Oracle Database Exam-Labs Certifications: Choosing the Right One for You

Oracle Database Exam-Labs Certifications

When one talks about Oracle certifications, it is often associated with their so popular database credentials. Well, Oracle’s Exam-Labs database program is simply far-reaching. It is a remarkable path most database specialists would take. And if you are eyeing for your next career validation, here are some noteworthy Oracle database badges that are worth the shot.

Oracle Database Exam-Labs Certifications: Choosing the Right One for You

Oracle’s Main Database Certification Tracks

To make your selection process less stressful, let us categorize the database certifications according to their domains ― administration, high availability, new features, development, and security. All Oracle credentials are further classified based on the certification levels and job roles ― associate, professional, master, specialist, and expert ― making it easier to pick your preferred path.


For the first category, we have the database administration badges. This is apparently a sought-after curriculum, especially that more and more businesses have been highly reliant on efficient database administration. If you’re still engraving your mark in this field, you can begin your pursuit with the one and only associate-level database administration credential, the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate. Thereafter, you can continue honing your database skills by availing at least one professional-level certification like the Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional or Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional.

For the next level, you can pick from the master certification line-up that revolves around the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Master. Then, you can continue with one of the two specialist credentials namely the Oracle Database 12c Certified Implementation Specialist and Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Certified Implementation Specialist. And for the last stage, there’s the Oracle Certified Expert, the Oracle Database 12c: Performance Management and Tuning, which comes in three certification options.

High Availability

High availability is impactful, particularly in big enterprises. And Oracle sees the need for a system to be consistently accessible during key schedules to make tasks more efficient and effective. Consequently, Oracle offers a range of certifications that focus on your HA skills. For the specialist level, there is the Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Certified Implementation Specialist badge. If you want to further become an expert in high availability, you have lots of options too. These include the Oracle Certified Expert certifications like the Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator, Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administrator, or Oracle Database 12c Maximum Availability, among the rest.

The above-mentioned elite certifications are highly suitable for database system administrators who want to polish up their high availability proficiency in administrator roles. These specific Oracle database credentials are correlated to each other, which means certain certification exams may act as a requirement for the other credential.

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New Features

The certifications for this section are designed for specialists who want to remain current with the latest features of the Oracle database technology. So, even if you’re not yet using these recent updates in your system, you still have the chance to expand your knowledge to add value to the business in the near future.

The first badge that keeps you updated with the new Oracle database technology is the Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional, which is an upgrade from 10g, 11g, 12c, 12cR2 versions. Also, allowing you to become a forefront database professional is the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional. This certification is an enhancement of DBA 7.3, 8, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g credentials. There is also the same certification, but an upgrade from DBA OCA credentials Oracle9i, Oracle Database 10g, and 11g. Whatever you choose, these are all practical accreditations to help you be more confident and competent in your database roles. Moreover, these certifications provide you with the needed management skills to recommend effective solutions using the modern Oracle database architecture.


Database development is as important as database administration. But you don’t have to worry because Oracle makes available a couple of validations for the associate and professional database development roles. These badges are meant to pump up your abilities in various app development tools.

For the associate level, you can pick either the Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate or Oracle Database SQL Certified, Associate. The former helps you prove your mastery in creating database-focused internet apps needed in Oracle Database 10g, 11g, and 12c. The latter, on the other hand, signifies your adeptness in core SQL concepts and features. Therefore, passing its corresponding exam demonstrates your profound knowledge in SQL in an Oracle Database server. If you want to earn greater credibility in the SQL language, you can continue with the Oracle Database PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional badge. Or, if you want to substantiate your competence in Oracle APEX, obtaining the Oracle Application Express 18: Developer Certified Professional is the right choice.


Database security is the last certification path that also bears rewarding fruits to your career. To secure this credential, you must first have an in-depth background in 12c, 12cR2, or 2019 database administration. The Oracle Certified Professional Oracle Database Security Expert credential is the instrumental tool to become more capable in working with database security features, including passwords, authorization, vault, and encryption. Network access and security is also part of the coverage, along with data redaction, data masking, and patch databases. Knowing the fundamental Fine-Grained Access Control functions is essential too. All in all, this Oracle certification allows you to highlight your database security skills in a more competitive setup.


To squeeze everything in a nutshell, the process of earning your Oracle Database certification surely teaches you valuable knowledge. It also closes significant learning gaps so you become well-rounded in your profession. In return, you will be showered with a wealth of amazing job opportunities and impressive career breaks!

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