Google News Planning Fund New Ideas For Journalism In Asia Pacific

Google News planning fund the new ideas

Google News has planned to fund new ideas in order to promote journalism in the Asia Pacific. This project is called as Asia-Pacific Google News Initiative which will fund selected projects worth $300,000. It has also been announced that 70% of the project cost will be funded by the company. There will be various criteria on which funding will be based.

Google News Planning Fund New Ideas For Journalism In Asia Pacific

The company has announced that invitation to the project proposals is being taken which will help to increase revenue from users. Google panel and other executives will check and select the projects. The submission of proposals will start on November 28 and end on January 9. Google has also found that journalists in the Asia-Pacific are struggling regarding the digital journalism. The company has also said that it is trying to find new business models.

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This move has been taken by Google as it has plans to close Google News in European countries due to link tax. The link tax is mentioned in the new copyright directives of the European Parliament in which it is mentioned that the tech giants have to pay for the work done by the artists and journalists. According to The Guardian, the parliament has also said that the law has to be initiated by the member countries along with their local laws.  In 2014, Spain has also passed a law regarding links and Google shut down its services for the country

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