Instagram Content Hack: Save Instagram Reels Without Posting — Keep Reels In Drafts

Instagram Content Hack: Save Instagram Reels Without Posting — Keep Reels In Drafts

The day Instagram launched the latest feature of reels just after the ban of TikTok in many countries including India, many influencers and content creators posted their content via Instagram reels. Content creators don’t have much time to create videos every day, therefore they try to make multiple reels on a single day and save it for the future. You must be thinking, is it possible to save Instagram reels Without Posting? Yes, it is, by keeping them in the draft section of the Reel tab. In this article, we will tell you know how to Save Instagram Reels Without Posting that can help you a lot in sharing your content without making the reels every day.

Instagram Content Hack: Save Instagram Reels Without Posting — Keep Reels In Drafts

Save Instagram Reels Without Posting Them

Of course, you can save your recorded reel on your Instagram account without posting them at the same time when you recorded the reel. It’s on you when to post the recorded reel, maybe a day later, a week, or after a month. You can do this if you save your Instagram reel in the drafts. Reels present in the draft section of the reel tab stay as long as you want. It’s on you whether to delete it or post it in the future.

Total Number Of Reels Saved In Drafts

Just like you save any story or post on Instagram, you can save n number of reels in the draft. You can see all the drafted videos inside the reel tab on your Instagram profile page but that will be visible to you only. Therefore, you can make as many reels as you want and save them in the Drafts with zero worries.

Is There Any Chance To Post Reel Of Some Other Account?

No, Instagram does not permit you to post content that is already posted by someone else. You can make a remix with the reel or share it among your friends via direct message or through stories.
To share the reel of someone else, just go to a specific reel and select the ‘Share’ button and choose the option of ‘Add to your s tory if you want to share the video through your Instagram story, else you can select the ‘Send’ button present next to the username to whom you want to share the reel personally.

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Method to Save Instagram Reels Without Posting — Keep Reels In Drafts

As we have discussed earlier, there is no need to post the reel immediately just after you create it. You have an option to save them for later by drafting them.

  • Step 1: Before drafting a video, you need to create one by going to the ‘Camera’ section of your Instagram and performing all the required changes to create your best video. You also have an option to do a few changes to your video after creating it even if you have saved it in the draft.
  • Step 2: After recording your video, select the icon of the ‘Right arrow’ present on the bottom-right side.
  • Step 3: ‘Share screen’ is displayed which is the last stage before uploading any video on your Instagram account.
  • Step 4: For saving your video as a draft, tap on the option of ‘Save as draft’ present on the ‘Share screen’.
  • Step 5: You have drafted your video without posting it and now you can upload it in the future.

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From Where We Can See Saved Reels?

After saving your reel in the draft section, you can see it when you’ll open the ‘Reel’ tab after visiting your Instagram profile. You can easily differentiate the drafted and saved reels because the drafted reel will stay inside the ‘Draft Folder’.

Is It Possible To Edit Drafted Reel?

For sure, the drafted reels can be easily edited by the Instagram user in the same manner when you edit any post, story, or video.

Method To Edit Drafted Reels On Instagram

  • Step 1: Visit your Instagram profile page and go to the ‘Reel’ tab.
  • Step 2: You’ll see a ‘Draft box’. Select it. All your drafted videos will be visible to you.
  • Step 3: Finalize the video which you wish to edit.
  • Step 4: Share menu will appear on the screen. Select the option of ‘Edit’ that is present on the top-right side of the screen.
  • Step 5: Edit the video accordingly and share it if you want, otherwise you can again draft it.

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Creating Instagram reels is a fun-loving activity but at times it might become a part of our hectic schedule. Therefore, it’s better to create videos in bulk and post them on the required days rather than creating videos every day for posting daily. To save your time and effort, we have discussed numerous methods that can help you to Save Instagram Reels Without Posting — Keep Reels In Drafts. So go ahead and implement these methods now.

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