Apple Support App Updated 4.0 Dark Mode With New UI

Apple Support App Update

Apple has released a major update (4.0)  for its Apple Support App in iPad and iPhone, with this new update you will be getting new Dark Mode support and Interface.

Apple Support App Updated 4.0 Dark Mode With New UI

According to Apple this new update for the Apple Support app will help its user to find step-by-step troubleshooting guides for their devices, The new Product interface

will also become very simple for the user to find the information about devices and services.

Apple Support App Update 4.0
Apple Support App Update 4.0

Keypoint In 4.0 Version From Apple

  • Customised under interface with Dark Mode Support
  • Step-By-Step troubleshooting guides
  • New and Updated chat and call experience
  • Now it is easier to find support for all Apple services and subscriptions.

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