Prominent Approach To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 10

Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 10

There are built-in tools in the system of Windows 10 that lets you take screenshots easily. The simple and easy technique to capture a screenshot is to press the ‘PRTSC + CTRL’ keys simultaneously.

Prominent Approach To Take Scrolling Screenshot In Windows 10

You can also use a spinning tool that permits the user to take a screenshot of the selected portion on the screen. But the problem with both techniques is that they will permit taking screenshots of the visible portion of the screen.

If you want to take the screenshot of the full-page that is a bit lengthy and is unable to come on the screen in a single portion, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. Here you’ll learn how you can take a scrolling screenshot in Windows 10 OS.

Freeware for Taking Scrolling Screenshots

1. PicPick

You can use this software for free for your PC or for any non-commercial purposes. Its scrolling feature is so valuable because you can save the scrolling screenshot in the form of PNG, PDF, JPG, BMP, or GIF. You can also perform the annotation part before you save the screenshot by using brush, text tool, image effects, marker, highlight rectangle, etc.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to download the PicPick software. After downloading the file, you need to install the required software.
  • Step 2: Press and hold on to the ‘Alt + Ctrl keys simultaneously and afterwards press ‘PRTSC’. A rectangular box of red color is displayed.
  • Step 3: Press and hold on to the mouse’s left side button and drag it on the rolling window for the area selection.
  • Step 4: Now release the button of the mouse. Gradually, the auto-scroll will occur. Within a few seconds, you will see the complete portion is covered in the screenshot.

If you want to use any annotation tool before saving the screenshot, you can. Go to the ‘Save as’ button present in the File menu and save the screenshot.

You can also see many other options such as set delay time, use a ruler, capture an active window, color picker, magnifier, screenshot in freehand mode, etc.

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2. ShareX

The best freeware for taking the screenshots and editing them is ShareX. It can capture the complete screen, a particular region, any running windows, etc. It also has the feature of scrolling screenshots. It also lets you conduct post-capture actions such as drawing in a freehand mode, stickers and cursors addition, blurring any portion, erasing a portion, inserting another image, etc. In the end, use the Save as button present in the File menu to save the screenshot in the form of TIFF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or BMP.

  • Step 1: After you have downloaded this software, you need to use post-capture settings, hotkey settings, application settings, etc. to set everything accordingly.
  • Step 2: Go to the ‘Capture menu’ and choose the option of ‘scrolling feature’. The settings related to capturing will be displayed.
  • Step 3: You have the choice to set the scroll delay, start delay, minimum scroll count, scroll method, etc.
  • Step 4: After adjusting the settings, select the button of ‘Select window’ or control to scroll’.
  • Step 5: Select the foreground window scrolling area and the processing starts automatically.
  • Step 6: After the completion of the scrolling part, the window of post-capture is displayed to edit the screenshot.
  • Step 7: Save the screenshot by using the save as button present in the file menu.

You can also record the screen of the desktop in the form of an animated gif or any other video format with this software. It also provides other tools like video converter, image ruler, image splitter, image combiner, etc.

3. Screenshot Captor

Another useful software for taking scrolling screenshots. It has two choices to take the screenshot i.e. horizontal and vertical options of scrolling. You can easily take the screenshot of the complete document if you go step-by-step. The screenshot is saved in GIF, TIF, BMP, PNG, DCX, TGA, or PGM image format. It also has the options of a selected region, full-screen, and active window capture.

  • Step 1: Download the installer version of the Screenshot captor. On the top left side, you can see a ‘Quick capture bar’.
  • Step 2: Select the’ Scrolling window button’ or ‘Grab Windows object’.
  • Step 3: Simultaneously press and hold on to the ‘Left button of the mouse + Ctrl’ on the windows scrolling portion.
  • Step 4: A window pops up. Click on the next action. Select ‘Begin a Scrolling Window Capture’.
  • Step 5: Another window is displayed. You can choose either between vertical or horizontal options. There are other options to scroll by pages or single row, scroll delay, etc. Change it if required.
  • Step 6: Select the button of ‘Ok, begin scrolling and capturing’.
  • Step 7: The process of auto-scroll capture has now started. After it finishes, it will display the preview and some customization choices. You can use the choices like set right, left, top, bottom margins, overlap setting, etc.
  • Step 8: If you think the screenshot is okay, select the button ‘Ok, save built image’.
  • Step 9: Select the ‘Save as’ button and you have saved the screenshot.

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There is an endless list of tools that can help you to take scrolling screenshots. But the available components present in the discussed tools are not available in any other tool for free. We hope that you will find this list useful and every requirement of yours is fulfilled by the mentioned tools.

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