How To Port Airtel Number To JIO

Port Airtel To Jio Mobile Number

Mobile Number Portability

Given the consolidation JIO gives to its users there are many consumers, who want to change their telecom partner from Airtel to JIO and they don’t want to change their existing number as well. Then, this article is for those consumers, all they have to do is to simply follow the step by step instruction described below.

How To Port Airtel Number To JIO

Prerequisites-Clear All The Due

The first thing users have to do is to clear all the dues if any, with their existing telecom partner which is Airtel in this case, without that they can’t obtain the unique mobile number portability code. There is another very important thing that users need to know before going for mobile number portability, sometimes it takes up to 7 working days to complete the process, though in most cases existing network continues to work until the number is ported to JIO network. But there have been instances when both networks were not available for the users. The users have to choose a period of 7 days where they are not engaged in any activity which mandates that particular mobile number.

Mobile Number Portability From Airtel To JIO Via SMS

  • To port the number to the Jio network, users needs to send an SMS writing “PORT” leaving a space, then just writing their 10 digits mobile number and send to 1900, this has to be done from their existing airtel number.
  • Now the users will receive a unique mobile number portability code which will be valid for 15 days starting from the day it was generated.
  • Once the code is generated users have to download JIO App from the google play store or Apple App store and generate a JIO coupon code for themselves.
  • Once done all the above steps, users have to visit official JIO store or Reliance Digital, alternatively, they can get in touch with JIO retailer. The users have provided them with both the unique codes, and it’s mandatory to take the handset in which JIO network is to be used.
  • Now for Identification purpose, as mandated by the Honorable Supreme Court of India, user can share their Aadhar number and get their JIO connection activated instantly or they can choose to submit other documentation to complete their KYC process offline, the offline process may take 3-4 additional days to process.

That’s all needs to be done from the users’ end to get their Airtel Number ported to the JIO network.

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Jio Network Membership

  • All the fresh JIO members get membership activated with their new connection, but for the users who have ported from other networks like in this case Airtel. They will have to download My JIO app and give your assent to extending service to the Jio prime services for the next 12 months.
  • Once activated ported users can also enjoy all the exciting Jio prime benefits for the free, which includes free live TV, music, magazines, news, live sports coverage etc. along with access to cheaper data plans.

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    1. There is a grace period of 90 days before a SIM card is deactivated by the telecom company and user can recharge with a minimum amount anytime to re-activate it, but after that you need to visit official store and check with them if your number is not allotted to anyone else, if not then you can request for activation of sim, but if your number is allotted to someone then it is not possible to reclaim it.

      Note: First try to activate it, then only i will recommend to recharge

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