Best Alternatives For Games Like

Best Alternatives For Games Like

Do you miss the good old days when you used to play Snake Xenia’s old version in online mode? Both teens and adults were completely addicted to such games in the past. People used to compete with each other to win who could make the longest snake which increased the level of excitement at its peak. Since the launch of smartphones in the market, the appeal of this game has vanished. Later on, the contemporary version of this game came into the market with the name ‘’ which anyone can access for free. One can easily play this game on their phone or computer. While playing in an online mode, you can compete with any real user. You just have to grow your snake in size and protect it from your competitor snakes. During the journey, you have to get food for your snake that will increase its size. If you eat the snake of your enemy, it will increase your snake size more than the food.

Best Alternatives For Games Like

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1) :

If you love playing for the thrills and kills then you’ll surely enjoy playing This game is a multiplayer game where you’ll be playing as a box. At the start of the game, you’ll be having a small area as the home. When you’ll be moving the trail of the same color that is following around you and while reaching home, you’ll see the solidification in the outline of your home. The aim is to increase the area of the home and kill the competitors who try to decrease your home area. Kill your enemies by crossing their outline. If you cut your snake’s trail, your snake will die so avoid this ruckus.


In this game, you’ll be playing the role of a black hole in the arena of city style that fights against other online users. You aim to eat the objects of the competitors in their arena. Fun fact; whatever gets fit into the black hole can be eaten by the user such as trees, light poles, etc.


If you want to play with snowballs in summer without visiting any hill stations, is the game made for you. You can enjoy playing with snowballs with random people as well. In this game, your role will be of a snow sweeper who creates huge snowballs while moving forward. Your playing area will be on a melting ice platform where you’ll see the parts sinking. Stay away from this area and try to sink your opponents by throwing snowballs at them. Show off your skills and fight for change in the climate with


In this game, increase your size by eating small players and small dots. The only aim of yours should be avoiding big players until your size increases from them and surviving as long as you can. You’ll counter with near mechanics such as slowing down of the speed as soon as you pass a nebula. It can be both a disadvantage and an advantage for the player.

5) is the pixelated version of the games like The graphics and design of this game are simple making it simple to play. The objective of this game is the same as that of You’ll get a huge arena to play in comfort.


Narwhale is a type of whale with a great tusk used for killing its prey. You’ll be playing the role of a Narwhale in the arena of a deep sea. The objective of the player is to kill their competitor narwhales. This game is a little gruesome even though it does not implement blood. When you move in your arena, it will charge your needle to make it active to strike. Trigger the needle with a single tap or click. Increase your score by slicing your enemy bodies.


This game is based on the legacy game named Tron, but it has more spice with a huge multiplayer arena. Ride a bike to leave the trail behind the path for killing the competitors including you as well. Your objective is to kill the competitors as much as you can. It will give you the feel of


If you like to fight in a close area then this game is a perfect fit for you. In this game, you’ll fight with your competitors on a small island. You’ll not get any power-ups for more bumps, but you can eat ice cream to grow bigger. This will make your tip harder and your competitors would fly off into the water.


Imagine yourself enjoying a pool on hot summer days and suddenly piranhas start attacking and eating all the kids. In this game, you’ll be playing the role of a piranha who enjoys eating kids who try to pee in the pool. The player has to eat kids and kill other piranhas. In the middle of the game, you’ll be getting random powers such as you can shoot other players with the rifle, bombard the arena, electrocute other competitors, etc.


In this game, you’ll be fighting against your competitors in a fighting pit minus the blood. It’s a multiplayer game where you’ll be fighting with other real players in an online mode. You’ll be playing the role of a small blob with a spiny spear on the head. You have to collect all the scattered dots in the arena and kill other blobs. You’ll find the game tricky when you have to aim the spiny spear whilst moving away from the incoming ones. The more you kill the more will be your score. As soon as you reach the top position, try to survive instead of fighting.

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Games like are always fun to play but nowadays newer technologies are overcoming the older online games. But if you want to enjoy the same experience as you get while playing, you can play the alternatives that we have enlisted in the article. Enjoy it while playing with your friends.

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