Steps To Complete Your Amazon PAY KYC (Documents Required)

Complete Your Amazon PAY KYC

Amazon is a global product-based company serving a multipurpose role. You can shop locally and internationally on Amazon, watch videos on Amazon Prime, purchase music subscriptions, make payments through Amazon Pay Wallet, purchase gift cards for yourself and loved ones, etc. The versatile services they offer to their users are proof that they understand what consumers look for in today’s generation. Additionally, it’s an earning platform for sellers as well so traffic and revenue are generated from varied sources. If you’re a regular Amazon user you are constantly updated about discounted offers running on Amazon Pay Wallet, Credit/Debit card, etc, and sales during the festive season. There’s a specific discount you get when you make a payment through the wallet.

Steps To Complete Your Amazon PAY KYC (Documents Required)

Talking about the Amazon wallet, well it’s important to get your KYC done so that you can make large-scale transactions if required someday. This article is all about how one should proceed with Amazon Pay KYC and what facilities you get to access later. Read carefully and complete your Amazon Pay KYC as it’s mandatory according to RBI guidelines.

Amazon KYC Verification Complete Process & Verification

You need to complete your Amazon Pay KYC in the next 2 years after opening your Amazon Wallet. If not then, your wallet will be put on hold and you won’t be able to add any additional money later. However, if there’s any existing amount you can use that to make payments. Amazon Pay KYC can be done in two different ways, i.e., at your doorstep or through video call. Here’s how the entire process is carried out. Follow the same and get your Amazon Pay Full KYC easily done.

  • Step 1: Open the Amazon App. If you’re unable to use the app then you may be using the old version kindly update it from the Play Store or App Store
  • Step 2: Tap on Amazon Pay > KYC
Complete Your Amazon PAY KYC
                   Complete Your Amazon PAY KYC
  • Step 3: Keep your address proof (Aadhar Card) & identity proof (PAN Card) handy to upload the documents
Upload Documents
      Upload Documents
  • Step 4: Schedule an appointment date and time for the doorstep document and identity verification

You’ll receive a notification on your registered mobile number and email from Amazon once your details are successfully verified by them. This will include your appointment details. Kindly be available on the mentioned date and time.

  • Step 5: Choose the address at which the Amazon representative will arrive for KYC and complete the document validation
  • Step 6: Show your original documents to the executive once he arrives at the doorstep. Let them scan a QR code to confirm your physical presence for verification. In the next 3 days, you’ll receive a confirmation message once your verification is approved by Amazon

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Alternative Method For Amazon Pay KYC: Video Call

If you’re constantly travelling to and fro for business purposes or have a hectic schedule then you can get your Amazon Pay Wallet KYC completed over the video call or reschedule it for some other day on any medium.

  • Step 1: Dial 1800-3000-9009 from your registered number and connect with Amazon customer care
  • Step 2: The support executive will ask you to allocate a date and time for video KYC and will send you a notification regarding the same on your number
  • Step 3: On the scheduled day, the KYC representative will call you to verify your identity and address details
  • Step 4: You need to show your documents through the back camera or front camera, signature, photograph, and full face during this procedure. After all the details are verified, you’ll be notified about it by Amazon and can start utilising the upgraded Amazon Pay Wallet services
Note: If the call gets disconnected then you can connect again after 15 minutes. This entire process of Video Call KYC might take 1-3 hours approximately.

Essential Documents For Amazon Pay KYC

Showing two valid documents to the Amazon KYC representative is essential to process the KYC successfully. Keep original documents with you. Torned, burnt, duplicate, or corrupted documents are directly rejected if found during the KYC authentication process. You can either submit any two out of Aadhar card, original pan card, voter ID card, valid driving license, Indian passport along with a clear passport-size photograph to finish KYC verification. Your photograph should be transparent and should be the same as what you submitted on the Amazon App to initiate KYC. If by chance, your photographs are not identical, documents are forged, or not in good condition then your KYC will be rejected by the Amazon authorities. Additionally, your KYC can also be rejected if you fail to upload documents prior to the appointment date.

Eligibility Criteria For Amazon Pay KYC

Having the right documents isn’t just enough for Amazon Pay KYC as you need to fulfill certain requirements for KYC. Here’s a list of criteria you need to remember.

  • You should be an Indian citizen
  • You should be physically present in India for the face-to-face or video call KYC
  • You need to verify your Aadhar card through OTP verification
  • Your mobile number should be linked with your Aadhar card
  • You should have a functional video camera, microphone, and stable internet connection
  • Your complete face should be visible during KYC
  • Your current address and address given for KYC should be similar
  • You need to grant your consent to Amazon for capturing, storing, and sharing your information like audio, video, signature, location, etc to complete full KYC

If you fail to fulfill even one the KYC procedure won’t be carried further by the Amazon KYC representative. So, it’s advisable to tickmark all these boxes before applying for KYC verification online or offline.

Amazon Pay Full KYC Benefits

A KYC-approved Amazon customer gets upgraded to access multiple services. You can spend an unlimited amount from your Amazon Pay Wallet while utilizing amazing facilities. Although, there are still some restrictions, it’s negligible. Read about how Amazon upgrades your wallet after KYC verification is done.

  • Amazon Pay Wallet maximum cash hold limit is upgraded to Rs 50,000 per financial year and Rs 10,000 per month
  • Amazon Pay Wallet limit is extended to Rs 1,00,000 and cannot be exceeded beyond that limit
  • A maximum amount of Rs 5,00,000 per month can be loaded in the wallet if KYC is fully approved

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By now you know the prominent importance of Amazon Pay Full KYC and why it’s essential for normal individuals especially small-scale and large-scale business sellers on Amazon. Also, if you want to upgrade transaction limits beyond the ones offered by Amazon you can connect with Amazon Customer Support 24*7 regarding this issue. You’ll be assisted and guided throughout by the support team.

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