Save Renewable Resources With Top Electric Scooters With Highest Mileage

Save Renewable Resources With Top Electric Scooters With Highest Mileage

The prices of petrol have increased rapidly. After observing the data of the past few weeks it has been observed that there is a significant hike in the price impacting the long hiatus in the end rate revision. The rates of petrol and diesel are hiked by 6.4% per liter and 7.7% per liter respectively. The rates were hiked up to 9.14% per liter post-September 2021. The increased rates have created an important impact on the market of the two-wheeler. There was a huge increase in the demand for electric scooters in the two-wheeler market. There’s a different direction of electric scooters in our country specifically in context with the increase in petrol prices that has made people shift from diesel/petrol scooters to electric scooters. If you are looking for the best electric scooter for saving extra expenses, here we have discussed the top electric scooters with the highest mileage. Just go through the article and select which one is the best for you.

Save Renewable Resources With Top Electric Scooters With Highest Mileage

Simple One

The Simple One Electric Scooters delivery is scheduled to begin in September. A total of 65000 pre-bookings have been registered by the company in July 2022. The basic reason behind this high number of pre-booking is the range of this electric scooter. The range of this scooter is 203 km and the company states that if all the conditions are ideal, the range can exceed 236 km in one single charge. There’s no other scooter in India that claims to provide a range of 200+ km. This scooter consists of an electric motor of 8.5 kW producing the highest torque value of 72 Nm. A 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery powers the electric motor.

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Ola S1 Pro

The market of Ola S1 Pro is 17.45% which makes it the third largest electric vehicle manufacturer in India. After giving priority to S1 Pro which has a maximum range of 181 km per charge, the branch of Bengaluru has sold around 41,994 units of electric scooters. The company has also given word that it will be launching its first electric car in the year 2024. Ola Electric S1 Pro consists of a 5.5 kW motor producing a torque of 58 Nm at the shaft of the motor. The battery capacity of the scooter is about 4 kWh with a true range of 170 km. Although, ARAI has put up a range of approximately 181 km in a single charge.

Okinawa Okhi90

The Okinawa Okhi90 scooter of Okinawa Autotech is a unique electric scooter that consists of 16 wheels. The ARAI has certified its range of approximately 160 km in a single, putting it in the best class. This scooter has a lithium-ion battery of 3.6 kWh powering a 3800-watt hub motor. It’s a functional electric scooter that stores numerous knick-knacks and has a 40-liter boot capacity.

Okinawa iPraise+

Okinawa iPraise+ is another best product of Okinawa productions that is equipped with a lithium-ion battery of 3.3 kWh powering BLDC motors of 1000 W. The ARAI-certified range of this electric scooter is approximately 139 km on a single charge which makes it an ideal scooter for commuting in a city.

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Hero Electric NYX HS500 ER

In the sales of H1 CY2022, Hero Electric NYX HS500 ER ranks second. A total of 44,084 units of Hero Electric NYX HS500 ER have been registered. It holds a share of 18.32% in the EV market. It’s a low-speed electric scooter that has a maximum speed of 42 km/h and a maximum range of 138 km per charge if all the driving conditions are ideal. The range will differ in the real word from one person to the other. Although, there’s no such feedback in the riding experience & at its maximum speed it has easy mobility. The double battery setup of 51.2 V/ 30 Ah takes at least 4-5 hours for a complete charge.


The demand for electric scooters is at a peak and therefore all the two-wheeler companies are shifting their production from petrol/diesel scooters to electric ones. If you are looking for an electric scooter that cuts off your monthly expenditures, you can select any of the discussed top electric scooters with the highest mileage.

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