Honda Electric Scooter Price Details, Specifications & Features

Honda Electric Scooter Price

As electric vehicles have been proclaimed as the future of tomorrow, more and more companies are converting to electric, with electric models of vehicles and new electric vehicle models entirely coming up every other day. With the changing world and the problems we are facing with the loss of fossil fuels, the average customer has become much more conscious of the ramifications and effects of what they choose to shop for. We are all aware of the problems with traditional fuel-based cars. As such, electric cars are the hope for tomorrow, and more and more people want to switch to electric.

Honda Electric Scooter Price Details, Specifications & Features

This story is true for all sorts of commercial vehicles, including two-wheelers. In recent times there has been a sharp incline of electric scooters in the market. This is the same for the industry giant Honda. The Honda Activa is a household name, with every other household having an Activa or knowing someone who has an Activa. Now as the market changes, Honda does not want to fall back on the trend. Honda has announced its new Activa Electric model, which runs completely on electricity. It’s supposed to be out this year. In this article, we examine the Honda electric scooter price, its specifications, its range, colours and more. We will be exploring how Honda is planning into the new and booming market of electric scooters, and whether it can leave a mark.

Rising Market Of Electric Scooters in India

The Indian market for electric scooters has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years, which reflects a growing preference for sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options amongst customers. The modern Indian population has major concerns over air pollution and rising fuel prices. As such, more and more Indians are turning to electric vehicles as an alternative to conventional petrol-powered vehicles. The same is true with scooters, which have had a steep increase in market value. The government’s emphasis on promoting clean energy and its various initiatives to incentivize electric vehicle adoption has further accelerated the rise of electric scooters in the country. So, electric scooters have become sought vehicles for commercial purposes.

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8 Reasons People Prefer To Buy Electric Scooters

  • Environmentally friendly: Electric scooters produce zero emissions during operation, helping to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. They contribute to cleaner and greener transportation options.
  • Cost-effective: Electric scooters have lower operating costs compared to petrol-powered scooters. They require less maintenance, no fuel expenses (relying on electricity), and often have lower insurance premiums.
  • Energy efficiency: Electric scooters are highly efficient in converting energy from the battery to motion. They can achieve higher energy efficiency rates compared to internal combustion engines, resulting in better mileage and reduced energy waste.
  • Quieter operation: Electric scooters produce less noise pollution compared to traditional scooters with internal combustion engines. They contribute to a quieter and more peaceful urban environment.
  • Reduced dependency on fossil fuels: By using electricity as a fuel source, electric scooters help reduce reliance on finite fossil fuels, promoting energy diversification and reducing dependence on foreign oil imports.
  • Smooth and instant acceleration: Electric scooters provide instant torque, offering quick and smooth acceleration, making them ideal for urban commuting and stop-and-go traffic.
  • Compact and agile: These scooters are often lightweight and compact, making them easy to manoeuvre in congested urban areas and navigate through narrow streets and alleys.
  • Health benefits: By choosing electric scooters over conventional scooters or cars, individuals contribute to improved air quality, leading to better respiratory health and overall well-being.

Honda Electric Scooter Price (Estimated)

Honda Activa Electric Scooter is yet to release for commercial markets in India. Thus, we are not aware of the pricing of this scooter. Honda Activa Electrical Scooter pricing is not officially released yet. Honda is yet to comment on the pricing of their new scooter, but judging by the Honda Activa series’ competitive pricing, and the pricing of other available scooters in the market right now, such as the0 Ola S1 Series or TVS iQube the pricing can be estimated. According to various websites

, the Honda electric scooter is estimated to be priced at around Rs 1.10 Lakh as store pricing. Honda may add a comprehensive warranty on it.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Specifications

Vehicle Type2 Wheeler scooter
Gear SystemAutomatic
Engine CCNot Applicable
Maximum TorqueNot Applicable
Maximum PowerNot Applicable
Total Cylinder CountNot Applicable

Honda Electric Scooter Comfort Features

Electric StartYes
Vehicle TrackingYes
Pillon FootrestYes

Honda Activa Electric 2023 Expected Warranty

Since Honda is renowned for its dependability, the Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer can provide a thorough warranty package to assist its devoted clients in embracing the new technology. This will further motivate the potential customer to buy the new scooter as it will be more reliable. The Honda Activa series has always been very reliable and offers a warranty on all their products, so you should expect this new scooter to be the same.

There already is quite a competition in the premium electric scooter segment. There are already multiple electric scooters available in the Indian market. Furthermore, Ather Energy and Ola Electric also provide quite good coverage when it comes to after-sales assistance. Honda has to be competitive and offers at least the same amount of safety and dependability in their scooter. As such, we estimate the scooter to have a warranty that lasts at least three years and 30,000 miles.

Honda Activa Electric 2023 Colours and Variants

As we have stated earlier, we do not have official information about most of the awaited Activa Electric scooters, but there are some ongoing assumptions in the market about which we have discussed below. We know that Activa Electric 2023 has only one variant. Furthermore, there has not been an official confirmation of the colours available for the Honda electric scooter, the Activa range of Honda scooters has always sported 6 colour options. As such, it’s expected that the new electric scooter will also have the same variety of options. The colour options are listed below:

  • Black
  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic
  • Rebel Red Metallic
  • Pearl Siren Blue
  • Decent Blue Metallic
  • Pearl Precious White

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Final Words

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the upcoming Honda electric scooter. The Activa series has always been very positively received by the Indian market, and the scooter series has been a country staple. The Japanese country has generally held an imposing stronghold in the 2-wheeler scooter market, renowned for the vehicle’s mileage and dependability, and the overall user experience. Honda has been an industry giant for decades and looks like it wants to continue to be in that position. As electric scooters become more common and the consumer base switches to the more environment-friendly option, people have been eagerly waiting for Honda to introduce them to their rendition of an electric scooter. But there is no need to wait for long, as the Activa Electric scooter has been estimated to release around December 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What is the booking procedure for Honda electric scooter?

Ans: There is no official information about the booking procedure for the Honda electric scooter at this moment. However, you can keep looking on the official website for future updates.

Q) Will Honda stop making fuel-based scooters?

Ans: Honda has not commented on their exact plans for the future, but judging by their plans for the future of changing with the new market of hybrid and electric scooters, sooner than later Honda and other companies will switch to entirely electric vehicles.

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