Is Your Mobile Phone Slowing Down Due To Too Many Apps?

Tips for speeding up your phone

Apple’s slogan ‘There is an App for that’ seems pretty much true at this stage of smartphone and application evolution. You think of a problem and its possible solution and try Googling an appropriate app for that, chances are you will find one. There is an app out there for pretty much everything.

Is Your Mobile Phone Slowing Down Due To Too Many Apps?

Smartphone are addictive and it’s the applications in them that are the culprit Hundreds of options available on App Store and Play Store can become a bit overwhelming for the user and even though they might have a couple of applications installed on their phones, they do hold a few of those apps near and dear to their hearts.

They may not be able to spend the day without checking into that one particular social media application or they must have a go-to application for entertainment in case they are bored,However when all of these applications that a user downloads add up, the phone’s performance is affected to a huge extent. It starts to slow down and stucks.

Uninstall Unwanted Application:

  • Applications that are not used at all are and a bit too many, it’s highly advised that you uninstall apps that are rarely used especially if they are always sending your location (like navigation apps) or always running in the background of your phone (like browsers or social networking apps).

Force Stop Applications To Clean Background:

  • Smartphones come with a built-in app manager or a task manager that allows you to force stop applications preventing them from running in the background and improve the phone’s performance. You may ask about the optimum number of apps that you should have in your phone. The answer is it’s not about the number of apps rather their size and complexity. According to experts the apps that take up too much of the phone’s memory or CPU will ultimately affect its performance more than any other app such as Facebook
    or HD Gaming apps as compared to a simple note-taking app.
  • There are a few apps that keep running in the background and slow the phone down such as web browsers, either the built-in one or Google Chrome. Even when you are not on the websites browsing these apps keep running in the background and require you to forcefully stop them to free up CPU.
Slow Smartphone
Slow smatphone what to do?

Clear Active Application List:

  • Try not to leave any app open when you are not using the phone. Clear up the active apps list once you leave an app just in case there aren’t any other running. Doing so keeps your phone’s CPU health high. Also, get rid of the apps no matter their size and complexity if you rarely use them and save up the phone’s memory. The more free space you keep, the better your phone can perform background tasks.

Keep Minimum 10% Of Your Phone’s Memory Free :

  • Try and keep a minimum 10% of your phone’s memory free to ensure optimum performance and zero lagging. Moreover whenever you download apps in future check their size and see if your phone will handle that app. This will help you see a faster performance.


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