Cracked iPhone Screen: Apple Care+ iPhone Fix (Screen Damage & Hardware Issues)

Apple Care+ iPhone Fix (Screen Damage & Hardware Issues)

We all know that smartphones fall at times by mistake which ultimately breaks the screen if it’s not covered with tempered glass. But if it’s an iPhone then the pain is much more because of the excessive amount which needs to be paid for repairing it. It’s obvious that if a phone is purchased and is used every day then 1-2 incidents might come where the phone may get dropped unintentionally. The screen of iPhones are made up of glass and are likely to shatter on falling down on the floor. Apple and other companies are trying to find about the type of glasses that are pressure prone and do not get easily shattered or broken until easily. Though that’s another issue but still instant solutions need to be backed up too. So, here we are to brief you about how to fix a cracked iPhone screen.

Cracked iPhone Screen: Apple Care+ iPhone Fix (Screen Damage & Hardware Issues)

If the screen of your iPhone is broken by accident then this repair is not included in the warranty provided during the purchase of your iPhone. Although, if the screen is not working due to some hardware issues (internal issues) then it will be repaired by the Apple center as it’s covered on the  warranty period. So if you have broken your iPhone screen accidentally then you will have to loosen your pocket to get it repaired otherwise it’s a win-win situation if the glass is not working properly due to hardware issues. Apple provides various services to its customers. If the iPhone screen of any customer is broken then various support options are provided by Apple for effective help to the customers. The cost of screen damage & other hardware repairment expenses in iPhone ranges from 2,500-9,000 (INR) at the Apple Stores. You can find the details in the table description below.

CategoryScreen Damage CostHardware Issues Cost 
AppleCare+ Service Fees2,500 (INR)8,900 (INR)

Lack Of Warranty Coverage

  • Find an authorized Apple Service Centre and carry your phone to that centre.
  • Many centres provide same day repair if the damage is less. But in case the phone needs advanced repair then it may take 5 to 7 days.
  • Apple states that all its authorized service providers are well trained and provide the same service as the apple centres.
  • You can trust them with the quality of the parts they use.
  • Also, authentic apple parts are used for the repair so you can be rest assured in repairing your phone here.

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Other Repair Shops

Repairing the screen from authorized apple centers is a bit expensive. At times people also visit local mobile repairing shops for fixing their cracked iPhone screens. You can do this at your own risk as it’s always recommended to contact Apple Customer Support for fixing the cracked screen of iPhones. Though you can get the screen repaired at a low cost but in the long run, it may cost you two or three times. The cost of the screen repair depends upon the severity of the screen damage. The more the damage is, the more is the cost of repairing it. Though the cost will not be covered in the warranty in case of accidental damage. Mostly it’s advised that if you are looking for an updated iPhone and your current broken iPhone is not in the warranty then you can just buy a new iPhone with the latest updates. The cost of screen damage & other hardware repairment expenses in iPhone ranges from 15,000-30,000 (INR) at the other stores which is comparatively very expensive. Keeping such consequences in mind we advise you to handle your iPhone carefully if it’s expired the warranty period so that you need not to indulge into a condition of repairing it.

CategoryScreen Damage CostHardware Issues Cost 
AppleCare+ Service Fees15,000 – 25,000 (INR) 20,000-30,000 (INR)

Taping iPhone Screen

If the iPhone screen is just scratched or not completely shattered then one can use packing tape for the time being if the screen is functioning properly.

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Things To Avoid

  • Delaying Repairs: It is advised to get your screen fixed as soon as possible because delay would lead to negative consequences in future.
  • Using iPhone: Even if your broken screen is functional you must avoid using it as it may be harmful to your skin and health.
  • Plugging in the iPhone: Avoid charging the iPhone when the screen is broken. This may damage other parts.
  • Fixing the iPhone Yourself: It is advised to always go to the service centres for repairing your phone screen rather than trying to fix it on your own or replacing the screen on your own because you might start with an intention of repairing it and might end up damaging it more.

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It may happen, on some unlucky day, your iPhone may fall and its screen gets broken. You should always keep your data backed up for such incidents in future. A broken screen can lead to other damages in your iPhone thus fixing it is more important. Since accidental breakage of the screen is not covered in the warranty so the screen repair will cost more money. Thus, it’s always advised to the customers to visit the ‘Apple Service Centre’ for repairing the iPhone screen

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