Best Automatic Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic) In India

Best Automatic Washing Machine

Home appliance market in India as well as around the world is over flooded. Whenever we go out to purchase something expensive likes of TV, vacuum cleaner, fridges, air conditioners or washing machine, the number of products and brands overwhelmed us.

Best Automatic Washing Machine (Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic) In India

In the age of digital marketing it is really very tough to decide which product to go with. The big brands hire the world’s popular faces and make the users lure to buy their product. In these days, it is really important to have a suggestion from a close one, who recently purchased a product you are desired to buy. Or have someone experienced from your circle on-board, which has extensive knowledge of purchasing the electronics products you want to buy.

If you are going to purchase a washing machine, and are looking for options, look nowhere. We are going to provide you a dedicated guide about how to purchase a washing machine in India. The guide will help you to decide which washing machine brand is better as per your need and requirements.

Top 5 Automatic Washing Machines In India :

1) LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 

  • LG is one of the top leading washing machine brands in India. The brand better knows the Indian market and has been doing amazing for the users. The brand comes with cutting-edge features and always provide out of the box solution to every problem.
  • The washing machine is made of plastic body and features roller Pulsator and scrubber. The collar scrubber addition enhances the friction to get rid of the hardest stains on the clothes. The machine is famous due to top-quality functionality and superior features.
  • The machine comes with 3 basic wash programs, Gentle, Normal and Strong. The user gets the customized wash programs as per the need and requirements. The spin shower features added helps to remove the detergent residue from the drum to enhance the drum’s life.
  • If you compare the wash quality of the washer with other semi-automatic washers, you would see it sweeping others from the root even Mr Washing Machine also recommend this.
  • The product features a lint collector; no lints would mix in your clothes spoiling the texture of the clothes. Another amazing feature, the machine houses a 3 mm plastic with rat repellent chemical mixed. In Indian condition, where rats are often found stuck in the machine’s pipe, you will have a peace of mind.
  • The washer features amazing spinning speed, lowers the overall drying time. The machine does not feature a detergent; a user will have to mix the detergent by himself, still adorned with an amazing range of features. The user-friendly features, long-lasting manufacturing, and above all the budget-friendly price would lure you to have the unit on your doorstep.

Key Highlights:

LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

2) Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • With Samsung 6.2 KG fully automatic washing machine, the brand came up with the innovative design. The washer features drum size to fills the bill for smaller families of three persons or bachelors, who need to go through laundry just once or twice a week.
  • Samsung washing machine hallmark feature, its diamond-shaped drum, the diamond-shaped ridges with a minute hole is a perfect way to protect your fabric from any damage. The stainless steel made drum prevents your clothes from tangling and trapping, ensures a seamless wash experience.
  • The washer houses a tempered glass window to make you overview the washing process. The glass is very strong, enough power to withstand heavy loads. You can even jump up to sit over there.
  • The washer features a powerful filtering action to collect the fluffs, traps, and lints from the fabrics. This enables the washer to collect all the fluffs to render whitest of the whitewash experience.
  • The machine’s waterfall feature provides an excellent water flow. The waterfall mechanism distributes detergents equally and ensures effecting rinsing.
  • The addition of Eco Tub clean feature has made the washer to stand out. The feature lets the washer’s drum automatically cleaned out without any manual assistance, without any harsh chemical usage.

Key Highlights:

