Essential Strategies For Getting More Instagram Views & Reaching Wider Audience

Getting More Instagram Views and Reaching a Wider Audience

Creators on Instagram have a lot of competition to face when it comes to getting views on their videos. A view is counted when someone views your content for at least 3 seconds. And Instagram reach includes people who have viewed your content. These two metrics play an important role in getting your brand the much-needed recognition.

Essential Strategies For Getting More Instagram Views & Reaching Wider Audience

This article will help you in getting more Instagram views and reach. We have discussed some well-researched tips and tricks that can guide you in your Instagram journey.

How to Increase Views and Reach a Wider Audience Base?

1. Utilize the first 3 seconds

It has been proved on social media that the first 3 seconds of your video matter a lot. If your video has a hook in those 3 seconds, your audience is most likely to watch the video till the end. Do not waste these precious 3 seconds in lengthy introductions. You can start your video with an interesting teaser. Below mentioned lines can be used at the start of your video to catch the audience’s attention:

·   How to do something for free?

·   Did you know (followed by an interesting fact)?

·   Do you want to (followed by tips to do something)?

Apart from the lines mentioned above, there are several others that you can use to your advantage. You just need to understand that a person will watch your video only when attracted to your content in the first 3 minutes.

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2. Make your content share-worthy

Before making any content, you need to understand that your content must be aligned with your brand’s values. You also need to keep in mind that the content must resonate with your audience’s choices. If the audience finds your content engaging, they will be sharing it forward. Good content should be able to get more comments, saves, and shares. Comments can be encouraged by using a well-placed CTA. Either encourage your audience to comment on your posts by simply asking them or host a giveaway for them. People save reels that they might find useful later. Funny content or the ones the audience finds relatable are more shared among the community.

3. Use your audio wisely

Instagram features a list of trending audio that you can use in your videos. While uploading a reel, tap on the trending button and you will be able to see a list of top 50 popular songs. Choose one that suits your content. Also, if you complement your content with your voiceover with trending audio, it is sure to widen your content’s reach.

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4. Craft creative captions and use hashtags

Before viewing a video, a lot of people pay attention to the captions. Include a well-crafted caption that explains what the video is about. The captions on your video make sure that your audience does not lose interest after the first three seconds. Whether the caption needs to be short or long depends on your preference and the type of content that you are uploading. This is more of a hit-and-trial method and depends on what your audience prefers.

Using hashtags is another way to increase the reach of your videos. Choose trending hashtags but make sure they are in line with the content that you are uploading. Hashtags are quite popular and easy to search.

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5. Know when to post

Creating great content and not knowing how and when to push it to the platform is a mistake many creators commit. Find out the most active hours of your audience and push your post in those times. You can also automate your content to be posted at a predetermined time. Also, be regular in your posting frequency. Your audience should never feel that you are neglecting them by not posting anything for a long time. Neither should you post content multiple times a day. This will lead to your content being missed by your audience.

6. Use stories and other trending features

One way to widen your video’s reach is to share it on Instagram stories. Reels might get missed by your audience while scrolling but stories can be viewed anytime. Stories help your audience to know that you have uploaded a new reel. You should also strive for your content to feature on the search page. Not only will this increase views on your videos but also widen your audience base.

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7. Focus on user-generated content

If you planning on some new content but are out of ideas, you can always turn to user-generated content. User-generated content refers to user reviews and testimonials. You can also share such videos on your profile where users have tagged your brand. Such kinds of videos help in gaining more views. Plus, when a user sees that you have uploaded a video featuring them, they are surely going to comment on it. This will also help in widening your video’s reach and views.

8. Interact with your followers

Make it a habit to reply to check out your comment section. It is advised to reply to as many relevant comments as feasible. When you reply to a user’s comment, they get notified and feel noticed. This will also encourage them to view your reels again, hence increasing your view count. Interacting with them also gives you new ideas for your next content. You should also reply to direct messages. Being an active communicator can help in increasing your brand’s popularity. This will also bring in an increase in followers on your profile.

9. Analyze your results

Check and analyze your content’s performance in Instagram Insights. Find out which reel of yours performed exceptionally and what was the reason behind this performance. Once you find the reason behind a particular content’s success, apply that formula to other videos as well. This is a never-ending process that you need to undertake to ensure success on the platform.

Using the above-mentioned tips, you can strategize your posts to get more views and reach a wider audience base on the platform. These tips will come in handy when you decide on making your next reel. So, go ahead, give these tips a try, and get ready for your next viral video.

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