Google+ To Shutdown Early After Second Data Breach

Google plus second data breach
Google Plus may be shut down soon due to second data breach. First one occurred two months ago. Google informed that data of some users was leaked in the month of October due to a bug, which was present in the software update.

Bug Present In The Software

  • Google Plus API had a bug which revealed all the details that user filled in his profile even though it was set to private.
  • It is estimated that around 52 million people were affected by the bug. When Google came to know, it fixed the bug after six days. Even after fixing, some data like full name, occupation, relationship status were still leaked. Google has said that the API was not misused by the developers.
  • Recently second data breach has occurred and Google has announced to shut down the Google Plus. Google informed that the bug did not provide information about passwords or national identification numbers of users.

Shutting down of API

Google has said that it will shut down all Google Plus APIs within 90 days due to which personal information of a user was leaked. Previously, the date of shutting such APIs was decided to be done in August 2019, but now it will be shut down in April 2019.
Google has announced that soon it will provide ways to the users so that they can download all their data from Google Plus. Many enterprise customers were impacted by Google Plus and Google has announced that it will invest in Google Plus for such users.
  • The enterprise users use the Google Plus to have conversations with co-workers.  It will be shut down only the consumer version.
  • Google has also informed that 90% of the sessions in the Google Plus was of five seconds only or even less. Users having a Gmail account also have Google Plus account but most users do not remember or even visit the social media site.
  • Google has also announced about new privacy adjustments due to which developers will have limited access to the data on Android devices.

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Google+ To Shutdown Early After Second Data Breach

Gmail Related APIs Got Changed

  • Gmail developers will not be able to receive call logs and  SMS permission on  Android devices. Another API used in Android devices is Contacts API which provided contact interacting data.
  • Gmail related APIs will also be changed. The company will update User Data Policy in the consumer version of Gmail and the apps will not be able to access user data.
  • Such data can only be accessed by email clients, email backup services, and productivity services. A developer having access to such data will also undergo through security assessment.
  • Google also tried to put an end to privacy concerns after the publication of the Wall Street Journal published earlier in this year. The journal said that third party apps are able to access Gmail messages. But the third party developers never breached the security.
  • Many users have been shocked to hear that the consumer version of Google Plus is being shut down. Some of them even said that Google Plus was the orphan child of Google.
  • Facebook was and is being used to share billions of baby pictures and other stuff while Twitter has been used to share other bullies, Google Plus was used for meaningful conversation and get good feedback.
Google Plus users also complained that they cannot provide long posts on Google Plus and it also lacked posting of ads. Many users have urged Google not to shut down Google Plus but Google has taken its decision and Google Plus consumer version will be shut down within 90 days.

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