Fascinating Technology: World’s Top 5 Electric Convertible Cars

Fascinating Technology: World's Top 5 Electric Convertible Cars

The adaptability of the electric convertible cars has engrossed a lot of people but not every brand falls under this category. With evolution in the era, the designs are changing at a faster pace that is finishing away the touch of open-roof in the cars but this design can also take a comeback in the form of electric convertible cars.
People who are fond of cars mostly look for its amazing features and design while buying a car. It’s obvious that convertible cars are not an economical option so we suggest you never expect that this fact will change because they have made their debut in the rising market of electric vehicles. If you are interested in buying an electric convertible car, we have enlisted the World’s Top 5 Electric Convertible Cars that will help you to select the best option.

Fascinating Technology: World's Top 5 Electric Convertible Cars

Mercedes Maybach 6 Cabriolet

  • The team of Maybach has made an amazing vehicle that everyone wishes to drive. The power, speed, and design of Mercedes Electric Maybach 6 Cabriolet attract buyers the most. Although a few buyers also find it attractive and amazing because of its eco-friendly nature.
  • Mercedes Electric Maybach 6 Cabriolet is the best choice for people who love style and elegance. The luxurious features of the car make it more unique in style for electric vehicle owners and highlight them from the crowd.
  • Mercedes Electric Maybach 6 Cabriolet is a magnificent and exceptional luxurious car. If you want to be rich or you are rich, this is the best car that you can have. The All-electric Mercedes Electric Maybach 6 Cabriolet range is around 350 km.
  • The capacity of the Mercedes Electric Maybach 6 Cabriolet is 750 horsepower. Although this car is the most expensive car among the enlisted ones & it’s a must buy.

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Tesla Roadster

  • It’s a battery-oriented electric sports car. This car is too good, the design of this car is extremely extraordinary. The cost of the Tesla Roadster is approximately $200,000 and its limited-edition founder series cost $50,000 extra. It has an eco-friendly Lithium-Ion battery, regenerative braking, a computer system of high power for monitoring performance, and an electric motor.
  • The CEO of Tesla company ‘Elon Musk has given word that his upcoming electric-Tesla Roadster will be the world’s fastest car ever. Furthermore, he’s planning to beat every car at their own game. The report says that with a time of 4.2 seconds, the car can reach up to 100 mph and in 8.8 seconds, it reaches a quarter mile, the best speed it can reach is 250 mph.

Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e

  • It’s a two-door Cabriolet designed in such a way that it automatically attracts people who love artistry and high-tech designs. The outer details sleek, aerodynamic lines created from traditional equipment, gives it a distinctively traditional and modern look. The powerful battery and lightweight body of the car makes traveling more convenient and comfortable.
  • All you need is Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e to move on with your own Bentley Adventure. Either push it or let the power of the battery take you. You can relish the adventure of open-air driving or top off to enjoy your long drives in any weather condition with Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e limited edition.
  • This luxurious car is as fast as the speed of lightning. There is no other car made that can match the creative abilities and constant performance of the Bentley EXP 12 Speed 6e.

MG Cyberster

  • It’s a two-seater sports car that is quiet, comfortable, and has great power handling just like a normal petrol car. MG Cyberster is not a revamped gasoline car. It’s designed specifically for electricity operation.
  • The complete body structure of the car is created in such a manner that it accomplishes aerodynamic performance at high speed as well. The exterior looks of the car are similar to an electric racing car. The future look of this car is charming.
  • The concept of the electric roadster is completely electric, has no-emission design which provides great agility and exhilarating accomplishment with a range of 500 miles (800 km) and a maximum speed of 100 mph in 3 seconds.

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Fiat New Electric 500

  • It’s a good addition to Fiat’s car line and is performing well in the Convertible EV industry. This car is the perfect mixture of driving enthusiasm and Italian style. It’s small in size and completely electric. The lightweight body of the car is good for commuting to a city with long trip backups.
  • The interior space of the car is good, all four passengers have fast options for charging and ample boot space. The range of the Fiat New Electric 500 convertible is 298 km on a single charge and by the application of an electric motor, it exceeds up to 430 km only in an urban environment. For this all credit goes to regenerative braking. The maximum speed of the car is 84 mph with 0-62 mph within 9.5 seconds.


The electric car is a trending and the best option to buy if you are concerned about the environment but still look out for style and elegance. Selecting any of the world’s Top 5 Electric Convertible Cars will be the best decision for you. The extraordinary features of these cars are what everyone looks for.

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