Immediate Steps To Repair Water Damaged MacBook

Repair Water Damaged MacBook

Repairing a damaged MacBook is not an easy task. A slight fall may lead to complicated issues that would require many tools along with expertise. You can repair a water-damaged MacBook effortlessly by reading this article carefully. Don’t go with the suggestions of simply drying and cleaning with alcohol as the MacBook has certain components that can easily get damaged even by a minor spill.

Immediate Steps To Repair Water Damaged MacBook

Usually, everyone considers every liquid spill to be the same but it’s not true. Tea, coffee, and water are not acidic and one can easily repair and restore their MacBook whereas liquids like wine can create new challenges or complications because of their acidic nature.

Here you’ll learn about the ‘MacBook Water Damage’ and will clear your thoughts of either trying your DIY repair or contacting an expert.

Immediate Steps to Perform on Water Damaged MacBook

Immediately Turn Off The MacBook

The first thing you need to do is to turn off your MacBook if you have dropped some water on it.

  • Step 1: Press and hold on to the power button for up to 5 seconds.
  • Step 2: Now you can release the power button.
  • Step 3: Don’t touch the power button again as it might turn on the MacBook. Don’t worry about your unsaved documents. The faster you switch off your MacBook, the safer will be your MacBook along with your data.

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If you are finding issues turning off your MacBook after holding the power button, it indicates that your MacBook keyboard has stopped working. The keyboard fails to send the command of ‘Force-shutdown‘ to the ‘MacBook logic board’. There’s no need to worry! We have other methods as well to switch off the MacBook.

  • Step 1: Use tissues on the MacBook surface where you can see liquid droplets.
  • Step 2: Close the lid directly.
  • Step 3: Now the sensors of ‘Hardware-level sleep’ get activated.
  • Step 4: The logic board perceives the signals of sleep sensors.
  • Step 5: It cuts off the power supply to the screen, CPU, SSD Drive, and other supporting circuits.
  • Step 6: Currently, the MacBook is in a Shallow sleep mode where the memory chips are still getting power. This mode helps the laptop to wake up quickly when used normally.
  • Step 7: Close the lid until your MacBook enters a Deep Sleep mode. In this mode, the logic board will cut off the power supply from the memory chip. Now the SSD drive, CPU, screen, and RAM are safe.
  • Step 8: Don’t try to open the lid again.

Unplug The Charger

  • In terms of effectiveness, this is not a crucial step if compared with the previous one. If you unplug the charger, it will not cut off the power supply to the CPU and other major components. Unless you will not switch off the MacBook by pressing and holding on to the power button, the MacBook battery will be providing the power supply to your MacBook.
  • Unplugging the charger will cut off the power supply to the MacBook logic board charging circuit. Even if the damage to the charging circuit is completely repairable still there’s a great threat. This method switches off 99℅ of the circuits of the logic board. The only circuit that is switched on is the ‘Stand by’ circuit that is not much destructive to your damaged MacBook.

Avoid Dripping Water Into The Vent Holes

  • Don’t try to move the MacBook. Try your best to avoid water droplets entering into the vent holes present in between the screen and the keyboard. The vent holes help the heat to escape out from the logic keyboard of the MacBook. To minimize the damage caused by the liquid spills, logic keyboard protection is a must activity to be implemented in such conditions.
  • You are minimizing the MacBook damage if you can prevent the liquid from dripping into the vent holes. If any external adapter or USB Drive is connected to your MacBook, unplug it immediately. You can use any tissue or towel to absorb the spilt liquid on the keyboard, screen, and touchpad instantly.

Precautions: Water damaged MacBook

  • Never use a hairdryer to dry your MacBook as it can create more complications and damage to your MacBook by enabling the liquid to dodge into the innards.
  • Never try to shake your water-damaged MacBook. Shaking can enable the liquid to enter into the fragile parts of your MacBook where it will not go normally such as BGA balls, CPU, or the screen backlight film.
  • Never Switch on your water-damaged MacBook. If you switch on your water-damaged MacBook, it will surely threaten the major components such as battery and circuit keyboards. You need to close the lid for a long time to dry it out completely.

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The mentioned dos and Don’ts are the basic things one should know while dealing with a water-damaged MacBook. If the hacks mentioned above fail to recover your MacBook, it is suggested to visit any Apple Care Center to repair your damaged MacBook immediately as delay can create more complications specifically in the major fragile components.

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