Definitive Guide To Stop Valorant Stuttering: Hardware & Software

Valorant Stuttering

Valorant is the extremely popular free-to-play 5v5 online multiplayer shooter which took the world by storm when it was released. Earlier, this genre of games was dominated by CS:GO, which had no real competitor. But Riot Games decided to fix that and released Valorant in late 2020, with unique visuals and striking art style, really tight and snappy gameplay and endless replayability. 3 years later and it’s still definitely the most happening multiplayer esports experience in the gaming industry, with over 2 million daily users logging in and playing the game. The game features various interesting and unique characters with their twists and powers which makes for lots of room for creativity and player expression.

Definitive Guide To Stop Valorant Stuttering: Hardware & Software

Riot Games, of course, has its knowledge when it comes to developing free-to-play online games, as they’re the developers of popular League of Legends – which is the foundation for every free-to-play model based games that have followed, like Fortnite. Valorant is extremely fun and very competitive, which means every second and every frame of gameplay counts, especially in ranked gameplay. Thus, when there are issues with the game such as Valorant stuttering, lagging or not updating during gameplay, it can actively make the player’s game worse as they can’t play as effectively as before and thus are more liable to lose matches. The issue of stuttering in Valorant is common with many players reporting this problem. But it is not without a fix, as we cover the different ways to fix Valorant stuttering in the article below.

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Stuttering in Valorant Explained

Stuttering refers to when during gameplay, the movement on the screen suddenly freezes. This is caused by fluctuating and slow frame rates, which results in fewer frames on screen per second, and thus causes this uneven display. This is not only disruptive to the overall experience and takes the players out of the immersion, but in an online fast-paced multiplayer game like Valorant, it can hinder the players ability to react swiftly and execute precise movements, something which is an integral part of the game’s gameplay loop.

It’s important to not underestimate the effect that stuttering has on the entire gaming experience. Players must have good situational awareness, accurate movements, and quick reflexes to succeed in the game of Valorant. And so, it becomes difficult to aim precisely, react quickly, and carry out strategies successfully when the gameplay stutters. This can be quite annoying and put players at a severe disadvantage during intense battles or crucial game moments which will cause more than just minor issues as the gameplay itself is affected.

Additionally, the annoyance brought on by stuttering might lower player engagement and enjoyment. Stuttering problems which keep on happening can even deter gamers from putting in time and effort, which would have an impact on the player base and community. Players and developers alike will benefit when stuttering issues are swiftly addressed and fixed since it promotes a vibrant and entertaining gaming environment. And on a personal note, when your game isn’t stuttering or lagging and playing like it’s supposed to, your entire gaming experience is greatly benefitted.

Fixes To Get Rid Of Valorant Stuttering

Now we discuss how to fix the issue with Valorant stuttering during gameplay and not being responsive. Before we go on to fix it, first we need to identify if it is a software issue or hardware issue. Oftentimes your game cannot work properly due to limited hardware specifications or a slow network connection. Other times, that all could be fine and even then the game will not work. We cover methods to fix either issue. If you are aware of your problem, simply jump to the section in which it lies.

Valorant Stuttering Fix: Hardware

Before heading to software, we discuss hardware-related issues and how to fix them. Make sure that you have none of these problems before you move on to the next section.

  • Check your PC specifications: Valorant is not exactly a very demanding game, but it still has some minimum requirements to run properly. Be sure that your laptop or computer is fulfilling that criteria.
  • Make sure you have a good network connection: Valorant is an online multiplayer game, and thus it requires a constant, fast connection to be able to work properly.
  • Switch to Ethernet connection: If despite a good plan the game still has spotty connection and connection problems, then it is better to switch to an Ethernet connection as it offers more stable network reach and higher speeds as well.
  • Check your mouse settings: A too-low or too-high mouse sensitivity setting can also cause problems with stuttering. We elaborate on how to fix this below.
  1. Right-click on the mouse icon in your system tray
  2. Select the mouse properties option.
  3. Search for the polling rate option. Here you can set the response time for your mouse. We suggest setting it lower than 500 Hz for best results, but it all depends on a case basis.

