Difference Between Normal Car Battery And Electric Car Battery

Normal Car Battery And Electric Car Battery Difference

In our life, we always dream of having the best for us. Be it in terms of physical appearance, safety reason, material or fabric, or anything regarding the quality. We never want to compromise on the standard. In the same way, when we buy a car, we want it to be filled with the best elements since it will carry not just us but our loved ones too.

Difference Between Normal Car Battery And Electric Car Battery

Normal Cars Battery

A normal car battery or an automotive battery incorporates lead alloy plates with a coating of lead oxide & sponge lead. Also, it contains sulphuric acid solution that serves as the electrolyte. The battery encompasses six cells. Earlier, rubber cases and wooden plate partitions were used but in current batteries, soft plastic cases along with woven sheets are used. These are used to avoid short circuit and linking of the plates.


  • These batteries are easily available and fit in the budget.
  • These batteries are reliable.
  • These batteries are capable of producing high currents.
  • These batteries are vigorous and resilient.
  • These batteries possess low internal impedance.
  • These batteries can resist overcharging.
  • These batteries can be recycled and reused.


  • These batteries have a charging efficiency of 70%.
  • These batteries are bulky in size and even occupies more space.
  • They are prone to overheating during charging.
  • These batteries do not offer the property of getting charged fast.
  • These batteries require to be kept in a charged state right after the electrolyte is initiated to prevent chemical damage.
Normal car battery
Normal Car Battery

Electric Cars Battery

An electric car battery or traction batteries are those which are used in electric vehicles like electric cars, and other vehicles and also in golf carts, etc. These batteries are categorised into four types based on their characteristics. These are Lead-acid electric vehicle battery, Nickel Metal Hydride electric vehicle battery, Sodium or Zebra battery & Lithium-ion battery.

The Lead-acid battery is also categorised into two types. One is Automobile Engine Starter Batteries & the other one is Deep Cycle Batteries. Discharging a Lead acid battery below 50% of its capability can affect its functioning. These batteries call for regular inspections.

Nickel Metal Hydride battery is better than the Lead-acid batteries as they hold specific energy up to 80 WH/KG. These batteries have a longer life and are even termed as mature technology.

The Zebra battery or the sodium battery makes use of the ‘hot salt’ or molten chloroaluminate sodium as the electrolyte. This battery holds specific energy of about 120 WH/KG.

The Lithium-ion batteries have cobalt oxide as cathode & graphite as an anode in it. This battery holds more than 200 WH/KG specific energy and charging efficiency up to 90%.


  • These batteries deliver power uninterruptedly as compared to non-electric car batteries.
  • Lead Acid batteries are the cheapest and highly available.
  • Lithium-ion battery is known for having a high energy density, making it the most widely used electric vehicle battery.
  • These batteries cause less harm to the environment than non-electric car batteries.
  • The Lithium-ion batteries have unhurried self-discharge


  • The efficiency of the Lead-acid battery reduces at low temperature.
  • If batteries are not vented properly, it may cause the outflow of sulphur right after the battery’s operation.
  • Nickel Metal Hybrid Batteries are inefficient and also works improperly in cold weathers.
  • The Lithium-ion batteries gets corrupted with age.
  • The Lithium-ion batteries also work for a short period.
Electric car battery
Electric Car Battery

Difference Between The Normal Car Battery And Electric Cars Battery

Now that we have already learned a lot about the characteristics and pros & cons of both the batteries, let’s take a look at how both of these batteries differ from each other. They may seem similar in appearance but they are extremely different.

First of all, a normal car battery is unable to resist the amount of heat which an electric car battery can endure. For that reason, one should never use an electric car battery in place of a normal car battery.

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Secondly, an electric car battery has high Reserve Capacity rating than a normal car battery as it requires less energy and yields more power. This way an electric car battery is more efficient than the normal car battery as a normal car battery requires a lot of energy to start the combustion system of the engine.

Thirdly, a normal car battery incorporates six cells with thin plates where each cell gives out two volts of power whereas, in an electric car battery, there are more cells with thicker plates. Also, an electric car battery offers the feature to get recharged various times while a normal car battery does not provide this feature.

Another difference between both the batteries is that an electric car battery offers current for a longer period while a normal car battery provides current for a shorter period.

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