Applicable Solutions For Resolving iPhone Overheating Issue

Solutions for Resolving iPhone Overheating Issue

Overheating refers to the rise in the temperature of any electric circuit or device. It can be dangerous as it may cause irreversible damage and only a few replacement options might be available. At times overheating has been observed in iPhones. iPhones are known for their performance, efficiency and security but even the best products have some shortcomings. In iPhones overheating is one such issue that is seen in the last few years by its customers. In this article, we will be sharing with you all the reasons behind iPhone overheating and what are the best possible remedies to cool down your iPhone.

Applicable Solutions For Resolving iPhone Overheating Issue

iPhones are designed to work in the temperature range of 0°C to 32°C. Though it’s unlikely that the iPhone overheating will result in an explosion, it’s recommended to cool down your iPhone. Though the thing which matters most is that warming is different from overheating. In overheating cases the iPhone becomes extremely hot and is difficult to touch. It also gives a burning sensation whereas warming is a little rise in temperature which is normal and does not cause much damage. Don’t panic when you encounter overheating, rather try out the remedies we have discussed in this article.

Possible Reasons For iPhone Overheating

  • Control Processing Unit( CPU) : The CPU is the most important chip of the iPhone. When it’s completely active and in use, your iPhone may start overheating. A lot of strain on the CPU makes it completely active which overheats the iPhone.
  • Battery Issue: Many times it seems the battery is responsible for the overheating of the iPhone. Faulty batteries lead to excessive battery drainage.
  • Hardware Issue: There could be some hardware error that might have occurred in your iPhone leading to the heating phenomenon. Like if your iPhone starts getting overheated 3-4 days after you accidentally dropped it in water then subsequently water has damaged the entire hardware system of the iPhone.
  • Keeping the iPhone in the Sunlight: When you keep your iPhone in the sun it starts to overheat. Leaving the iPhone in the car parked in the sunlight or sitting on a beach with the iPhone under the sun is not at all recommended as it can lead to overheating issues.
  • Software updates: Sometimes it is noticed that recent software updates also cause overheating of the iPhone. This may be because of some new bugs which made the CPU work more, leading to overheating issues.

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Signs Of iPhone Overheating

  • Automatically switches to cool-down mode as soon as it starts to overheat. If this happens then understand that the iPhone is getting heated up and it’s recommended not to do any work in the cool-down mode.
  • You can’t make calls, use the camera flash and also the network signals will become very weak. The sluggish performance will be observed & heavy apps won’t open on your iPhone. In the worst scenario of overheating the iPhone will get automatically switched off.

Fixes For iPhone Overheating Issue

  • Stop charging your iPhone.
  • Close all the apps running actively and in the background.
  • Do not continuously use your iPhone. Give it a break in between.
  • Update all the apps once the iPhone comes to normal temperature.
  • Keep your iPhone in a dry & cool place.
  • Close all the location services, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS on the iPhone.
  • Disable the iCloud from the settings.
  • Switch off your iPhone if the warning sign of temperature is still persistent.
  • Change the battery with an authentic iPhone battery if it’s a battery issue.

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Note : If it’s a hardware issue because of which the iPhone is heating then you need to take your iPhone to Apple Service Centre. Remove the case of the iPhone immediately if it’s overheating as this will allow the heat to dissipate.

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Issues do occur in iPhones as well even though they are the most popular handsets among all generations. One such issue is overheating of an iPhone. In this article, we have tried to figure out the reasons why overheating is being caused, the signs and symptoms of overheating, how warming is different from overheating and solutions to the problem of overheating. Switching off the iPhone when it’s overheating is the best thing one can do instead of panicking. You can try out the other fixes too that are discussed in the article. The last resort will be to contact the Apple Service Centre if the issue seems to be very serious.


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