Skype Is Delivering Seamless Sharing Of OneDrive Files

Skype Is Delivering Seamless Sharing Of OneDrive Files

Skype has installed a feature of sharing OneDrive files through chat. Currently, the feature is being used by testers but will soon be given to the users also. Users can find this feature in Skype Insider Build version In order to send a file to the person on chat, the user has to click an icon which will open Content& Tools Window. Select OneDrive and select the number of files to be sent to the person on chat.

Skype Is Delivering Seamless Sharing Of OneDrive Files

T he person on the chat will receive the file as a link through which he can access the file directly. The other person or the receiver does not have to download and access the file. The sender can either select particular files or entire folder and send to the receiver. The receiver must have the relevant app in order to receive the link and open the file.

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The person can either view the file either inside the application or on OneDrive which is compatible with almost all types of common file extensions. Currently the feature of transferring files and folders is under test and will be launched in the near future in the new version of Skype.

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