Is iBomma Safe & Legal Streaming Option For Movie Enthusiasts

Is iBomma Safe & Legal

Ever since piracy & leaking copyrighted content has become popular in India many people have started indulging in this illegal practice. There are many platforms like ( For Anime), Blix, and Thop TV where new movies are leaked online just one day after their release. Certainly, it’s an unlawful practice and should not be performed as sharing copyrighted content leads to lifetime imprisonment, hefty fines, or being arrested by police officials on the complaint done by the original producer, director of the specific movie/web series, etc.

Is iBomma Safe & Legal Streaming Option For Movie Enthusiasts

Though it’s evident in India & in all the other countries that sharing pirated content is a crime, people still share it without any fear. One such platform under this category is iBomma which is extremely popular for watching leaked Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, English, Kannada, Punjabi movies. However, there’s an ongoing rumour that soon this will also be banned permanently. Moving forward, in this article we’re going to share the deets about this renowned pirated platform. So if you’re in a dilemma is iBomma a safe and legal website to watch unlimited movies then this article will clear the air for you.

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Short Snippet: iBomma Website

In the world of piracy, iBomma is considered one of the toughest competitors to other pirated websites. It offers a diversified range of movies in varied genres like action, adventure, romantic, comedy, drama which can either be watched online or downloaded directly from the website. The movies available on iBomma are dubbed in Hindi, Gujarati, English, Tamil, Telugu, and many other languages. It’s like offering variety to users hailing from different languages in one place.

iBomma Unique Features

  • Download movies depending on your device storage and data connection
  • Small files are available for smartphones and large files are available for PC, Tablet, Laptop, etc
  • Movies downloaded in 4K Ultra HD, high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) are top-notch in quality
  • All movies can be easily downloaded in the video quality of your choice
  • Option to choose resolution available for the users which fit their device and watch preferences
  • No monthly amount is required for using iBomma
  • There’s no registration or sign-up procedure as well
  • More than 10,000+ movies and shows can be watched unlimited times on this platform
  • Watch the movie trailer and songs before downloading the movie online
  • Record your favourite songs from iBomma
  • Easy-to-use website interface for all devices

Based on these features many creators state that iBomma is safe to use but that’s not the right statement. It’s a pirated platform and watching, or downloading anything here is always a serious crime. In place of these unethical platforms you can switch to legal OTT platforms which stream various movies, web series online in Hollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bengali, Tollywood categories. Below we have given a detailed description of those platforms for your better understanding and reference.

7 Authorized Streaming Platforms (iBomma Alternatives)

  • Netflix: The ultimate hero platform which has movies from different genres like comedy, horror, romance, thriller, fantasy in distinct languages. It’s a paid platform but the content is worth watching online. The majority of the content published on Netflix is exclusive to Netflix users who always get the best content to stream online. In India, there are 5.5 million Netflix subscribers who prefer binge-watching their favourite shows on Netflix. There are 4 subscription plans so you can choose the one which fits your budget.
  • Disney+Hotstar: Launched on 12th November 2019 and in 3 years has become the audience’s absolute favourite. From Indian serials, movies, web series, cricket matches to extensive Marvel, Disney, Star Wars shows you’ll get everything under one roof. The best part of using this platform is that it’s available for free & in the paid version. Premium shows in different genres are accessible only to paid customers. Although, if you don’t want to spend unnecessarily then you can go ahead with the free version of this safe and secure platform.
  • YouTube: The boss player before other OTT platforms. YouTube is a place where you can find anything starting from cooking recipes, movies, hacks, serials, cartoon shows to movie trailers, daily vlogs & whatnot. It’s completely free but doesn’t offer exclusive content published on other OTT platforms. Also, if you’re keen on connecting with people then you can start your own YouTube channel which is a unique facility provided only by YouTube.
  • Airtel XStream: With more than 350 live channels and 10,000+ movies, Airtel XStream is a big hit and a modified version of Airtel TV. It’s completely free for Airtel users but those who use other network operators and want to stream on Airtel need to purchase the premium subscription.
  • Zee5: In Q2FY23, Zee5 had 112.4 million subscribers in India which is a big number. This platform also caters to the Indian audience and can be used on various devices like smartphones, laptops, smart TV, tablets, etc. You can also watch live Indian dramas, reality shows on Zee5. There are both paid and free versions of this platform.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Started by Amazon it’s an online streaming platform that features movies, web series, and documentaries in assorted categories. This is a paid platform and the subscription charges depend on the facilities and the number of screens shared for that particular account. If you’re a parent then you can also make use of the Parental Lock feature provided by Amazon Prime Videos and refrain your child from watching inappropriate content.
  • Voot: It’s a joint partnership between Viacom CBS & TV18 and mainly features content that connects with the Indian audience. It also streams cartoon shows from Pogo, Nickelodeon, etc for young kids and children. For adults, there is a vast collection of movies, exclusive Voot content, Colors serials, etc. Earlier, Voot was free but now it offers both free and paid streaming services.

Why Is iBomma Not A Safe & Legal Platform?

As we discussed above, movie piracy is undoubtedly a big crime that can put content stealers behind bars. Not only the owners but those who watch movies on iBomma are also in danger. If you’re an iBomma user or are thinking of accessing this website in the future then wait! Check the demerits of the iBomma website and thank us later.

  • Unlimited Ads: iBomma displays many pop-up ads to its users on clicking which they’re directed to another website. These additional websites contain viruses and malware which disrupt the device’s functionality. Your data might also be leaked and will be accessible by hackers if you click on any pop-up ads by mistake. Also, when you click on these ads you’re the source of revenue for platform owners as they generate income whenever a user clicks on ads. So you see how harmful it’s to use iBomma.
  • Sexual Ads Display: These weird websites showcase dirty images which start sending push notifications on your device. At a point, this is irritating for the users.
  • Storage Issues: If you download movies from iBomma then it will eat up your entire Google Drive space in no time. Even a short movie takes maximum space in Google Drive making you run out of storage.
  • Content Stealing: Quite common to discuss, displaying anyone’s work without his/her permission is a bad approach. iBomma is doing the same, secretly stealing movies and shows without the notice of real owners and showing it to users. Not only your data but you’re also at risk if caught watching pirated content.

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Is iBomma a safe and legal website is a trending question that is making headlines in the entertainment industry. In our opinion, iBomma has infinite red flags & there’s no single reason which points towards the excellence of this website. We agree that it has versatile features in comparison to other genuine OTT platforms but we also want to tell you that iBomma has constantly violated the copyright laws and has stolen the original content of filmmakers to showcase on their platform. This website also pushes you to tap on unwanted ads which make way for virus intrusion and data leakage. These reasons are enough to prove that iBomma is not a safe and legal website to see virtual media content. Hope this article gives you a fair idea about the iBomma website & why it should not be consumed for entertainment purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Why iBomma is banned in many countries?

Ans: iBomma is a pirated website that publishes dubbed movies in different languages online. This is addressed as content leakage for which iBomma is made inaccessible to users.

Q) How to find a legitimate streaming service?

Ans: To make sure that you’re using an authentic streaming service check if it’s trustworthy and has honest reviews. Apart from this, also verify the copyright notice on the platform for assurance.

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