What Are Macros and How to Set Up Macros

What Are Macros How to Set Up Macros

When using Windows 10, many people do not have access to multi-button mouses or a touch screen PC. Therefore, they find it difficult to access a PC resource immediately. They have to follow a long method. Keyboard macros come into play in this case. Many people try to duplicate it and try opening commonly used applications or some sets of commands. This is very time-consuming.  So, what are macros actually?

What Are Macros and How to Set Up Macros

Keyboard Macros help users access a PC resource immediately when needed. Let us take a look at what Keyboard Macros mean, what are Macros and how to set up Macros?

What Are Keyboard Macros?

A macro is one single command that can be used instead of a series of steps that are required to execute a specific task. Therefore, a keyboard macro is a series of commands that act as keyboard shortcuts. They are put in to perform a particular task. For example, using the shortcut ‘CTRL+C’ to ‘copy’, or using ‘CTRL+V’ to ‘paste’ are all macros. Keyboard macros are time-saving too.

Keyboard Macros can be used in situations when you want to begin some emails with the same word. Using a Macro will enable you to enter the required phrase or word instantly whenever required.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Keyboard Macros in Windows 10?

Keyboard macros are very helpful and have many advantages. We have listed some advantages of using keyboard macros below.

  • They are time-saving: Mapping macros save time when they are used instead of long sets of commands or steps to do a particular task.
  • Increases efficiency: Setting up macros works, in the same way, every time. Therefore, they mark glitches in management and eliminates them.
  • Macros remove redundancy: They delete redundancies and make time to perform more non-routine operations.
  • Improves productivity: Macros also increase productivity by decreasing the time spent on performing similar functions. 

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How To Set Up Keyboard Macros?

Setting up macros is quite simple. We have described the procedure in a fairly easy manner.

  1. You may start with a keyboard shortcut for the desired application that you want to create a macro for.
  2. Go to the command prompt as Administrator.
  3. Paste “explorer shell: AppsFolder” by pressing Ctrl+V.
  4. This will start a new window with all the applications available on Windows 10 PC.
  5. Add the desired preferred application.
  6. Right-click and select the ‘Create Shortcut’ option.
  7. >A notification saying a shortcut can not be created will be received by you. You can select the option to place the shortcut on the desktop option instead.
  8. Press the ‘YES’ tab following which a shortcut will be created on the desktop.
  9. A pop-up will appear in the application’s properties. Press the ‘Shortcut’ button. This begins with the Ctrl+Alt button.
  10. After it is done, press the ‘Apply’  button. Then press the ‘Okay’ button.

The macro has been set successfully for the chosen application. You just need to press the set key combination and the application will start immediately.

How To Create Hardware or Software Keyboard Macros?

Macros can be created by hardware as well as by software. Let us take a look at each of the ways one by one.

Keyboard Macros – Hardware

Only a few keyboards support hardware macros as they have an absence of functionality. However, there are some dedicated macros keys. The information for these macros is present on the website or the packaging box.

Advantages of Hardware Macros

  • As the macros are set on the keyboard itself, no extra setup or additional software is required. The macros-loaded keyboard can be used easily by any compatible PC.
  • Macros set on Keyboards are more efficient and reliable as the software-loaded ones are more prone to software technicality faults.

Keyword Macros- Software

Software macros are also set using a PC. AutoHotKey and TinyTask are some of the famous macro-recording software available. Let us take a look at the perks associated with software-loaded keyboard macros:

  • You can share these with your colleagues. Software keyword macros such as small files can be shared if you have the same macro software installed.
  • Software-recorded macros are easy to use, can be edited, viewed, and customized for optimal performance.

In Conclusion

If you think that there is a default Windows 10 Macro Recorder available, you are wrong. There are several third-party keyboard macro recorders. They will help you edit, record, and share different macros.
Keyword Macros have a lot of benefits, from optimizing your performance and increasing your productivity to saving the time taken for long operations. Windows 10 does not notice if there are any macro conflicts. It is also difficult to use different macro combinations for various operations.
We hope this article has helped you clear your doubts regarding keyboard macros. Follow the procedure given to activate macros on your device. Let us know if you face any issues with setting macros on your device and we’ll come up with other faces to help you out.

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