Generic Review Of Fix My Speaker Website: Apply These Easy Tips

Fix My Speaker Website

Smartphones have become an essential component in today’s generation for everyone. Whether it’s jogging, bathing, or clubbing people take their mobiles with them almost everywhere. However, sometimes the phone falls accidentally on the floor or into the water which leads to fatal damage. If your phone got dropped on the floor then you immediately need to check whether the screen is in good condition or not. If not then you have to get it repaired instantly. But if your phone falls into water then you need to eject the water out with the help of the right techniques, and tools.

Generic Review Of Fix My Speaker Website: Apply These Easy Tips

Fix My Speaker is one such website/app which removes unwanted water from your phone’s speaker. As per people who have used it, it’s safe but there’s no such authentic report about it and all are general reviews only. The loyal customer base Fix My Speaker website has developed is because of its performance and features. Sumit Sethi – an MBA graduate dropped his experience about this website on Quora where he stated that when none of the methods worked out he turned to Fix My Speaker for help. He followed the procedure and his device started working fine after a while. He also said that though this website worked for him he’s not sure if it’s compatible with all the other devices. In this case, you can try once or twice and see what the results are.

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Fix My Speaker Features

  • Uses 165Hz ultra-low high-frequency sound for removing water. It’s a kind of water-removal sound which drags water/dust out from the device
  • 7+ sounds for removing water and cleaning phones. All sounds have relevant waves within them which help eliminate dust and water
  • All water removal, and dust ejecting sounds are boosted and there’s no requirement of downloading any additional apps for cleaning the mobile
  • Fix My Speaker website offers a seamless website navigation facility to the users for a smoother experience
  • The option to set the frequency level manually between 155Hz to 550Hz is also available
  • Availability of 2 cleaning modes,i.e, Auto Cleaner Test Mode and Manual Cleaner Test Mode which are one of the top-notch features of this website
  1. Auto Cleaner Test Mode: Fix My Speaker automatically facilitates the auto Cleaner test which results in the production of vibrations, and sound waves which aid in propelling the water out from the speaker. The major benefit of this feature is that you can always cross-check the progress and end the procedure manually by clicking the Stop button on the website. However, the sound wave frequency raises higher automatically and cannot be altered manually.
  2. Manual Cleaner Test Mode: You can run manual mode according to your convenience. Experts state that it’s best to use manual mode when you want to run auto mode and manual mode consecutively. Here, you can also set the sound wave frequency manually by dragging the ball pointer symbol anywhere around the metre.

Types Of Water Ejecting Sounds

People who used Fix My Speaker to remove the water collected in their phone speaker have stated availability of multiple water removal sounds makes their job easier. They can try different sounds and see which one works well and removes water. Here are the best 6 sounds which have great frequency and removes the water in seconds.

  • Short Buzz: It performs electricity and electrical sound for water expulsion
  • Buzzing Ignition: An aircraft flying audio is played for removing the water
  • Buzz Bot: Plays a strong and vigorous sound for fast water ejection
  • Cell Phone Buzz: An iPhone or Android call sound is played by the website
  • Dam Buzzing: Kind of deep-buzzing sound is generated for clearing water
  • Buzzing Tone: Simple water ejecting sound played for water clearance

Fix My Speaker Work Procedure

The work procedure of the Fix My Speaker website is similar to Apple’s built-in water removal characteristic. It removes the muffled sound coming from your clogged device speaker. The technique to use it is very simple. Just tap the ‘Eject Water’ button on the web application and the device will start generating unique sounds with high-frequency sound waves to eliminate water from the device speaker.

Apply These Tips While Using Fix My Speakers

Over the internet, there’s no such relevant data that gives a clear review about this website but there’s multiple content available on how to use it and what are the important things to remember. Below we have mentioned a few of the prominent tips for using the Fix My Speaker website via the right methods.

  • Adjust Volume: Set the device volume to the highest extent because this will direct the soundwaves to throw the water outside.
  • Headphone Removal: The strength of the sound waves increases upon removing the headphones which results in quick water clearance.
  • Check Speaker’s Position: Make sure that your phone speaker is facing downwards. This position helps in faster water removal and prohibits any extra water from going inside the device
  • Implement Both Modes: Do try the Auto Cleaner Test Mode and Manual Cleaner Test Mode for effective results. Implementation of these two modes a couple of times gives effective results.

Alternative Hacks To Try If Your Phone Drops In Water

If you tried using Fix My Speaker and it’s not functioning with your device then here are the additional methods you can opt for to fix your phone.

  • Immediately take out your phone from the water and switch it off to prevent short circuits or any kind of electrical damage
  • Remove external equipment like a sim card, memory card, cover, temper glass, etc.
  • Take a clean dry cloth and wipe your device and make sure that no water remains on the surface of the website.
  • Shake the device so that the water stored inside the headphone jack or charging port gets expelled.
  • Fill a tight jar or zip-lock bag with raw rice and keep your phone inside it. This is an Old Golden Tip and is trusted by millions of people. Close this bag tightly and keep it in a dry
  • place for around 24-48 hours. Take out your phone after 48 hours and you’ll surely get positive results.

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By now you must have understood what Fix My Speaker is and how it assists people in repairing their smartphone speaker by playing robust frequency water removal sounds. So far, those who have used this platform have considered it to be safe for them. Although, there’s no solid confirmation whether it’s legit or illegal so we can’t make any statement about the same. However, if any of you or your known ones face such circumstances when the phone falls in water then for a trial purpose you can use Fix My Speaker and see the results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What are the demerits of the Fix My Speaker app?

Ans: Fix My Speaker app battery consumption increases if the app is used constantly for a longer period. The other con is that it doesn’t function on a wet device if it’s filled with massive amounts of water. Due to these cons, people prefer using the website rather than using the app.

Q) Are there any charges for using Fix My Speaker?

Ans: There are no charges to use the Fix My Speaker app or website and it’s completely free.

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