It’s located Manville ( Thiruvananthapuram ) and is supported by the Kerela Government as it’s one of the most unique and amazing laptop production brands in the digital industry.

As it’s supported by the State Government so it has the capability to manufacture 250,000 laptops in a year which is an incredible turnover for the company.

Some of it’s best launches till date are

GYMNAST – C1C11 / C1C11W Series and ENABLER – C1C11 / C1C11 W Series which have versatile features for usage purposes.

Coconics Laptop Price: Amazon

Coconics Laptop
Coconics Laptop

10) HCL

Started in 1976, HCL Technologies is the oldest electronic gadgets manufacturing company in India. Started by Mr Shiv Nadar,  HCL has successfully made its name for producing noteworthy laptops which are built with spectacular features. Whether you’re looking for a touchscreen compatible laptop or a compact size laptop you’ll get everything at HCL.

The laptops made by them are catered for all age groups and professionals. The X-factor which makes HCL laptops stand out of the crowd is the no overheating issue. You’ll never see them getting overheated or swelled even if they’re used constantly for several hours. The ergonomic standard keyboard, stunning display, and smooth processor performance is what makes HCL laptops best from the rest. Our personal favourite is HCL Me Icon AE2V0156N-1095 priced at Rs 34,990.

HCL Laptop Price:  Amazon

HCL Laptop
HCL Laptop

Winding Up!

Moreover, I agree to this fact that foreign brands are much in demand due to availability of better features but still, we need to understand that as we’re the citizens of India so we need to make sure that our country also generates epitome profit from the products manufactured in our country. I hope this article seems beneficial for all the readers and you focus more on purchasing Indian products.

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  1. Well, I bought an AGB around two years back.
    And it sucks.
    I saw the specs were good. I saw that the price wasn’t very high. I saw that the brand was Indian.
    But what I saw, didn’t matter.
    The laptop wouldn’t start. Just an AGB shows up on the screen, which begs me to reconsider my decision of buying it.
    Yeah, AGB is not worth buying.

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