Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone: Latest Playlist ?

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone

There’s only one way to socialize on Spotify; by following the artists and people. If you follow anyone, you’ll get to know about their listening activities (only if they have switched on this functionality). In addition to this, you’ll be notified about recent releases. If you love music, this app will suit you the best by updating you with the latest music and favourite artists. If you are following someone who matches your music taste, you might also like the new song of their choice. Such discussions raise a common question, does Spotify notify when you follow someone? Let’s take a look into this matter.

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone: Latest Playlist ?

When You Follow Someone On Spotify

You can download an infinite number of songs from Spotify. Although you can’t access the song instantly at that moment You have to look out for the song either by searching out the name of the song or the artist who sang the song. To make the search easier, select the ‘Follow’ option provided by Spotify. This option offers direct access to the favourite artist’s album. When you are following an artist on Spotify, you are simply subscribing to their content. Just like YouTube, you’ll be notified by Spotify for a new song or an album launched by the artist. This feature will not let you miss any new updates regarding your favourite artist.

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone To Know The Recent Updates

When you are following an artist on Spotify, you’ll be getting notified of his/ her each update. It can be about their latest song or an album. But there’s an exceptional case with it. You are getting updates from the artist via Spotify, but the artist won’t be getting a notification that you have started following them.

Turn On Push Notification Spotify
Turn On Push Notification Spotify

Following Artist On Spotify Via Mail & Push App

The users of Spotify can get a notification through mail & push . For this, all you need to do is to turn on the option of ‘Push and Email Notification’ from Spotify.

The steps are quite simple:

  • Step 1: After opening the app, direct towards its ‘Settings’.
  • Step 2: Select Notifications type eg: “Music & Artist Recommendations” & tap on it.
Select Notification Type
Select Notification Type
  • Step 3:  Select option of ‘Push and Email Notification’.
Push And Email Notification
Push And Email Notification
  • Step 4: Toggle the switch towards the right side to turn it on and get the notifications on your Mail & App.
Push and Email Notification' from Spotify
Push and Email Notification’ from Spotify

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But, Does Spotify Notify The Artist Or Someone Else When You Start Following Them Through The Mail?

The notifications that you’ll be receiving through the mail will be the same just like you were receiving on the app. For example, If you are following “Arijit Singh” on Spotify and he has launched a new song, Spotify will notify you through the mail and the app. But it will not notify him that you’re following him. Spotify also sends you a security notification through mail regarding a new login activity, duo members, and new family.

Following Arijit Singh On Spotify Example
Following Arijit Singh On Spotify Example

Is It Possible To Follow Someone’s Playlist Secretly?

If you are listening to music on Spotify without following anyone, it’s an anonymous activity that you are conducting on the app. If you aren’t interested in making the artist aware of his/ her followers count, here’s a trick to implement it:

  • Step 1: Visit the playlist that you usually listen to the most. Tap on the icon of three dots.
  • Step 2: Tap your finger on the option of ‘Share’ and then select the option of ‘Copy link’.
  • Step 3: Paste the copied link in the search bar of the app and hit ‘Enter’ to open the playlist. In this way, even after playing the playlist, the artist will not be getting any information about you.

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Now that you have got the answer to your question, ‘Does Spotify notify you when you follow someone’. Spotify provides notifications regarding the latest releases when you are following someone. Every day, hundreds of people might be following the artist that you have followed, that’s why such notifications are not being provided by the app. The artist can only see a change in the number of followers that’s it.


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