ACT Broadband Review (Honest and Detailed)

ACT Broadband Review (Honest and Detailed)

ACT Broadband provides its services to corporate offices and businesses. They provide high-speed internet with speeds up to 1 Gbps. It is one of the largest Class A ISP( Internet Service Provider). In this article, you will get an honest and detailed ACT Broadband Review. ACT operates across more than 19 cities in India. It also provides its services to more than 1.5 million customers. ACT has been in this business for more than a decade and provides internet services to about 15000+ customers in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc.

ACT Broadband Review (Honest and Detailed)

We will take a look at the pros and cons reported by customers. We hope the positive and negative pointers of ACT Broadband Review will help you choose a broadband service wisely.

ACT Broadband Review: Positive Factors

ONT junction box

During initial installation, a junction box called ONT will be installed. This helps when there is no power. In case of a power cut, you can still get internet connectivity by connecting the device directly to the ethernet. This technique works for more than 20 minutes.

ACT Broadband Review: Negative Factors

Worst Customer Service

Though the company boasts excellent customer service, many users have often faced difficulty in reaching customer support. The waiting time for customer support to connect is quite long. Hence, if you need to reach out to the customer care center, beware it may take some time to connect. Along with a long waiting time, many customers have also faced rude behavior on behalf of ACT Broadband services.

Almost all the ACT users have complained about the poor customer service. The customer service when contacted, replies back with auto-generated responses and does not work on the issue faced by the user. When a complaint is registered, false assurances are offered. The customer service will often say that the issue will be taken care of within the next few days, but in reality, there will be no response from the company.

Even after repetitive phone calls and emails to the customer care center, the issue is rarely resolved. In the unprecedented times of a pandemic raging through the world, all office goers have now shifted to the Work-From-Home mode, it is very important for the customer care services to be punctual and responsive. No one can afford to face internet issues.

Slow Response Time

Some users have also faced issues when getting new connections from ACT. Before the installation, many new users have paid money for the installation along with an advance payment of 6 months. The installation has then been delayed without any prior notice. Even if you reach out to customer care or write emails to the nodal offices, you may just receive automated responses instead of genuine answers from the company.

Be absolutely sure when you pay for the installation. Pay only after installation so that you are confirmed about getting the connection.

Frequent Internet Connectivity Issues

Many new users have complained that initially after getting the connection, the internet speed is almost 90 Mbps, but then suddenly it reduces to 40-45 Mbps. Not just a reduction in speed, users have also faced the complete loss of the internet connection. The internet connectivity loss has been reported to be almost for a total duration of one week a month. Apart from this, some users also face loss of connectivity every day at midnight for a few minutes.
As the majority of the work is now in the Work-From-Home mode, no one can afford lagging internet service.

Expensive Plans and Packages

The plans offered by the ACT Broadband are expensive as compared to the other service providers in the market. Many users have shifted to other service providers like JIO, Hathaway, Airtel, etc.

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Conclusion for ACT Broadband Review

Though the company provides high-speed internet, there are many disadvantages associated with its services. Customers have been frequently harassed by the salespeople regarding the new connections. New customers have sometimes been duped. The money for installation and advance payment for months have been taken at a time but the connection was not provided. Apart from the installation issues, customers face slow response or no response at all from the customer service center. There are frequent disconnection issues reported by users.

In these unprecedented times and the changing landscape of the workforce from offices to work-from-home, a good and reliable internet service provider is required. A company that provides instant and reliable service to their users. In the case of ACT, many customers have shifted to other service providers due to unreliable customer service.

The decision to choose a service provider is up to you. But, when choosing a service provider keep in mind that internet speed and good and responsive customer service are the two most important factors.

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