Reliable Solutions To Cool Overheating MacBook Air

Cool Overheating MacBook Air

When your MacBook heats up, you must feel as if you are using a hairdryer or you can grill any food item on it. Different models have different functions to cool down your MacBook but at times it might fail or maybe your MacBook Air does not have any fan and it results in an unexpected shutdown of the MacBook. Here you will get some fantastic tips and tricks that can be easily applied to stop your MacBook from getting overheated.

Reliable Solutions To Cool Overheating MacBook Air

When your MacBook is getting overheated, it automatically turns off. But now you don’t have to experience the automatic shutdown as we have sorted out this issue in this article. Here, you will find some best methods that will cool down your MacBook and there will be no unexpected shutdown. But before we move ahead, we need to specify the reasons as well that why the MacBook is overheated.

Reasons For ‘Overheating of MacBook Air’

  • Numerous reasons for MacBook Air overheating start from dust buildup to the browser tabs overload. Normally every computer faces such issues but MacBook Air faces more overheating problems when compared with others.
  • The MacBook Air models started from the year 2020 are more prone to overheating issues. It is because of the compact design of the model that contains a single vent present at the fulcrum of the screen to release the heat. The MacBook model ‘M1’ does not even have a fan to release the heat & such manufacturing is making it more prone to overheating problems.
  • Rigorous processing tasks such as playing games, opening many browser tabs, rendering video effects, etc. overload the processor and logic board. The board then produces heat while working, and the released heat has a single path to escape. These slimline laptops cannot perform rigorous tasks and get overheated easily.

Methods To Prevent ‘Overheating MacBook Air’

If the MacBook fans are whizzing vociferously, and it is getting overheated to a worrying temperature, here are some listed ways to cool it down easily.

Method 1: Environmental Change

Never use your laptop by placing it on your lap. Always try to keep it on a flat and hard surface like a desk. It will provide the best aeration without hindering the fan. Using soft surfaces like a cushion or a pillow will store more heat and introduce dust as well. Such simple things can overheat your MacBook Air. Avoid using your MacBook in direct sunlight because the ideal temperature for the MacBook is 50-95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Method 2: Don’t Overload the Browser Tabs

If you are working with your MacBook Air in a perfect environment and overheating persists, maybe you are trying to perform many tasks in a single go. Implement the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue.

  • Step 1: Introducing the ‘Activity Monitor’ application from the ‘Utilities’ folder. You can even search it out by pressing the ‘Cmd and Space’ keys simultaneously.
  • Step 2: In the app of ‘Activity monitor’, go to the tab of ‘CPU’.
  • Step 3: Select the ‘%CPU’ column. It will separate every task in descending order depending upon the % availability of the processing power usage.

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Method 3: MacOS update and SMC reset

For macOS update:

  • Step 1: Go to the ‘Apple Menu’ and select the ‘System Preferences’.
  • Step 2: Choose the option of ‘Software Update’ and check if a newer version has arrived or not.
  • Step 3: Download and install the newer version of macOS if available.

SMC Reset: SMC stands for ‘System Management Controller’. If your MacBook is facing issues with SMC, it indicates the improper use of fans for cooling the MacBook.

Method 4: Diagnostics use on Fans

  • Step 1: Turn off the MacBook and connect it with a power cable.
  • Step 2: Press and hold on to the ‘Power’ button and then the ‘D’ key.
  • Step 3: Select the preferred language and go with the instructions provided on the screen.

On the latest MacBook, Apple diagnostics begin to test on its own. In older versions, two options of the test are available i.e. the basic and thorough. The basic tests can detect the working of the fan. After the completion of diagnostics, note down the error codes or any other information.

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Overheating MacBook Air may look like a small issue, but it can create a severe problem if you haven’t sorted it out as soon as possible. Every possible method to cool down your MacBook Air has been discussed here. Go through each one of them and try it out. It will work surely but if it doesn’t, visit any Apple Care Centre to avoid further complications. Read our other articles too if you are facing any other technical issues.

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