Apple Pencil Not Charging: Troubleshooting Guide – Reasons & Solutions

Apple Pencil Not Charging: Troubleshooting Guide - Reasons & Solutions

Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd generation) is a great tool for iPad users. One can take notes, draw digital illustrations, edit images and videos with the help of Apple Pencil. Sometimes, you might get a free Apple Pencil with iPad during festive seasons, Black Friday Sale, etc but mostly you need to purchase it from the Apple Store, Apple website, or any other trustworthy mobile store. You can either pay the full amount or buy in on Emi. Now, when you purchase an Apple Pencil for completing day-to-day tasks on an iPad you need to cautiously take care of both the equipment. You need to regularly charge your Apple Pencil so that it operates well. If not done so, you’ll be unable to use it.

Apple Pencil Not Charging: Troubleshooting Guide - Reasons & Solutions

Primarily, an Apple Pencil doesn’t get charged or connected to an iPad if it’s accumulated with stubborn debris or residue or if it’s not used along with a compatible iPad model. Other reasons include using huge bulky cases that heat the iPad and Apple Pencil, outdated iOS software, loosened lightning port, damaged connectors, or broken Apple Pencil. If you’re undergoing Apple Pencil not charging due to above mentioned reasons then enforce the practical solution according to your problem and start using Apple Pencil again.

10 Solutions To Overcome Apple Pencil Not Charging Obstacle

To resolve this unfortunate technical problematic issue you’re advised to be calm and patient. It’s because you may need to carry out more than one solution for fixing the issue. So, before moving ahead detect the cause and then try the relevant fixes. Make sure to handle your iPad and Apple Pencil with proper supervision throughout the process. If required, tighten the Apple Pencil tip by moving it in the clockwise direction or change it with the spare tip offered in the box during the initial purchase. Try these helpful solutions if the issue is occurring often.

Check iPad Compatibility

Always check your iPad model before purchasing it and confirm with the store executive if it’s compatible with the Apple Pencil you wish to purchase along with it. If unknowingly, you purchase an iPad which doesn’t get along with any Apple Pencil models then it’s a waste of money. The purchased Apple Pencil won’t charge or work with an incompatible iPad model. Check for iPad models compatible with Apple Pencil if you’re going to purchase an Apple Pencil for drawing, taking notes, sketching, etc.

Check Battery Percentage & Charge Your Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil faces battery drainage if not charged for weeks or months. The charging process will be slow initially if you charge it after a long period. You need to wait for 30 mins or more if the battery is fully depleted. Likely, your Apple Pencil will charge within an hour or so and you won’t need to stress about it anymore. However, avoid such circumstances and always charge your Apple Pencil 100% whether using it or not.

Disable and Enable Bluetooth Again

Bluetooth is the connecting medium to pair an Apple Pencil with an iPad. Now, sometimes there could be Bluetooth connectivity issues due to which Apple Pencil would refuse to get charged or function well. In such conditions, turn off your Bluetooth and activate it again. Here’s how you can facilitate this procedure:

  • Step 1: Swipe down to open up the Control Centre
  • Step 2: Click the Bluetooth symbol and toggle it to the left. Wait for 1-2 minutes
  • Step 3: Again, press the Bluetooth icon and turn it on
  • Step 4: Pair your Apple Pencil with iPad and charge later if required for usage

There’s also an alternative way to turn off Bluetooth through iPhone Settings. You can opt for that as well to prevent this issue.

Update iPad Latest Software

Apple frequently launches fresh iOS updates for smooth performance and additional benefits. You might start facing challenges if you’re not using the newly launched iOS version. Possibilities are that your iPad screen won’t respond, AirPods won’t connect or your Apple Pencil won’t charge. So, keep updating your iOS device whether it’s an iPad, or iPhone whenever a new software update comes up. To do so: Go to Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install > and install the recent version to resolve bugs and different glitches.

