How to Recommend Friends on Facebook – Two Efficient Methods

How to Recommend Friends on Facebook - 2 Efficient Methods

We all know that the popularity of Facebook is massive and all across the globe more than 85% of individuals tend to use this social media platform for connecting with their loved ones with ease. This all seems fun but due to the increase in cybercrime and stalking issues “Facebook” has imposed certain guidelines due to which now people cannot visit someone’s profile who’s not added to their friend list. This calls for alternative methods which need to be opted for adding someone in the friend list either through sending profile links or group messages on Facebook App or FB Web Version.
Furthermore, to make it easier for you we have come up with some methods following which you can add new people to your Facebook friend list easily. Read ahead to know 2 efficient to Recommend Friends on Facebook.

How to Recommend Friends on Facebook - Two Efficient Methods

Method 1: Send Group Messages

(I) On the Google Chrome Browser

  • Step 1: The first step deals with logging into the Facebook account through the computer.
  • Step 2: You need to initiate a new conversation by clicking on the messenger icon which is being displayed as a lightning bolt on the right panel of the screen.
  • Step 3: Add people in a group by typing their names in the “To” option which is being displayed at the topmost area and keep on adding your favourite list of people in the group.
  • Step 4: Post adding people in a group now proceed further with typing an introductory message which will be sent to all the people in the group.

(II) Through the Facebook App

  • Step 1: Navigate to open the Facebook Messenger application
  • Step 2: Click on the pencil icon displayed on the upper right area of the screen to initiate a chat with a new friend.
  • Step 3: Add friends ( at least two ) with whom you wish to connect or text through Facebook. You can add new friends either by typing their names in the search bar or by scrolling down the list to choose the new friends.
  • Step 4: Type an introductory message in the blank portion displayed at the bottom section of the screen.
  • Step 5: Tap on the paper plane button to send the message.

So, now you have new friends as your connection and it’s much easier than before to maintain a conversation with them. You just have to be in touch with them through the group messages.

You can also leave the group if you feel like there’s no further need of texting each other on Facebook or if you want to move through some other social networking platform for connecting.

Method 2: Send Profile Links

(I) On the Google Chrome Browser

  • Step 1: You need to first login into Facebook through any of the browsers implemented within your computer whether it’s Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Step 2: You now need to choose and open up the profile of a friend which you want to suggest to someone else either by searching them via the search bar or your individual friend’s list. We would suggest choosing the first option.
  • Step 3: You would now find a web address at the top section of the screen displaying the friend’s name at the end because that link is interrelated with their profile and anyone who clicks on this click would be directed to the particular profile.
  • Step 4: Copy the particular profile link and send the relevant link to another friend who’s willing to send them a friend request.

And it’s done you can now converse with them easily without any disturbance post connecting with them through this approach.

(II) Through the Facebook App

  • Step 1: You need to login into your Facebook account
  • Step 2: Type the name of the person in the search bar whom you want to recommend or choose the friends profile from your individual friend’s list.
  • Step 3: Once you open the profile of any of your particular friends whom you wish to suggest to someone else then you need to navigate and find the locate button situated on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘More’ and three options will be displayed on the screen out of which one will be exhibit the option “copy link to profile” following which you need to copy the profile URL and then you need to send it to someone else who’s looking forward to adding them as their friend on Facebook.

In other cases, you can send this link either through email or text message or over any of the social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat etc too.

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Final Words

In conclusion, we would like to state that these methods are convenient to Recommend Friends on Facebook and connecting with new people on Facebook because we have implemented them which ultimately has delivered effective results. Though this seems like a lengthier procedure but trust us once you start paving the way out then there’s no looking back because you have the mastermind tool for connecting with new people via Facebook.

Do let us know if these methods worked out for you and what’s your take on them?

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