How To Play PUBG In Laptop Or PC {Follow Steps}

How To Play PUBG In Laptop

Considerably playing PUBG on specialized gaming smartphones is much more easier than playing it on the laptop or PC. Moreover, there are some ways following which one can also play PUBG Mobile on the laptop or PC with the help of the ‘PUBG Mobile Emulator’ launched by Tencent without the requirement of any hardware to run the game.

How To Play PUBG In Laptop Or PC {Follow Steps}

But there are some important things to keep in mind before playing PUBG Mobile on the laptop or PC. Firstly the user needs to have a very good and high-speed internet connection as all the files need to be downloaded in one go and slow or unstable internet connection can slow down the process. Also, everything depends on the internet connection as it will merely take 10-15 minutes to install ‘PUBG Mobile Emulator’ if there’s a good internet connection.

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Steps Following Which Individuals Can Play PUBG Mobile On Laptop or PC

Step 1: Download the official version of  ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator’ on your Laptop by clicking on this given link which is of 10 MB.

PUBG Mobile On PC
PUBG Mobile On PC

Step 2: The next step after downloading this file is to run the software on your Laptop or PC.

This action is performed by clicking on the ‘Start’ option as it helps to download various other additionally required files for running this game on the laptop or PC.

Step 3: As soon as the installation process of ‘Emulator’ gets completed further launch the PUBG Mobile on the laptop or PC for the download of some more additional files.

Step 4: The icon of the PUBG Mobile will pop up on the screen. Click on the ‘Start’ option present at the ‘Emulator Menu’.

Step 6: Now create an account if you’re a new user or either you can ‘login’ with the help of your credentials if you’re an old user.

Step 7: Further after the login process is complete then all the PUBG mobile stats can be seen on the laptop or PC.

Step 8: On the right corner of the screen all the significant and important controls are listed for the gaming purpose.

Step 9: Close the tab to enter the full screen.

Step 10: Enter the full screen by pressing ‘F11’ keyboard on the laptop or PC.

Step 11: Change the graphics settings as per your requirements to control various preferences and you’re done. You can now team up with your friends or teammates and can easily play this game on the laptop or PC.

Wrapping Up!

PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) is considered to be one of the best gaming applications in today’s generation and by following all these steps one can easily play this game over the laptop or PC if they don’t have specialized gaming smartphones. Moreover, if someone is a big fan of playing such games then they also check about the latest full-fledged PC version. With the presence of detailed graphic and innovative features, this tech gadget is found to be a true soulmate for the gaming people.

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