Login hacks: I Can’t Log In to My Instagram Account

Login hacks: I Can't Log In to My Instagram Account

In general, Instagram doesn’t let you face major technical problems but at times, users might face a common problem i.e. ‘I can’t log in to my Instagram account’. It usually occurs by upgrading your device or switching between various accounts. Old devices might face login problems in terms of compatibility because the device might become outdated. Sometimes, you might get logged out from your account forcefully and you need to log in according to the updated terms & services. Therefore, you need to agree with all the updates to log in to your account again. In the upcoming sections of the article, we will be describing numerous solutions that can fix your problem of ‘I can’t log in to my Instagram account’.

Login hacks: I Can't Log In to My Instagram Account

Instagram Login Issues

  • There are numerous reasons why you are unable to log in to your Instagram account. If you want to know the possible reasons, here’s the explanation for the same.
  • Either you are entering the wrong password or username.
  • Instagram has either deleted or blocked your account.
  • You are logging into your account from a new device that Instagram is not recognizing.
  • Communication problem between the server of Instagram and the device.
  • Improper setting of the date and time on your phone.
  • Your device is outdated and therefore it is not supporting Instagram.
  • There might be a memory or hardware issue with your device.

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Methods To Fix ‘I Can’t Log Into My Instagram Account’ Issue

  • Switch On & Off The Device : If you are unable to log into our Instagram account, just switch off your device and then switch it on or try ‘Force closing & re-launching the app. Restarting a device is a simple method to fix complicated problems too. After switching on the device, try reconnecting the Instagram to check if your issue got solved.
  • Check Internet Connection : The poor internet connection can be a reason for a log-in issue which usually occurs without your awareness. If you are receiving a message it is suggesting that the problem might be due to the server login connection, then you should reboot your Wi-Fi router. You can also switch your Wi-Fi connection with cellular data to make it faster and more effective
  • Resetting Date & Time Of Your Device : Instagram login issues can occur if the settings of the device are wrong. That’s why be sure that your phone’s time & date settings are correct.
  • Clear Data & App Cache : If the cache and data of the app increase, then it might create log-in problems. Clear the junk of the app by following the steps mentioned below:
  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ of the device and click on the option of ‘Application settings’.
  2. Look out for ‘All apps’ and then choose ‘Instagram’. Select the option of ‘Clear cache & data.
  3. After clearing the cache, force stop the app.
  4. Now try to sign in from your computer.

You can try the browser version of Instagram. The browser version is not very different from the app and it will permit you to use Instagram the way you use it on your phone.

  • Login From Another Device : Try to log in to your account from another device to check if the log-in issues are created because of the inadequate or outdated device and by this, you can easily solve your login issues.
  • Password Reset : Before you reset your account password, make sure you have entered the correct username and password. You need to delete and reconfigure the automatically entered details. To reset the password follow the steps mentioned below::
  1. Go to the option of ‘Get Help Signing In’
  2. Enter the details that have been asked.
  3. Select the method to receive the link of ‘Password Reset’.

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  • App Update
  1. If the app is outdated, then you’ll face log-in issues. That’s why it’s suggested to update the app to make it more effective.
  2. If you can update the app via phone, then go to the play store, search for the Instagram app and select the option of ‘Update’.
  3. If you are not able to see the option of ‘Update’, try to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix potential errors.
  • Sign Into The App Via Facebook : If you link your Instagram account with your Facebook account, it can become very useful. If you are facing Instagram log-in issues, you can sign in to your account with your Facebook account.
  • Contact Instagram : If none of the solutions work for you, we suggest you contact the help & support team of Instagram to take professional assistance. They might guide you with the best way to log in into your account easily.

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‘I can’t log in to my Instagram account’ looks simple but might annoy the user. To get rid of this problem as soon as possible, we have discussed the methods that show successful results to log in to your Instagram account with ease. Try them out and don’t panic if you can’t log in, as Instagram help center is always there with you to sort out your problem.

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