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Pair Apple Pencil Once More

Disconnect your Apple Pencil from the iPad and follow these instructions to resolve charging and connectivity issues. To do so: Settings > Bluetooth > Press the ‘i’ symbol > Forget This Device and restart your iPad to pair both devices again. Apple Pencil (1st Generation) can be paired with an iPad after removing the cap and plugging it into the iPad lightning port. If you have the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil then use the right-side magnetic strip of the iPad to align the flat edge of the Apple Pencil. If you follow these solutions accurately and re-pair your Apple Pencil with an iPad then you can resume your activities quickly and charge your Apple Pencil whenever necessary.

Carefully Clean Apple Pencil and Lightning Port

Continuously maintaining an Apple Product whether it’s an Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac, Apple Pencil or iPad is as important as using it. You need to clean your device with a lint-free & soft microfiber cloth to remove accumulated dirt from it. If there’s extreme dirt on the surface or any other component then use a light-damped cloth and clean sides, connectors, etc to remove unwanted debris. Never use extremely wet clothes as it’ll straightaway damage your device and moisture will invade the internal system. Use these tips to clean your Apple Pencil and once done it’ll automatically start charging again as sometimes excessive dirt violates the charging procedure.

Remove Bulky Cases

It’s not suitable to use heavy cases on iPad as later it’s difficult to insert or remove the Apple Pencil. The iPad silicone case is not strong enough to handle such cases and often heats the device in no time. Specifically, the Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) starts facing numerous issues if inserted adjacent to the iPad which is covered with an iPad cover. Your Apple Pencil won’t function efficiently even if it’s charged 100% if you’re using a bulky case. Sometimes it might not charge or connect to Bluetooth as well so it’s better to avoid using cover accessories. Once you stop using them you’ll see that everything is resolved and the Apple Pencil is also charging properly.

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Factory Reset Your iPad & Restart Again

Take a complete data backup via iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with this solution as it involves data loss. Your iPad configuration might be hindered due to which it’s not coordinating with the Apple Pencil. Henceforth, factory reset your iPad by going to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPad > Erase All Content and Settings. Enter your Apple passcode once your device restarts and restore all the previous data. Now, charge your Apple Pencil up to 100% and check if the issue persists. Chances are that your issue will likely get resolved.

Purchase New Apple Pencil

Your Apple Pencil won’t charge or get connected even after infinite attempts if it’s broken or damaged. To address this issue, visit a nearby Apple Store and explain your problem to them. If your pencil is less than a year old then you can get a replacement by paying $79 (Rs 6,550.81 -1st Generation) & $109 (Rs 9038.46- 2nd Generation). If you’ve purchased the pencil along with Apple Care+ then you only need to pay $29 (Rs 2404.73) for replacement. However, if it’s been more than a year and you don’t have access to these subscriptions then you need to buy a new Apple Pencil because unfortunately, they’re unrepairable. Latest Apple Pencil price details have been added below. Get yourself a new one online (Apple Website) or offline.

Apple Pencil Model 1st Generation 2nd Generation USB-C
Price Rs 9500Rs 7900Rs 11,990

Feel Free To Reach Apple Customer Support

Ultimately, if none of the solutions falls in your favour then contact Apple Customer Service on 000-800-100-9009 and seek help from them. Probably, they’ll guide you with some internal troubleshooting methods to eradicate Apple Pencil Not Charging issue or will suggest you to visit the nearest Apple Store and get your pencil checked by experts to find the root cause of the problem. You can also download the “Apple Support App” and get personalized solutions to charge your Apple Pencil again.

Final Words

As a regular Apple Pencil user it certainly might be frustrating for you if your Apple Pencil doesn’t charge or is stuck below 25%. As it’s a piece of technical equipment, you need to find apt solutions to eliminate this problem. By following the detailed fixes mentioned in this article, we guarantee that you’ll resolve this issue at your home/office without any external help. Though, if it’s a hardware problem seek assistance from Apple Expert through chat or at the store.

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