Top 10 Basic Phones To Buy In India Under Rs 2,000

Basic Phone Under 2000

Today everyone wants phone with lots of features. This is due to the addiction that we have with phones in today’s time. But even now there are many people who wants to use phone only for calling purpose and do not want to get caught in the sell that it has created. For such people, we have listed top 10 phones under the range of 2000 which supports the basic features well. Read on!

Top 10 Basic Phones To Buy In India Under Rs 2,000

Top 10 Mobile phones picked by Selectyourdeals

  • Karbonn K Flip
  • Samsung Metro 313
  • Nokia 105 Dual Sim
  • Adcom A40
  • Cheers Smart 45
  • Samsung E 1200
  • Swipe Connect Neo 4 G
  • Mictomax Xli 2017
  • Videocon Z30 Pace
  • Celkon A406

1) Karbonn K Flip

Flip phones have always been embraced by people and this one has set of features that is really going to exceed your expectations at this price range. 0.8 mp camera, expandable memory of 8 gb and supports a dual sim mode. The phone supports all basic features like texting and browsing, Karbonn K Flipk price on Flipkart.

Karbonn K Flip Phone Under Rs2000
Karbonn K Flip (Image Source: Snapdeal)

2) Samsung Metro 313

This phone has a TFT display and 0.3 mp of primary camera. The phone supports dual sim as well and the battery power is 10mAH. 16 gb is its expandable memory which you can create using an SD card. The design of the phone is fairly impressive too. This phone is reliable and durable both for the basic functions, Samsung Metro 313 price on Flipkart.

Samsung Metro 313
Samsung Metro 313 (Image Source: Flipkart)

3) Nokia 105 Dual Sim

The durability factor of the phone goes several notches higher when we hear name ‘Nokia’ associated with it. This dual sim phone has fm radio, dual sim support, 3.5 mm headphone jack. In short, all the basic specifications which make a comprehensive handset are available in this device, Nokia 105 Dual Sim price on Flipkart .

Nokia 105 Dual Sim Selectyourdeals
Nokia 105 Dual Sim

4) Adcom A40

This is another awesome phine which comes under the price range of 2000.  It has 2 megapixels of camera with flash, android 4.4.4 kitkat version of OS, 4 inches of display screen with 320×480 pixel support. It supports all the basic Android functions and is an ample bang for your buck.

Adcom A40 Mobile Phone
Adcom A40

5) Cheers Smart 45

This name is not that popular in the realm of mobile phones but this model is definitely heart-winning if you are looking for phone with ground specifications. 3.5 inch didplay (400×800, 3.2 megapixels of camera and Android 4.4.2 version are the contents of this phone. It is a handy device and supports every basic needs of a man in the field of basic phones.

Top 10 Basic Phones To Buy In India Under Rs 2,000
Cheers Smart 45 (Image Source: Amazon)


6) Samsung E 1200

This is a real gem in the arena of basic phones and it comes with the anti-dust keypad. It has navigation keys and functions like quick call are among the attractive features of this calling device. If moderately used, the battery of this phone can last upto three days, Samsung E 1200 price on Flipkart.

Samsung E 1200
Samsung E 1200 (Image Source: Samsung))

7) Swipe Connect Neo 4 G

Android 4.6 0 (Marshmallow) OS.IPS LCD screen with 4.5 inches, 32 GB of expandable memory are the ground features of this awesome phone. The weight of the phone is extremely light which an attractive feature of the phone is. It does all the basic functions fairly well.

Swipe Konnect Neo 4 G
Swipe Konnect Neo 4 G

8) Micromax X1i 2017

This phone is still considered one of the best phones for those who only want basic features for a calling device. 32 MB of storage, 2.4 inches TFT display, 0.3 mp camera and 1300 mAh Li-oin battery power has made this phone a complete device for basic phone users.

Micromax X1i 2017
Micromax X1i 2017  (Image Source: Flipkart)

9) Videocon Z30 Pace

The design of this phone is really impressive. Looking at the phone, no one could guess that to falls under the 2000 price range. Not only the looks but the features of the phone are also quite impressive. 256 mb RAM, 512 MB storage, 2 mp of front camera, 1 Gz single core processor are the basic supporters of this device.

Videocon Z30 Pace
Videocon Z30 Pace

10) Celkon A406

1450 mAH Li-ion battery is the standout feature of this phone. The phone is handy and carries all the basic needs of a phone user with finesse. Other specifications include 256 md RAM 2 mp of rear and 0.3 mp of front camera, 1 GHz single core processor and 4 inches of TFT display.

Celkon A406
Celkon A406 (Image Source: Maxbhi )



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  1. I am bit confused between samsung metro and nokia 105 which one i should buy

  2. Hi karun thanks for your query according to us nokia 105 would be better option as compare to samsung metro

  3. Nokia 105duel sim is better than all Mobile phones , mentioned by you.

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