Student’s Guide in Converting Word Documents to PDF

Student’s Guide in Converting Word Documents to PDF

The pandemic has significantly changed our lifestyles and workflow from face-to-face to virtual. Although it may seem disadvantageous to other people, others take it positively because they can spend more time with their families. Students are also heavily affected by this situation, as they do not get to interact with their classmates anymore personally.

Student’s Guide in Converting Word Documents to PDF

However, they do get to spend more time with their parents and siblings. They can dine together and have more quality experiences together. Provided that most school reports and projects are based on electronic files, you will need an extra hand to work on these files more efficiently, especially in handling Word documents and PDFs.

Choosing The Right PDF Converter

As you know, PDFs are naturally less-editable than other electronic files because of their natural construct. Their primary functions lie in convenient file transfer and document printing. If your personal computer at home does not have the paid Adobe PDF readers, it will be challenging for you to convert Word to PDF and vice versa.

We can assume you are connected online, provided that classes are now online-based. This internet connection is all you need to access a free and efficient online PDF converter! You must consider quality and safety in choosing the suitable PDF converter, and GogoPDF is perfect just for you. Aside from its attractive aesthetics, its PDF converter is exceptional.

How To Convert Your Word Documents To PDF

Converting your Word documents to the portable document format is pretty elementary with this free PDF converter. GogoPDF transforms your files to PDF quickly without compromising their quality. Your uploaded files are also safe from any unwanted viewer as they utilize a state-of-the-art security system to ensure the safety and security of their users’ files.

  1. To convert your Word document to PDF, start by opening the web browser you feel most comfortable using. GogoPDF can work well with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.
  2. Proceed to the GogoPDF website and choose the “Word to PDF” option.
  3. Click the “Select a File” button and browse for the Word document you need to convert to PDF. Once you find your file, you can double click the file or click “Open.”
  4. GogoPDF will quickly upload your file and convert it automatically to PDF within less than ten seconds. It may take longer for larger files.
  5. Your freshly converted PDF is now available for download! Click the “Download” button and find your most preferred location.

After converting, you will have more options as you can share it via email and use its shareable link. Utilizing its URL is the quickest way to share your PDF via online platforms. You can also see the options eSign, merge, convert, and compress. These are extra functions that you can avail of in GogoPDF without having to spend a dime!

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More GogoPDF Functions You Need To Know About

So what are these extra functions? And how can we use them? You may have noticed from the GogoPDF homepage that there are various options. That is because GogoPDF is not limited to converting files only but maximizing your PDFs as well. Check out these free services you can use in GogoPDF:

E-Signing Your PDFs

Signing your documents through computers and other mobile devices is possible, especially with this e-sign feature of GogoPDF! You can free-hand draw your signature and augment them to your PDFs by using this function. You can also choose to add initials only. Worry not, as you can draw your signature in GogoPDF with much ease.

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Merging Your PDFs

Combining one PDF to another is quite challenging without the right tools, but it becomes straightforward with this GogoPDF function! You can upload many PDFs and compile them as one file with the PDF merge feature.

Compressing Your PDFs 

You need not worry about large-sized PDFs anymore. GogoPDF has a quality PDF compressor that can shrink your file to its least possible size without significantly affecting its original content. Your file content remains intact and may look less HD, but you can have a lighter computer. Also, you can share or send your PDFs easier online with a more compact size.


Knowing how to handle your electronic files will not only elevate your game during school reports and projects but can help you in your future ventures. Most corporate entities now rely on graduates who are more capable of handling computer operations and electronic files.

Learn more about your PDFs and how to maximize them, and you are a step closer to success.

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