iPhone12 Battery Replacement Cost in India {Authorized Centre, Local Shop }

iPhone12 Battery Replacement Cost in India

iPhone 12 is the latest model of the Apple smartphone being launched in 2020 in a virtual event. These are 14th generation iPhones available in different models within numerous countries. This phone came with iOS 14.1 after which succeeding upgrades were brought by the company. The iPhone works on a Lithium battery with 3.83V and 10.78Wh. 4GB Memory is available with other features like front and a rear camera etc. With these striking features, iPhone 12 is a must-buy for iPhone lovers.

iPhone12 Battery Replacement Cost in India {Authorized Centre, Local Shop }

At this point, one fact that cannot be ignored is that there are always some issues with electronic devices and the same goes for iPhone 12 as well. The battery health of the iPhone decreases with time due to long term usage. If this happens you need to get the battery changed for the better performance of your iPhone. You can check the battery health of the iPhone using any battery health finder app. Here in this article, we will share with you all the information that you need to know regarding the iPhone 12 battery replacement cost in India.

Prominent Reasons For iPhone12 Battery Replacement

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Solutions For iPhone 12 Battery With Replacement Cost

Visit Apple Authorized Centre : If your iPhone 12 is under the warranty period then the battery of the iPhone will be replaced without any charges. The condition here is that the battery itself is defective and not worn out due to use. Though if the iPhone is not in the warranty period then you need to lose your pocket to get the battery replaced. The cost of battery replacement is around  Rs 11,000-13,000 rupees depending upon the taxes applicable.

Visit Local Repair Shop : Local repair shops will replace the iPhone battery at a cheaper rate In the range of Rs 7,000-8,000 compared to the centre its less but the parts will not be original and no warranty will be provided. Try to get your work done from trustable local shops if you want .

DIY : You can replace the iPhone battery yourself as well. You just need to buy the iPhone battery from a reliable shop online and using the YouTube tutorials you can replace the old battery with the new one. Or you can just go to any repair shop and get it fixed in rupees Rs: 200-300. Though you cannot ignore the risk of doing the replacement yourself as you may end up applying excess pressure damaging other delicate parts of the iPhone. So choose wisely.

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The battery of the iPhone sometimes needs a replacement. It depends on the user completely. It is advised that if your iPhone battery health has reached below 80% then you must replace it for the better functioning of the phone. To avoid other issues in the iPhone that might arise due to the defective battery, it is always good to get the battery replaced. In this article, we have discussed the cost and the ways for getting your iPhone 12 battery replaced so you can easily imply the same.

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