ChatGPT-4: Login, Benefits, Features & Limitations Of AI ChatBot


On March 14, OpenAI released its most recent GPT-4 model,  AI’s fourth iteration. It upgrades the Chat GPT-3.5-based technology that ChatGPT currently operates on. Generative Pre-trained Transformer GPT is a deep learning tool that employs artificial neural networks to write naturally.

ChatGPT-4: Login, Benefits, Features & Limitations Of AI ChatBot

ChatGPT-4 is multimodal, which means it can read inputs in both text and visual formats. In addition, it excels in tests of reasoning and supports around 26 different languages. Unfortunately, only ChatGPT Plus subscribers can access ChatGPT-4, making it unavailable to free users. Applications for ChatGPT-4 include chatbots, virtual assistants, automated customer care, language translation, and content production. It’s an efficient instrument for many different industries because of its capacity to comprehend and respond to natural language. Through this article, we bring to you a completely comprehensive guide about ChatGPT-4 – features, benefits, accessibility, and much more.

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How Is The ChatGPT-4 Different From Previous Iterations?

  • Comprehend Visual Data: The chatbot can be asked to describe photos for users, but it can also contextualize and comprehend them. The chatbot can only respond to the text at this time and cannot generate visuals on its own.
  • More Reliable: The update, according to OpenAI, will respond to user queries more accurately. According to a blog article by OpenAI, ChatGPT-4 generates 40% more correct responses than GPT-3.5. The thinking abilities of GPT-4 is more streamlined than its predecessors.
  • Longer User Interactions: The chatbot has a large working memory and can handle longer interactions. As opposed to the previous 3,000 words, OpenAI claimed the most recent version could handle up to 25,000 words.
  • Highly Innovative: The chatbot can create and revise creative writing jobs with the help of users, including composing screenplays. The business further stated that the improved chatbot might learn a user’s writing style. More complex instructions can be handled by GPT-4 chatbot than by ChatGPT-3.5, according to OpenAI.

How Do You Access ChatGPT-4?

With GPT-4 outperforming GPT-3.5 in several tests, OpenAI has shown its potential. The efficacious GPT-4 language model can only be accessed by individuals who have purchased a subscription to ChatGPT Plus. Steps for accessing GPT-4 chatbot with ChatGPT Plus are mentioned below:

  • Step-1: Visit OpenAI’s official site and log in to the ChatGPT website. The website will send you immediately to ChatGPT-4 if you already have access to ChatGPT Plus
  • Step-2: On the left menu, select the ‘Upgrade to Plus’ option
  • Step-3: Choose ‘Upgrade Plan’ and pay the monthly subscription amount to join ChatGPT Plus
  • Step-4: After making a purchase, you’ll get complete access to the most recent chatbot version
  • Step-5: You will have the choice to utilize one of the earlier models or GPT-4 when you open a new chat

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Prominent Features Of ChatGPT-4

  • Comparatively More Accuracy: Numerous enhancements to ChatGPT-4’s architecture and training methodology serve to increase the precision of its replies. For instance, it employs a unique attention mechanism that enables it to develop its focus on relevant input information.
  • Adaptive Prompting and Helps Creating Chatbots: For ChatGPT-4 to be incorporated into a chatbot system, programming skills and technical experience are required. However, integration may be used to build extremely sophisticated chatbots that can react to a variety of stimuli in a way that is both natural and interesting.
  • Capacity For Several Languages: ChatGPT-4’s multilingual capabilities are an important feature. It can comprehend and provide replies in various languages since it was trained on a big corpus of text data from several languages. It has become a very flexible tool for communication and NLP in a worldwide setting as a result.
  • Featuring Visual Inputs: ChatGPT-4’s capability to learn from and provide replies based on visual inputs is a crucial feature. Multimodal learning is used to do this, and the model is trained on both textual and visual input.
  • Concentrates On Optimization: ChatGPT-4’s performance and optimization have been enhanced by tweaking it on many benchmark datasets and jobs. Its optimization also extends to the training phase, when substantial computational power and resources are invested in successfully and efficiently training the model.

