SteamUnlocked Authentic Review: Safe Or Unsafe To Use


In today’s time, the video game industry has become a giant, generating more revenue than the music and movie industries combined. The industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and trends emerging all the time. This has led to a wide variety of games being available, catering to all tastes and interests. Gaming is no longer just for kids; it is a popular pastime for people of all ages. It also acts as a major source of entertainment, with eSports tournaments, and streams on platforms like Twitch, and the Youtube Let’s Play series from various YouTubers attracting millions of viewers around the world. The video game industry is a powerful force in the entertainment world, and it is only going to continue to grow in the years to come.

SteamUnlocked Authentic Review: Safe Or Unsafe To Use

As the industry grows, the number of games coming out naturally balloons. There are new games out every day, and premier video game platforms like PC or the consoles (Xbox and PS5) both usually have games which require you to purchase them with money. These games offer unique experiences and are thrilling entertainment pieces, such as the biggest game of last year, Elden Ring. But people often cannot afford to buy these games as they want to play all the games out there without hurting their wallet. So, people on PC turn to unofficial sites to download games for free. One such site is SteamUnlocked, which is widely used by people all over the world to install paid games for free. But is the site legit? Is it safe to use? We answer these questions and more in the article below as we look into SteamUnlocked.

Note: Selectyourdeals does not support piracy or encourage its viewers to access games or other media through unfair means. The article is meant to inform our viewers about the website, we do not endorse the contents in it.

What Is SteamUnlocked All About?

We need to understand what exactly is the SteamUnlocked website, how it works and what it offers before we can come to a verdict on whether it is safe to use. There are various online platforms which claim to offer free content, such as free TV shows and movies available for streaming, which will otherwise cost you a subscription to various OTT platforms. But these sites always raise the question of whether there is a risk to using them. The same is true with online sites offering paid PC games for free – such as SteamUnlocked. So now we will focus on SteamUnlocked and its details.

SteamUnlocked is a free website which allows people to download paid games for free using their platform. They have a huge library of games for PC players, from modern titles like Grand Theft Auto to even old classics like Knights of the Old Republic. The site basically tries to output the content of Steam but for free for all of its users. It is different from other such websites because it tries to streamline the process of free downloading of games. Usually, these sites require the player to either use torrents or download various parts and go through a hassle just to get the game. SteamUnlocked seeks to fix that by providing direct downloads without the user not having to go through hoops to get their favourite games available to play online.

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SteamUnlocked: Legal Or Illegal?

SteamUnlocked prides itself as the number one site to install free games on a PC anywhere in the world, as it clearly mentions on the site itself. The site has virtually the entire Steam library, but Steam is an official service provided by Valve Corporation where you have to pay for games. So how does SteamUnlocked work? Is it legal? Well, the answer is not exactly as simple as yes or no. The act of providing copyrighted content without the owner’s permission is an illegal act. However, SteamUnlocked never really hosts the game files on their server. Think of them as a gateway. On their site, all links to the downloads are redirected to the other websites which contain the pirated game files. However, SteamUnlocked is in that grey area between legality and illegality as they do not provide the game files themselves. So while SteamUnlocked is technically legal, it is still a site which provides copyrighted content to its viewers. But then again, the site has thousands of paid games for free to be accessed by anyone – so the moral choice is on you.

How Safe & Trustworthy SteamUnlocked Is?

Even though now we know that SteamUnlocked is technically legal, the question of safety will still understandably arise. Piracy is not legal, and installing copyrighted content without purchasing it is certainly not something which can be done lawfully. However, are you, the user of SteamUnlocked, in threat of getting into any trouble? Rest easy as the answer is no. SteamUnlocked has one original site, SteamUnlocked dot net (or other official variants) and they do not contain any viruses or dangerous files in their site. In fact, there are communities of the site on Reddit and Discord. However, there is still a potential risk when using these sites and you can take some precautions to ensure that you do not fall into trouble or mistakenly download some dangerous data into your computer. Let us see what could be the cons of using SteamUnlocked before we discover the precautions we need to take while using it.