This covers all the hardware details. These tips can help with the problem of Valorant stuttering, but if it persists it’s most likely a software issue, either within the game or your computer. Either way, we go about how to fix it below.

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Valorant Stuttering Fix: Software

These are tips to counter valorant stuttering through various software-related methods, involving either the operating system or the game itself. Do note that you should also check hardware methods as either of these sections could have your problem.

  • Check for Windows updates: Often it happens that due to some slight bugginess or unresponsiveness due to old software, Valorant does not run well. And additionally, being on the latest updates of your computer is just good advice. To update your software, go to settings, type in “updates” in the search bar and then click on the check for updates option.
  • Update graphics card drivers: Outdated graphics card drivers can make games perform worse than intended and cause visual issues such as stuttering. Keep your drivers up-to-date to always make sure that your games run without issues and stutter.
  • Turn on Vsync: Vsync is a setting in graphics cards which syncs the framerates of your graphics card to the framerate of the monitor. Make sure that vsync is on by going to graphics properties after right-clicking the desktop, and then accessing the vsync option in the control panel.
  • Switch to High Performance: Windows has a high-performance mode in which the system consumes more battery but then uses its maximum potential to run the game. To access it, simply go to settings by pressing Ctrl+I and then search for “High Performance” in the search bar.
  • Lower the game graphics: Lowering the visual quality of the game helps to reduce its stuttering and lag, and thus produce a more swift and smooth experience. Launch Valorant, navigate to its settings and then go under graphics. Here you can lower certain graphics to find the best fit for your system. We recommend lowering these settings for the most noticeable change.
  1. Lowering the resolution.
  2. Disabling anti-aliasing.
  3. Setting a frame-cap (you can set it to any number, but 60 frames are recommended). This can be done through the Client-FPS feature in Valorant settings.
  4. Reducing the post-processing effects.
  • Clear standby memory: Your device can gain a lot of standby memory from other applications running previously or in the background. Clearing it makes sure that your game runs as smoothly as possible. To do this, open your task manager by Ctrl+Alt+Del, and select the performance tab. Under this, click the Empty Standby Memory option to save up more space for your game.

Doing all of these steps will ensure that your game runs the smoothest and has clear, stable frames with no stuttering, frame drops or lag. This will ensure the best experience with the game and no issues with Valorant stuttering or having frame drops.

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Frame drops, screen tears and stuttering is an issue which plagues a majority of online games, due to the reasons we described above. The same is true with the issue of Valorant stuttering, which can dampen the online multiplayer shooter experience that Riot Games offers through their title. Now, after the knowledge of our definitive guide, you are sure to face no issue with Valorant stuttering and enjoy the thrilling and quick-paced 5v5 experience with no such issues. Enjoy your game!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can Valorant stuttering be caused by server-side issues?

Ans: Yes, Valorant stuttering problems can result from server-side issues. The performance of the game might be impacted and cause stuttering by elements like server maintenance, heavy server load, or network congestion. It could be worthwhile investigating any known server faults or attempting to connect to a less busy server if you encounter stuttering repeatedly throughout multiple matches.

Q) Does Riot Games provide any in-game solutions to address Valorant stuttering?

Ans: Yes, specific features and settings have been added by Riot Games to Valorant to address stuttering problems. Players can cap their frame rate in the “Client FPS” setting to stabilize performance and lessen stuttering. Furthermore, Riot Games frequently publishes updates and patches to improve game speed and fix recognised problems, such as stuttering.

Q) What if the stuttering in Valorant persists despite trying various solutions?

Ans: We would advise you to contact Valorant’s support staff or go to the official Valorant forums if stuttering persists despite your best attempts. They can offer detailed troubleshooting instructions or additional help in fixing the problem. Remember that each player’s system setup and network connection can be different, thus specific advice can help identify a fix.

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