Procreate for Windows:The Complete Guide With Best Alternatives Details

Procreate for Windows: The Complete Guide

There was a time when people used to get some manual instruments from any grocery store to draw their favourite sketches. But now it’s the era of modernization, therefore people can draw anything easily on their computer just by sitting at their home comfortably. You might feel this program is a bit deterring especially for an artist who has never drawn something over here. To be honest, it’s simple but first, you’ll need some practice to perform it in a streamlined manner. Afterwards, draw whatever you like. Damn easy! Right? Read about Procreate for Windows to use this.

Procreate for Windows:The Complete Guide With Best Alternatives Details

Basics of Procreate

An app where you can draw, sketch, or paint and depict your creativity on a work pad is known as procreate.

The main objective to introduce this app was to show an artist’s creativity in a digital space. You will get the feel of drawing, sketching, or painting on paper due to its responsiveness. It will fulfil the requirements of yours that range from the beginner to the professional level. It is not just flexible but inspires you to draw something new with the inputted bright colours and is portable too.

Procreate amazing features

  1. A total of 136 brushes and 50 options of customization are available.
  2. Clipping masks and layers are supported by it.
  3. Some influential features like Gaussian and perspective blur, the balance of colour to give a good finish.
  4. To help you, a perspective guide along with drawing help is available.
  5. You can easily export the drawings into any file format and share them on any app.


Procreate usage and significance

  1. You can manage your drawings in an album format. It is already present with the users of photoshop.
  2. You can import the file you want from any device or location.
  3. To make some changes in your drawing, use the gestures of your hands. It will either zoom in or out to change.
  4. For professionals, the adjustment and compositing of the layers are done accordingly.
  5. Integration and navigation become easy when you are drawing something on procreating. Shuffling on any of the used apps is done at ease.

Methods For Using Procreate on Windows

Method 1: Use of Nox player Emulator/ Bluestack

  • Step 1: Install and download Nox player Emulator/ Bluestack on the computer from any authorized reference. Be patient until it gets installed.
  • Step 2: Open the installed app and use your Google credentials to sign in.
  • Step 3: In the search box, type “Procreate”.
  • Step 4: Select it and wait until it gets installed.
  • Step 5: Open the app of Procreate from the desktop site and begin with your drawing.

Method 2: iPadian Simulator

It imitates the common look and features of the Apple interface. You can not access this directly from the store but the iOS app can be experienced such as procreate.

Best alternatives for Procreate Windows

1) Autodesk Sketchbook:

One of the best alternatives to procreate windows that are accepted and used widely. This is available for free unlike procreate that charges $9.99. Make a free account to use its astonishing features at its best on your windows with no restrictions. It works too well on a full-screen mode that carries a large canvas along with many layers and tools. The active stylus can be used on this app. Palm rejection is also supported by it. There’s no need for an introduction if you want to draw or sketch something on this app. Now you can experience procreating windows using an Autodesk sketchbook.

It is available for free.A learning curve is needed.
Palm rejection is supported.
Canvas availability is endless.
A third-party stylus is also supported.


2) Krita:

Another procreate windows alternative that has proven to be a powerful app on windows 10. It’s free to use and gives the experience of a professional program. Now you can easily make comics, complex illustrations, and conceptual art. The recent update in Krita along with its user interface is now giving a tough competition to procreate. Opt for Krita if you want the best tool to draw the graphics in the way a professional does it.

It is open-source and available for free.Overwhelming tools.
Users can make comics and art.
Raster graphics are supported.
Layers are advanced.


3) Adobe Illustrator:

To get the best design in graphics, go for Adobe illustrator. It has the best spontaneous control packs and user interface for any touchscreen equipment. Vector graphics and rasterization can be experienced with it. You can make book illustrations, packaging of products, billboards, and web icons.

You can effortlessly turn colours and simple shapes into complicated icons, graphics, and logos. Tools like freehand drawing and typography access are easy.

The User Interface is clean.It is a bit costly.
A great library is available.
Typography is beautiful.
You can draw anything you wish to.

4) Concepts:

The control of touchscreen level on the endless canvas is the same as procreating. The optimization is specifically done for surface pro x, other ARM64, and surface pen that hinges on the device of Windows 10. Tools such as colour dials can be accessed if the appliance is touchscreen. It delivers zero-latency similar to procreate. You can also choose the canvas background from numerous preset papers and textures. Wacom type active stylus has a feature of velocity to sketch and draw flexibly.

Surface device optimization.Different laptops with different windows will have different experiences.
Brushes are flexible to use.
Considered great to create sketches and illustrations.
Unique dial

5) Corel painter 2022:

To make your work easy, this app offers you an abundance of graphic tools. Around 900 brushes, pattern pens,  limited particles, thick paintbrushes, etc. are available on Corel painter 2022. To learn this, many tutorial videos are available that will be helpful for the learners.

900+ brushes are available.The learning curve is steep.
Video tutorials are available for learners.
Supports extension.

6) Affinity Designer:

A person who knows well about its use can go for this alternative. To make the best designs, its vector illustrator can be used too. It is easy to use and learn. One can make branding materials, icons, mockups, printing projects, etc easily using this tool.

Vector illustrations.It does not support plugins.
All-rounder program for editing graphics.
Make each type of graphics
The User Interface is simple.

7) MediBang Paint:

This is the best app for the creators of comics or manga. You can use around 800 backgrounds or tools, 20 styles of fonts, and 50 brushes. Users who have just started to create some comics can use it for easy access. This app also provides syncing of the cloud across numerous platforms. It is found to be a tremendous tool for comic creators and budding.

Proven best for comics and manga makers.The dialog box displays ads at the initial stage.
50+ brushes are available.
800 backgrounds are available.
Friendly for beginners.

8) ArtRage:

An app that has the potential to create a painting to operate on Windows 10. You can get an expanse of rational tools of painting for making astonishing artworks and paintings. To sketch on the canvas, you can use pencil or oil paintbrushes. You can even fine-tune your favourite accessories to increase flexibility.

Great for learners.It is not made for professionals.
Controls and user interface is simple.
Painting tools are realistic.

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Here we have described every component about the Procreate starting from its definitions, to the alternatives, features, use, importance, and methods to use it on the windows. It’s a complete guide for the procreate learners and professionals. Clear your doubts by reading each section of this article thoroughly. Our team has worked hard to clarify your doubts and we hope you will like it too.

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