 SteamUnlocked Usage Disadvanatages

Even though the site is relatively safe and legal, it still has some issues which could cause problems for you while you access the site. These are some of the cons of using SteamUnlocked.

  • Scam Adverts: This is a common problem with these sites is that the advertisements are often scams and contain links to dangerous websites. Some even poise themselves as download buttons but are ads in disguise.
  • Redirects: Similar to the previous problem, when clicking on something in SteamUnlocked you can often get redirected to another dangerous website without your intent.
  • Slow Downloads: The game downloads progress at a rather slow pace at SteamUnlocked, possibly due to the high traffic at the site. This can be a hindrance to trying to enjoy a game for free.
  • Fake Copies of SteamUnlocked: There are also some sites which appear as SteamUnlocked but are actually fake sites which are copies of it and are more dangerous.

Important Precautions To Take With SteamUnlocked

While SteamUnlocked is usually safe to use, as we have explained, there can still be some risk. You need to make sure you are safe to browse the site at all times. Here are some precautions we suggest you take.

  • Make sure you are using the correct site: As mentioned, SteamUnlocked only has one real domain. But there are some fakes which contain malware and viruses. Be mindful of your URL while accessing the site.
  • Always use an Ad Blocker: While SteamUnlocked does not have any malware or virus directly on their site, there can be ads on the site which appear as download buttons but actually redirect to other sites. An ad blocker will help you avoid this.
  • Be Mindful of Redirects: Similar to the above point, when clicking on links you can sometimes get redirected to other sites which are trying to dupe you with false files. Be mindful of URLs and tread safely.
  • Use a VPN: In general as well as when you are using SteamUnlocked, a good VPN service helps you protect your online identity. Most of the problems we listed above can be solved by using a VPN while browsing the site. SteamUnlocked is safer to use with a VPN and we strongly recommend you use one. There are various paid VPNs such as NordVPN which can be good to use. In fact, it is good practice to use a VPN, not just while downloading games from SteamUnlocked, but generally as well.

Reliable VPNs To Use

  • Nord VPN: One of the most secure VPN networks available. It has a premium price tag, but it is worth the expense as the service is also one of the fastest in the industry.
  • Express VPN: The level of transparency in the service is unmatched in Express VPN with its clear policies and great security. You can have up to 5 networks connected at once.
  • Surfshark VPN: This is a good cheap option that still provides you with premium networks and a unique ‘Camoflague’ mode that hides the fact that you are using a VPN. A great option for a limited budget.
  • Proton VPN: This VPN service is open-source and also offers an unlimited free plan. It is best for security purposes and offers fast connectivity.
    Free VPN Alternatives:
  • Privado VPN: A very reliable free VPN service which offers proper connections and unblocks sites. It has a 10GB data limit for a month of usage, and you can upgrade for more options.
  • VPN: This is the best free choice of a VPN for torrenting because of its premium security features. Similar to Privado VPN it has a 10GB limit cap on its monthly data usage.
  • Windscribe VPN: The speed of this VPN service is decent but its key feature is that it provides unlimited connections. The service has plenty of advanced features and a 10GB data limit for monthly usage.

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As long as you remain mindful of the safety precautions we have mentioned, and make sure to verify all files after download, SteamUnlocked is rather safe. There are multiple communities which are centred around SteamUnlocked, attesting to the same as well. And the site boasts thousands of games, with more added every day, mirroring the official Steam library. However, the ultimate choice is up to you whether you want to install paid games for free. But do know that piracy is a crime, and even though SteamUnlocked is technically legal, it still encourages piracy. We do not endorse the practice and leave the choice to use or not use the website up to our readers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What are some alternatives to SteamUnlocked?

Ans: There are other services similar to SteamUnlocked that offer games for free, such as RepackGames, HisGames, AimHeaven or IGG games. But be mindful that these offer pirated games, same as SteamUnlocked, and you should be cautious while using them.

Q) Can I get in trouble for Using SteamUnlocked?

Ans: As we explained, SteamUnlocked is legal by definition as it does not contain direct files of any pirated games. It is highly unlikely for you to get in trouble by installing a pirated file, but even then, there is a certain risk involved as piracy is illegal.


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