Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore – TOP 6

Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore - TOP 6

A broadband connection is another name for vigorous internet speed which helps the students and working professionals to complete their work on time. It’s an essential component that is required in day-to-day lives for matching up with the standards rising across the digital platforms. Someone who’s been working from home since the outburst of the global pandemic knows the importance of purchasing a broadband connection because their whole work functions on a robust broadband connection whether it’s a video conferencing call with the teammates or uploading a high-speed video over the various social media platforms. This article is about the TOP6 Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore.

Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore - TOP 6

The surge of incorporating broadband connection is also progressing at a high rate in Bangalore and other metropolitan cities. Bangalore is the core center for the majority of the working professionals so keeping this aspect in mind we have performed thorough research and have listed down our reviews for the 6 most successful Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore.

TOP 6 Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore

Taking our discussion further let’s now talk about6 Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore which are standing up to the mark!

1. Airtel

Known as one of the most popular broadband connection companies, ‘Airtel’ has always been everyone’s favourite for several years due to its cooperative customer service and high-speed internet connection. Several plans ranging from Entertainment, Premium, Unlimited, Ultra, VIP are available under 1 month, 3months and 6 months category respectively. The speed of the broadband connection works at a rapid pace and one doesn’t need to turn up to the customer care for making any changes in future. The spectrum of the internet speed depends on the price range and it’s evident that the higher the price range, hence faster the internet connection. Moreover, it starts from 40mbps and goes upto 1Gbps depending on the price range.

Customer Care Number: 080-41115338

Customer Care Email: [email protected]

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PlanPrice SpeedValidity 
Airtel Entertainment Broadband Plan Rs 999Up to 40mbps30 Days
Airtel Premium Broadband Plan Rs 799Up to 100mbps30 Days
Airtel Unlimited Broadband PlanRs 499Up to 200mbps30 Days
Airtel Ultra-Broadband Plan Rs 1499300 Mbps30 Days
Airtel VIP Broadband PlanRs 39991Gbps30 Days
Airtel Premium Broadband Plan  Rs. 2,397100 Mbps60 Days
Airtel Entertainment Broadband Plan Rs. 2,997200 Mbps60 Days
Airtel Ultra-Broadband Plan Rs. 4,497300 Mbps60 Days
Airtel VIP Broadband Plan Rs. 11,9971Gbps60 Days
Airtel Premium Broadband Plan Rs. 4,434100 Mbps90 Days 
Airtel Ultra-Broadband Plan  Rs. 8,319200 Mbps90 Days 
Airtel Entertainment Broadband Plan Rs. 5,544300 Mbps90 Days 
Airtel VIP Broadband Plan  Rs. 22,1941Gbps90 Days 

2. Jio 

Jio has earned massive recognition in the field of providing ravishing internet connections to the smartphone customers but on the other hand, it’s still struggling to develop a stronger baseline for the customers who are availing the Jio broadband connection. Though multiple plans are starting from Rs 399 to Rs 8499 the speed of the connection is still low as compared to the other broadband connections. However, out of all the plan priced at Rs 3,999 works best for the customers and tends to also provide numerous subscriptions to them which comes with an additional subscription of either Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

Customer Care Number : 1800-890-9999 ( From 9am to 9pm )

Email :

Chatbox :

Price PlanTruly Unlimited DataUnlimited Voice/ Validity OTT APPS SUBSCRIPTION INCLUDED
Rs 39930 MbpsYes / 30 Days No
Rs 699100 MbpsYes / 30 Days No
Rs 999150 MbpsYes / 30 Days 14 Apps worth Rs 1,000 monthly subscription
Rs 1499300 MbpsYes / 30 Days 15 Apps worth Rs 1,500 monthly subscription
Rs 2499500 MbpsYes / 30 Days 15 Apps worth Rs 1,650 monthly subscription
Rs 39991 GbpsYes / 30 Days 15 Apps worth Rs 1,650 monthly subscription
Rs 84996600 Mbps to 1 GbpsYes / 30 Days 15 Apps worth Rs 1,800 monthly subscription



Another name that stands out as a trending broadband connection in Bangalore is BSNL because of its genuine service and round-the-clock sincerity towards the customers. Additional benefits of choosing BSNL for the broadband connection is the access to unlimited data that works at Gigabit speed and also provides unlimited talk time to the users. 