Benefits Of ChatGPT-4

  • Higher Productivity: When you interact with a GPT model, you automate a process or delegate intensive tasks to AI. These jobs include writing emails, creating captions for social media posts, and creating comment replies.
  • Efficient Resource Utilisation: The goal of any business owner is to maximize return on investment. You can set up a situation with a GPT-4 chatbot where most of your resources are used for high-ROI jobs. The remaining tasks can be automated using GPT-4, and final evaluations can be conducted by a few supervisors. This helps you to use time and money effectively.
  • Enhancing User Experience: We often browse through three to four pages of results when looking for solutions online. With ChatGPT-4, we receive a clear response. Plus there aren’t a ton of advertisements all over the page. This is meant for regular users. Whether it’s for a business, the chatbot’s response times and content engagement rates will aid to enhance the customer experience, leading to higher performance.

Real-Time Used Cases Of ChatGPT-4

  • Computer Game Coding: One of ChatGPT-4’s best features is the ability to code video games. Making pong was previously possible with ChatGPT-3.5, but it required some extra efforts. But with GPT-4, Pong can be developed in seconds.
  • Graphical Representation: The fact that ChatGPT-3.5 could only read text inputs was one of its shortcomings and restricted how you could utilize the system. But with ChatGPT-4, you may interact based on both text prompts and uploaded images. The software will also be able to generate data in image format.
  • Improvised Response: The company claims that GPT-4 chatbot may produce written responses that are longer, more in-depth, and more reliable than the earlier version. It can provide comprehensive instructions for even the most peculiar circumstances, like how to clean a piranha’s fish tank. In addition, based on a question on a dating profile, one early user reported that it provided extensive pick-up line recommendations.
  • Working Through Several Fields: Although GPT-3.5 was insufficient, GPT-4 chatbot is superior at handling various tasks. The current GPT model is capable of advancements in fields of connected automobiles, remote diagnostics in healthcare, and other AI applications that were previously not practicable.

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Limitations Of ChatGPT-4

  • Lacks Common Sense: Although ChatGPT 4 has vast details, it still lacks the capability to understand common sense reasoning, ultimately leading to silly responses in return to the users.
  • Limited Information: ChatGPT 4, like any other AI model, relies on the data used to train it. If the data used to train ChatGPT 4 is biased or incomplete, it can lead to irrelevant replies.
  • Unable To Handle Complex Tasks: While ChatGPT 4 is a state-of-the-art technology, it still struggles with complex tasks requiring great experience in advanced mathematics, scientific research, etc.
  • Doesn’t Exhibits Emotional Intelligence: ChatGPT 4 does not have the ability to understand or express emotions in the same way humans do. As a result, it may struggle to provide appropriate responses in emotionally charged situations.


The global community is interested in the AI revolution led by GPT models like GPT-4. The language models will develop and show more human-like traits as iterations progress. With ChatGPT-4, we observe an improvement in the model’s effectiveness, performance, and context understanding, allowing for longer conversations. The GPT-4 is advantageous for users and businesses, as it conserves time and money. Through this article, an overview of the GPT-4 chatbot is given comprehending its features, applications, accessibility, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What is the training process for ChatGPT-4?

Ans: A lot of computing power, data, and time is involved in the iterative, resource-intensive training procedure for GPT-4. The process includes data gathering, preprocessing, model training, fine-tuning, and computing.

Q) What is the processing capacity of GPT-4?

Ans: ChatGPT-4, a new technology from OpenAI. It is said to be 100 times more powerful than GPT-3. The maximum estimated processing capacity of GPT-4, is 32,768 tokens, or roughly 64,000 lines.

Q) How much does ChatGPT Plus cost?

Ans: The AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT Plus from OpenAI is a new premium version that provides quicker responses and more dependability. The ChatGPT Plus subscription costs $20,  equivalent to 1,650 INR.

Q) Does ChatGPT-4 have its memory?

Ans: ChatGPT can remember initial talks and utilize that knowledge to depict informative future answers; thus, it does have some memory. This is made feasible using neural networks and machine learning technology, which allows ChatGPT to develop and learn over time.

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