List Of Top 10 EV Charging Stations Provider in India

EV Charging Stations Provider in India

If you want to know about the top charging stations provider for electric vehicles in our country, you have visited the correct website. At present, there are 1800 charging stations all over India. According to SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle) and the EV manufacturers industrial body, around 16,200 EVs have been manufactured to date in our country, which includes the fleet segment and 1800 charging stations.

List Of Top 10 EV Charging Stations Provider in India

EV Charging Stations Provider

1. Delta Group: The charging solutions provided by them are energy efficient that includes a DC quick charger, a system of sight management, and an AC EV charger. The EV chargers of Delta procure a power efficiency of around 94℅ with high performance. Communication functions are supported to integrate the system and have secured many security certifications globally like IEC, UL, CQC, CNS, and CHAdeMO. The EV solutions can meet the requirements of numerous applications like workplaces, parking, residential buildings, fleet, etc.

2. Mass-Tech: The DC fast charging charger of Mass-Tech can easily charge EV and electric buses. 10kW – 200kW is its range of output. The compatibility of the charger is great with the protocols of the DC fast charger. Along with the DC charger type, it also consists of AC charger types that range from 2kW – 43kW. To become energy independent, it’s a must transport electrification.

3. ABB: The foundation laid by the ABB is to make the charging stations accessible to everyone, reliable mobility, and an emission-free station. The charging solution provided by ABB starts from compact to AC wall boxes of high quality, reliable stations of DC fast charging that has durable connectivity for innovating the charging system of on-demand Electric buses. They easily manage the basic requirements for accelerating the mobility of the next generation. The connected chargers of ABB charge rapidly and assist in proactive maintenance.

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4. EXICOM: It offers a Bharat EV charger along with batteries. It’s high voltage charger that is also all-in-one harmony such as GB/T, CCS, and CHADMO is compatible and has the power output range of 30kW – 150kW. It has become an EV charging solution for charging any two-wheeler, three-wheeler, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars either publicly or at home easily.

5. Fortum India: The services of charging through drive platforms and Fortum chargers are provided by its charging stations. It is an international energy company that has 3000 smart chargers in Nordic countries. The first EV charging station of Indian oil was formed in Hyderabad and Mumbai consisting of 36 working charging points and 720 ramps in 7 cities by the year 2020. It’s working in a partnership with MG to build a station of 50kW fast charging at showrooms in Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.

6. Tata Power: It procures the charging solution for commercial areas, EV fleets, public charging, and near offices. It has a total of 85 charging points majorly in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and other 9 states. The first public EV charging station was built in Mumbai. MoU will build commercial EV charging stations at IOCL, IGL, and HPCL commercial platforms. It will install 300 fast-charging stations in Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore by coming in partnership with Tata Motors.

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7. Numocity: The charging facility provided by Numocity includes operators of the charge points and an advanced system of central management. It provides solutions for the chargers of e-2W and 3W that have T-based solutions.

8. Volttic-parent company Tvesas: The service of charging helps to install DC chargers, DC001, and AC001. It provides the solution of charging stations for cities, highways, and homes including CMS.

9. Charge + zone: It governs around 175 charging stations in a total of 9 cities. The EV charging solution is modified. They have built charging stations for Electric cars, electric buses, and two-wheelers and swapping stations for electric 3W.

10. PlugNgo: It provides the service of charging network management to charge the EV publicly and is a perfect remedy for managing the operations of charging constantly. They have inaugurated 2 charging stations for EVs in Delhi NCR that charges every EV available in the market.

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Though there are 1800 charging stations for electric vehicles, we have discussed the best 10 of them to make you understand the charging solutions easily. These 10 charging stations providers have laid down their foundation mostly in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. We can see some stations in other states as well. If you are finding the best charging station for your EV, we have made a clear view for you to guess which one will be the best for your EV.

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