Electric Car Charging Cost In India: Important Details To Know

Electric Car Charging Cost In India: Important Details To Know

The future of the automobile industry is all set with the development of Electric vehicles. The government of our country has declared that the development and acceptability of zero-emission automobiles will be considered more in the trend of forthcoming modifications. Seeing the trend of the global market along with the support of our government, many Indian car manufacturers have thought to manufacture electric vehicles that will be environment friendly. But if we check it from the consumers’ side, only a few out of many are interested in this idea. Many of them still prefer the present option. The important considerations are high preliminary expense and lack of charging installations. In this article, we will be providing you a piece of general information regarding the cost of electric charging in India so that you won’t find any difficult to reach the result that whether the option of purchasing an electric car is a better choice or not.

Electric Car Charging Cost In India: Important Details To Know

Specifications Of Electric Automobile

Before we discuss the cost of charging an electric car, firstly you need to infer the fundamental specifications of an electric automobile.

1. Battery: The key unit that measures the battery size is ‘kWh’. If any electric vehicle battery pack is rated with 60 kWh that shows it can pack 60 kWh of charge.

2. Range: The engine vehicle’s internal combustion has Kmpl i.e. kilometer per liter to indicate the mileage of the vehicle. In the same way, and electric vehicles is a kilometer per charge. Though these mileage indicators can’t be compared with each other because in electric vehicles the mileage depends on the kilometers covered by the vehicle in per unit charge.

3. Electricity Charges: It is the amount of charge that you need to pay after charging your electric vehicle. The unit of electricity is depicted by kWh.

Now that you have understood these terms completely, now we can start our discussion on the cost of charging an electric car in India.

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Cost Of Charging An Electric Car In India

There are two methods to charge any electric vehicle. You can charge your vehicle either at your home or at any charging station. There are a few modern electric automobiles that give you two different methods to charge. The first is the regular charging that is congenial with your household charger and the second is the fast charging that is available at any charging station. The importance of fast charging is that it decreases the time of charging hence saving your precious time. It takes around 6-8 hours to charge any electric vehicle completely

with any regular charger at your home, the same vehicle will get charged within an hour if charged in any charging station with a fast charger.

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Regular Charging

Regular charging means charging at home. If you want to charge your electric vehicle at home, the cost of charging will be calculated differently. Usually, the person will leave the vehicle at charging overnight as regular charging takes 6-8 hours with a normal supply of electricity.

We will help you to understand it in a better way with an example: For example, the Hyundai Kona battery pack is about 39 kWh and the mileage or range is 452 km. That means the car will consume 39 units of electricity to get completely charged. To complete a distance of 1 km it will consume 0.08 units of electricity. The charge of electricity per unit depends on the locality and the total amount of charge consumed by the family in a month. The owner can calculate the price accordingly based on the present rates they spend for consuming electricity. Now you can easily calculate the cost of charging your EV at home.

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Fast Charging

The manufacturing of electric vehicles in our country is right now in a fledgling phase and yet there is not much development of charging stations. Delhi got its first charging station in the year 2018 and to date, the total number of charging stations in Delhi is 145, The state government is intending to build more such stations to install a huge network of charging stations for EVs in Delhi. The cost of charging at any public charging station for any EV that includes the electricity cost along with the overheads is valued at around 160-200 rupee for a complete charge.


The growing automobile industry in the development of electric vehicles will be turning the automobile trend into an eco-friendly one. Maybe the investment to make a healthy environment will be high, but the charging cost will be at affordable rates as the government is focussing on building up more public charging stations to make it easy for an EV owner to charge their vehicle completely at lower rates at a fast speed.

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