10 Trendy Plus Size Anime Characters


The shape of the body is considered an important part of our society. Most of us are attracted to each other by observing certain physical characteristics. When we compare and identify the body figures, we don’t include the phrase ‘One size fits all’. Each one of us is unique and different in our style. When we see a person for the first time, we notice their physical appearance first. If we talk about anime, body features are a little exaggerated. Such illustrations depict a consensus that a target audience needs along with the envision of the society towards the females. In this article, we will be giving you a brief about plus-size anime characters that do not correspond to a typical shape of an anime girl or an overall ideal standard of the Japanese body.

10 Trendy Plus Size Anime Characters

Number 1: Itaru Hashida | Steins;Gate

He is a high-level Hacker. His other name is Daru. He was the first person who joined the Future Gadget Lab. Aside from Kurisu Daru, the best girl, Itaru is a fat and chubby character figuratively. Though he appears to be sluggish and disinterested, when Daru decides to do something, it’s done perfectly. This man does not even blink until the task gets completed.

Number 2: Takeo Gōda | My Love Story

He’s one of the lovable characters that can make you happy if you watch ‘My Love Story‘. He is a gentle and pure character and you’ll never think wrong of him. You’ll wish for his success more than yours. Being extremely heavy, he even makes up a huge part of the show’s gag reel. He is a loyal character who can do anything for his friends to make them happy even if he has to sacrifice his happiness.

Number 3: Fat Gum

He is already named ‘Fat gum’. This character is a good cop in both ways, be it in leadership or sense. At first, you might find his quirk a little underpowered. The most interesting twist in the series is to make him both the utmost shield and sword. This utmost sword can change a few heads.

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Number 4: Marshall D.Teach | One-Piece

At present, this single Blackbeard is an entire powerhouse in the ‘One-piece world’. He is a tall pirate and has a round belly with a broken tooth. You can observe a shield of darkness at one of his sides. He acknowledges fate just like Luff & also possesses two devil fruits. He shows opposite personality traits collectively like brilliance and stupidity, cowardice and courage. These traits depend on the situation. For our protagonist, he can become the final boss through his expanding crew and bounty.

Number 5: Choji Akimichi | Naruto Shippuden

Among the plus-size anime characters, Choji is the Original Gourmet. He always carries a bag of chips. He uses his body weight along with his chakra and becomes an indestructible wrecking ball. He’s loyal, particularly to Shikamaru. He is a phenomenal shinobi who is always ready to give up his life for his special ones.

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Number 6: Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki | Fairy Tail

Ichiya is a Trimens leader and ace of the ‘Blue Pegasus. You might think this brave and short womanizer is a funny character. Ichiya will never fail to make you happy. His bedazzling presence, cowardice, and whacky demeanor will make you look like Yuga Aoyama’s divorced dad if it is all about a fight. As Erza was his honey, therefore, he might have a few qualities that we don’t know about.

Number 7: Tamako Inada |”Silver Spoon”

Silver Spoon is a classic high school comedy set in the countryside and centered on agriculture. The protagonist quickly understands that he is far better than others. Chunky Tamako is a lovely character who is a dairy queen along with an accountant extraordinaire. She wants to take over her family farm because she has learnt everything that is needed to run a farm, such as the ins and outs, account management, etc. Tamako is large. She can lose weight, but she doesn’t want to waste enough energy. She needs proficiency in every field of her life. But her choice of not getting slim is a positive body image. She cares more about money than her body.

Number 8: Ozeki Shinya | Hinomaru Sumo

The overweight character is more of a norm rather than a comic one. Ozeki Shinya is the captain of the Sumo Club. He is a “down to earth” character. He loves Sumo a lot. Though he is not the most powerful character, his endurance acts as an advantage. He just uses his head rather than plot armor  or power-ups.

Number 9: Reiji Andou | Prison School

Andou has a little weird choice of design. His face is small, with long earlobes. He is an enormous masochist of Meiko Shiraki, but after some time, it develops for Risa Bettou, who is the vice president of the “Official Aboveground Student Council“.

Number 10: Kohta Hirano | High School Of The Dead

At first glance, Kohta fits the stereotype of an ‘overweight character’. He used to be bullied in school, and that became a reason for his frustration. He can’t even run properly or depend on hand-to-hand combat. Kohta was obsessed with food and guns. Because of the gun, nobody dared to bully him. He used to shoot the undead to vent his frustration.

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The plus-size anime characters are not always funny or dramatic. They can be mysterious or adventurous too. We have described the best plus-size anime characters that you’ll love to watch and can inspire yourself with their energizing traits.

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