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

3) Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

  • Whirlpool has been one of the leading washing machine brands in India. The brand has helped the washing machines technology to witness a new boost, integration with cutting edge technology such as 6th Sense and much more. If you have been looking for an advanced washing machine unit, must not overlook this brand.
  • The unit is featured with Agipeller with 3D spring-loaded scrub pads. The scrubber helps it get rid of the hardest stains in no time. The latest integration, the express feature makes you have an instant wash up to 50-percent faster wash than normal wash programs.
  • Another innovative feature, hard water wash. The intelligent hard water software feature adapts the machine’s program to wash in hard water. The machine dissolves any detergent and boosts the rinsing process to provide 20-percent better cleaning in hard water.
  • The smart latest voltage sensors make the machine sense the voltage supply and change as per the requirements. The machine automatically fluctuates the voltages by lowering down the machine’s cycle and water pressure.
  • The dedicated lint collectors collect the lints and automatically clean it out. You do not need to manually put out all accumulated lints of fluffs
  • The brand also houses an innovative ZPF technology. The feature adds to 50-percent faster water filling with enhanced water pressure and make the machine performs even at lowest water pressure.
  • The smart detergent recommender will let you pour the required dosage of detergents without any manual guessing.

Key Highlights:



Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
Whirlpool 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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4) Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

  • Bosch washing machines are famous due to their amazing build quality. Bosch products irrespective of the type of load or amount of load have been an amazing performer. The mentioned 7KG washing machine is one of the top-selling product and perfect washing drum for 3-4 members of the family.
  • The Bosch beast is featured with 1200 RPM spin speed and drum is made of stainless steel Vario drum.
  • The BOSCH products are features with an amazing range of features for the local audience. It seems that the brand has a great sense of understanding for local needs and come up with most sought functions.
  • The Sari wash feature let’s take a piece. The feature is helpful for the Indian audience to wash their clothes without any tangling or strap. The monsoon feature helps wash clothes in moist weather. Like, if you want to remove the smell of wet clothes on a rainy day, have the correct use of the feature.
  • The feature senses the load of laundry and optimizes its function to take the desired amount of water.
  • Another amazing feature, speed perfectly to help reduce the cycle up to 65 percent
  • The machine also integrates with the delay wash cycle up to 24-hours. You can put the clothes and customize the feature as per your convenience and have the machine washed your clothes without any disturbance.
  • The machine also integrates in-built volt checker. The feature prevents your machine from facing any unwanted range of voltages to melt its machine down.
  • In a nutshell, after checking the product’s various features and budget range, we can assure you, this is something exceptional you are going to roll your hands on.

Key Highlights:

Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Bosch 7 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

5) Haier 6 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine 

  • If you have been looking for an efficient top-notch quality, high performing home appliance, look no further, and have your hands onto this Haier product. Haier is the name of trust and has been ruling the home appliances market in India.
  • The unit is specially designed for the couples or singles who want to go through washing and cleansing without any hiccup.
  • The machine’s drum is made of stainless steel and offers a spacious space of 6kg without any convenience.
  • The fully automatic top loading washer fits your practical needs and offers an impeccable looking digital display to take control of all happenings around. The washer features fuzzy logic control. The control automatically measures the load and makes you take off extra load, not to give the unwanted load to the machine.
  • The washer features a memory backup function to resume the washing process where it had stopped abruptly.
  • The user-friendly LED display offers an easy to use reading and allows you to choose the wash settings as per your requirements.
  • The washer comes with 6 wash programs. It lets you customized your washing, and help you go through cleansing as per your requirements.
  • The integration of a double level spin tub helps you rinse delicate clothes without any worry. If you are going to wash delicate or expensive cloth, have this feature on-board, it will allow you to pamper your clothes easily.
  • The washer offers rotation speed up to 700 rotations per minute. The washer renders optimum spinning, enough to make you rinse your clothes without any hiccup.
  • The washer also integrates a rust-free body. The plastic exterior would not destroy due to rust, and no rust would form upon the body.

Key Highlights:

Haier 6 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine
Haier 6 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • A washing machine has become an essential integration to go through our daily chores. It is not taken a luxury anyway, integral equipment to be in any household.
  • Whenever you go out purchasing a washing machine, do not fall for aesthetics, and only focus on the features what you need the most.
  • Look for the most necessary features you roll on every day and get the right usage of every function or section.
  • In this guide, we have provided you with the top five washing machines available in India. The machines offer a myriad range of features and come in hands at low price compare to the others.
  • So, have any of them, and we assure, you would not regret the decision.

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