Made In India Tv Companies: Indian TV Sets

Made In India Tv Company

Well, when there’s a discussion about the most important electronic gadgets then television tops the particular list due to its immense popularity in the digital industry.

Made In India Tv Companies: Indian TV Sets

It’s not since now but since ages that the TV Sets are one of the most popular gadgets used in each and every house within our country. Our country is equipped with television sets because there’s a lot of important information which circulates over the digital platform. Moreover in the olden days when there was no availability of internet connection in each corner of the country then these ‘TV Sets’ were the main portal for entertainment.

Later due to the introduction of other high quality and reliable television sets from foreign countries, it was seen that the Indian brands were losing their identity and that’s the reason we’re back with this article to state more importance about the versatile ability of the Indian products.

In this article, I’ll speak about 8 renowned and popular ‘Indian TV Sets’ that have contributed towards the digital platform of the country.

1) Onida

Onida is one of those brands which started with a low capital investment of two friends and since then it’s witnessing a progressive growth. Since then till now they have come a long way and now they manufacture a wide range of TV sets ( LED, Fire ) all over the world.

In the year 1879, two friends started to collect various television sets at their factory outlet which was situated in Mumbai and from there they started to manufacture a huge variety of TV sets in India which eventually became the part of every other household. They got famous due to their unique tagline which is  ” It’s Neighbour’s envy”, Owner’s pride’ as they used it for the purpose of advertisement.

Although earlier it was known as ‘MIRC Electronics’ but eventually as the business and brand name flourished over the wide range of audience so the makers decided to rename it as ‘ Onida’.

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Onida Tv
Onida Tv

2) Intex TVs

When it comes to talking over about some famous privately held companies then ‘Intex’ always have been placed in the first row.

‘Intex Technologies’ was founded in the year 1996 by Mr Narayan Bansal who’s the former chairman of the company. At the initial stage, he focused on manufacturing mobile phones and other electronic devices in the industry and later on he invested in television sets too.

Some of the best products or television sets introduced by them are Intex 127 cm (50 inches), Full HD LED Smart TV SF5004 etc which are precise and affordable for its customers.

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Intex Tv
Intex Tv

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3) T- Series

T-series is one of the most trusted brand names in India amongst the wide range of audience. It was started in the year 1980 by ‘Shri Gulshan Kumar’ who later took over the digital and musical industry.

Eventually, Gulshan Kumar started a music shop which sold cassettes but later he stepped into the world of singing and recording devotional musical songs and gradually evolved more into the digital industry. Furthermore in a short span of time his company started manufacturing TV Sets as well.

The best three batch of television sets introduced by T-Series are TSA8079BIS, L40HVC84U (TSA4021), TX-80KBT which are very much convenient and affordable for the customers.

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T- Series Tv
T- Series Tv

4) Micromax Informatics

Micromax is one of those brands which surely tops the list of manufacturing the best television sets in the industry. At the initial stage, they focused on manufacturing smartphone devices but eventually as their business flourished they started supplying a wide range of television sets and electronic devices in the market.

It was started in the year 2008 in Gurugram, Haryana by Mohit Sharma and Rohit Patel who launched television sets in the industry which were under LED and Smart TV range. These television sets modifies the quality of pictures and it makes you feel that you’re watching a theatrical show.

The best television amongst the Indian brands is too inaugurated by Micromax which is named as ’50K2330UHD’. It demonstrates luminous 4K entertainment feature and 1780 viewing angle.

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Micromax Tv
Micromax Tv

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5) Avoir

In the year 2010 ‘Avoir’ was formed by the founders of ‘Intex Television’ in Mumbai. It’s the baby company which was formed for the production of better integrity of electrical goods in the industry.

As they’re new to the industry so they are focusing on building television sets which are vibrant and last longer. They prove in serving their customers with durable television sets or other electronic devices.

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Avoir Tv
Avoir Tv


6) BPL Electronics

In the year 1863 ‘BPL Electronics’ was founded in Kerala by TPG Nambiar who had lived in foreign countries at the early stage of his life.

Eventually, after returning to India he thought of doing something innovative and that’s when he formed this company. At the beginning, they manufactured hermetically sealed precision panel meters for the individuals who were serving our country in the defence sectors.

Moreover, later they started to manufacture television sets with better quality as they witnessed that there are not too many options available for this category amongst the people.

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7) Lloyd TV

‘Lloyd TV’ was also founded by TPG Nambiar in 1963. It’s one of those famous brands which is eventually associated with ‘Havells’ and works under the same team as them.

The television sets produced by this company pursues good service and a long warranty to its customers. Although it’s established recently but yet they have managed to gather the trust of millions of customers.

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Lloyd Tv
Lloyd Tv

8) Videocon Industries

Videocon is one of the most durable and popular brands from the digital industry. The product quality is termed to very much efficient and long-lasting amongst the customers. It was founded in the year 1985 in the city ‘Hyderabad’ but later it shifted it’s headquarters to the city of dreams ‘Mumbai’.

Gradually after generating a good amount of economic revenue they started to distribute products across the global network and gathered more customers worldwide. Moreover, now they’re serving a wide range of different television sets in India.

Videocon Industries is the best choice for home appliances in India as they’re the first company which introduced the aspect of using coloured TV sets in India which are efficient and save power.

Videocon Tv
Videocon Tv


It’s very much evident that all these ‘TV Sets’ are very much efficient and useful for the usage. These specific brands were ruling the digital platform at a high scale but later due to the implementation of several new foreign brands they somehow got lost in the industry. Moreover, some of the above-mentioned brands are still used and are serving the nation at a higher extent so let’s hope for the best and we should support the products which are made in India.

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