Customer Care Number: 1800-345-1504

Email: [email protected]

PlanBandwidth PriceStatic IP Rent ( If Required )
Fibro Combo ULD 1099 CS309200 Mbps till 3.3 TB, then 15MbpsRs 1099Rs 2000
Fibro Combo ULD 1499 CS310200 Mbps till 3.3TB, beyond 15MbpsRs 1499Rs 1800
Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS311200 Mbps till 4TB, there after 20 MbpsRs 1999Rs 1800
BBG Speed Combo ULD 1091 CS70200Mbps upto 3.3TB, then 15MbpsRs 1091Rs 2000

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4. ACT

Recent surveys state that in comparison to other broadband connection companies ACT would be the last option to be chosen by the customers. Though it’s one of the oldest broadband connections flourishing in Bangalore, the behavior of customer care executives is what drives the customers out of the agenda of choosing this company for the broadband connection. It’s also seen that several times the connection starts disrupting within weekends which creates a hassle amongst the customers so we would suggest that one should not opt for this company but still can have a look at the plans for comparing with other sources. 

Customer Care Number : 

  • +91 – 9121212121 ( Call )
  • +91 – 7288999999 ( Call )
  • +91 – 99459 99459 ( Whatsapp )

Email: [email protected]

ACT Swift710 Rs.50 Mbps500 GB
ACT Rapid plus985 Rs.75 Mbps750 GB
ACT Blaze1085 Rs.150 Mbps1000 GB
ACT Storm1185 Rs.300 Mbps3300 GB
ACT Lighting1425 Rs.350 Mbps3300 GB
ACT Incredible1999 Rs.400 Mbps3300 GB
ACT Essential2999 Rs.400 Mbps3500 GB
ACT Advance3999 Rs.400 Mbps4000 GB
ACT Progress4999 Rs.400 Mbps4500 GB
ACT GIGA5999 Rs.1000 Mbps5500 GB

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5. YOU

With its headquarters in Bengaluru ‘YOU Broadband Connection’ is also progressing its scale up to a high range of audience. There are different broadband connection plans which are affordable and customers can choose to implement any one as per their choice. The speed of the internet connection is superb and it works constantly without any network conjunction. The best part of using this broadband connection is the epitome support received from the customer care executives throughput the procedure from registration to installation of the broadband connection at home/workplace for the customers because CCE listens to all the queries and solve them instantly. 

Customer Care Number: 91212 91212 / 1800121222

Email: [email protected]

Plan PriceSpeedValidity
YOU UNLIMITED 50*Rs 778850 Mbps/ Unlimited390 days
YOU UNLIMITED 100*Rs 9912100 Mbps/ Unlimited390 days
YOU UNLIMITED 200*Rs 6372200 Mbps/ Unlimited190 days
YOU UNLIMITED 200*Rs 12744200 Mbps/ Unlimited390 days


6. Excitel 

Though the broadband connection and plans are extremely good when it comes to customer care executives then Excitel drops down to the list because once the sales are succeeded customer care executives don’t pick up the calls of the customer for resolving other issues in the future which exhibits irresponsible behavior of the Excitel employees.

Customer Care Number : 1800-200-2273 ( Toll Free ) ; 1800-200-2273

Email: [email protected]


DUAL BAND ( For Streamers : 100 Mbps )


DUAL BAND ( For Downloaders : 200 Mbps )

1 Rs 699Rs 799
3Rs 535Rs 638
4Rs 508Rs 572
6Rs 490Rs 545
9Rs 424Rs 471
12Rs 399Rs 449


Final Words 

We have done extensive research for curating all these Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore in one place so that our audience doesn’t need to wonder at different places for picking out the best option from all. Moreover, we understand that with the extension in the work from home scenario companies would increase the workload of their employees which requires implementation of strong broadband connections at homes which would help the working professionals to complete their work at a good pace without any disturbance. 

Though if there are any other Broadband Connection Companies In Bangalore which we have missed out then do let us know in the comment section about the same!

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