Check Balance And Recharge Lucknow Metro Card: Effortless Ways

Check Balance And Recharge Lucknow Metro Card: Effortless Ways

Lucknow has been known for its Nawab culture, mouth-watering kebabs, and intricate chikankari clothing for ages. People from different parts of India visit Lucknow to witness the magnificent architecture located in the society and enjoy the calm, peaceful, and poised culture. Now, transportation plays a pivotal role in going to multiple places in Lucknow, and with the launch of the underground metro in 2021 travelling has become more convenient for local people and tourists.

Check Balance And Recharge Lucknow Metro Card: Effortless Ways

LMRC ( Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation ) has launched a Go Smart Card and Super Saver Card for hassle-free travel. You can purchase what fits your requirements from the ticket counter located at the metro station and use it effortlessly. Don’t forget to check balance and recharge Lucknow Metro Card from time to time if you’re a metro card regular user in Lucknow or visit there often. For your knowledge, we have outlined all platforms that you can go through to check balance and recharge Lucknow Metro Card.

Check Balance Lucknow Metro Card In 2024

If you’re travelling through Lucknow Metro but are quite unsure about your balance then opt for these platforms and check your balance before embarking on your next metro trip. It’s better to do so because it saves you from unwanted travel challenges like standing in the queue if you find out at AFC gates that you’re low on balance. Henceforth, to be on the safer side it’s a win-win method.

Through LMRC Website

Checking Lucknow metro card balance online is better because you can get details in advance and recharge it if there’s insufficient balance. Here’s how you can check the Lucknow Metro Card balance through the official LMRC website.

  • Step 1: On a desktop or mobile browser, you need to visit Lucknow Metro Rail website
  • Step 2: Find “Check Balance” or ” Card Balance” available under the “Services” or “Recharge” option
  • Step 3: Fill in your Engraved ID (Metro Card Number) which is printed on the backside of the Metro card
  • Step 4: Tap the “Check Balance” button. Your current metro card balance will be featured on the screen

Connect With Customer Support

This method is less favourable as sometimes you need to wait in long queues at the Lucknow Metro Station to check your metrocard balance. As soon as your turn comes up, request the customer care representative to check the current balance and get it recharged from them if there’s an inadequate balance to travel towards your next destination.

Use AFC (Automatic Fare Collection Gates)

Tap your card on the AFC gate to see your metro card balance. You need to cross these barriers every time you want to travel via the metro.

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At AVM, ATVM & Ticket Counter

You’re likely to encounter long queues at the Lucknow Metro Station if you check your balance through the Add Value Machine, Automated Token Vending Machine, or Ticket Counter. Enter your card inside the AVM or ATVM machine when your turn comes up and follow the on-screen manual to check your existing metro card balance. If you visit the ticket counter then request the customer care representative to check your balance. If there’s insufficient amount they’ll certainly ask you to recharge it.

Recharge Lucknow Metro Card For Smooth Travel

Currently, LMRC offers only 3 different methods to recharge the Lucknow metro card out of which the first two are online and the latter one is offline. If you ask us then it’s better to recharge online as it saves time and effort and you need not wait in long queues at the counter. Have a look at all the methods listed below for your reference in a detailed manner.

Use LMRC Website

Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has an online website where users can access multiple facilities and get the latest details about Lucknow, Kanpur, and Agra Metro which altogether comes under Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation. Follow these steps to recharge your Lucknow Metro Card balance through the official website:

  • Step 1: You need to open the official LMRC website on your desktop or mobile browser
  • Step 2: Search for Metro Go Smart Card (Instant Recharge) option displayed in bold purple colour and click on it
  • Step 3: A new page to quick Top-Up Lucknow Metro Card will open on the screen. Find your unique metro ID printed on the backside of the metro card and enter it along with the recharge amount and captcha code
LMRC Official Website
LMRC Official Website
  • Step 4: Press the Submit button and confirm the payment by entering OTP for final confirmation
  • Step 5: On your next metro station visit, validate your Lucknow metro card through the add-value machine

From Lucknow Metro App

You can check fare prices, scroll the Lucknow Metro Network, fetch station information, and recharge your metro card through the Lucknow Metro App. It’s easy to use and is compatible with all Android and iPhone models. Download the Lucknow metro card app, complete the registration (new user), or log in (old user) to recharge your Lucknow metro card online.


LMRC Mobile App
LMRC Mobile App

Through Ticket Counter

Visit the ticket counter located at the Lucknow metro station and request the customer service executive to recharge your metro card. You need to provide them with the recharge amount for validation and make the payment. Once payment is successful your card will be handed over to you and now you can travel anywhere in Lucknow, Agra, Kanpur via metro.

Lucknow Metro Special Features

The Indian Government has designed Lucknow Metro Station with a core vision that focuses on making travel comfortable for everyone whether it’s normal individuals, kids, small babies, or especially disabled people. Not only this, but you also get assistance from platform executives if stuck at some station and need guidance about the route. Below we have outlined useful features implemented at the Lucknow Metro Station.

  • Low-height ticket counters, water coolers, comfortable low births, braille stations for handicapped people
  • Disabled people are also on-boarded and de-boarded by the metro authorities
  • Parking spaces are allocated for 2-Wheeler and 3-Wheelers and specific charges are deducted for the same
  • Passenger seats with baby prams are built for people travelling with a baby
  • Modern equipped lifts and escalators are found at every metro station to avoid crowds in the station
  • All station names are displayed in English, Hindi, and Urdu for general information

Important Details Regarding Super Saver Card & Go Smart Card

  • The minimum travel fare is Rs 10 and the maximum travel fare is Rs 60 on the Red and Blue Line of the Lucknow Metro
  • Go Smart Card can be purchased for RS 200, where Rs 100/- is the security deposit and Rs 100/- is the minimum recharge amount
  • Super Saver Card is available at ticket counters for Rs 1500 where Rs 100/- is the security amount and Rs 1400 is the card value
  • You can travel unlimited times for the next 30 days using the Super Saver Card
  • You can get free entry to Anandi Magic World, Anandi Water Park and 15-30% discount on Royal Cafe Group by using the Super Saver Card

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Lucknow Metro has 21 active stations which run across the city. The metro starts operating at 6:00 AM & runs till 10:00 PM for passengers. If you’re travelling during peak office hours or early morning then make sure to check Lucknow metro card balance and recharge it beforehand if there’s no adequate balance to reach your destination. Lastly, carefully hold your belongings as it’s your responsibility to protect your things while traveling through public transport. However, if you face any inconvenience contact LMRC on 0522-2304014, visit their local office, or drop an email.

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